10 Best Places to Buy Body Jewelry Online in 2023

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Want to buy body jewelry? Can not find the best places to buy body jewelry online?

Who is the trusted seller? Here is a list might help you.

You are not a novice in the body piercing and modification trends.

So, you came on here to see where to find your next awesome piece of jewelry.

With tons of fakes in the market, it can be a tough time finding something original.

These websites are reputable jewelry stores and you can be sure that whatever piece you are specifically looking for can be found in their catalog.


10 Best places to buy jewelry online


Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Amazon was started in July 1994 by Jeff Bezos in Washington. Not only is it looked upon as an online shop, Amazon is a multinational American technology company ranked fourth after Google, Apple and Microsoft.

It’s currently the world largest online market and I believe it ships to more areas than other online shopping websites.

What started as an online bookshop for booksellers, lovers and buyers, turned into a platform for all kinds of things to be displayed on for the world to take their pick.

When it comes to jewelry, Amazon is no different. Amazon has the highest and the lowest prices in any possible tool, item or furniture you may need for your home and the jewelry available is definitely enough to last you a lifetime.

Anything from real earrings to fake ones, images of men with loop or dangle earrings, sets of earrings in one design and different colors, we’ve got that here too.

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

Amazon just recently introduced a hand-made section so they are not yet there with that. Amazon takes a percentage per transaction instead of charging listing fees.



They pride themselves in being sellers of the most vintage outfits and or accessories out there in the market.

Most of their marketed products are hand-made designs making them quite unique and special.

Etsy is also the go-to site for the female crowd as it is more concerned with baby products, wedding gifts, craft supplies and tools.

it is the perfect site for young moms, little girls and some young teenagers.

Their 24 million or so followers have a love for handcrafted designs and they are here to see exactly that.

Etsy charges 20 cents per listing and 20 cents extra to relist an item.  

Listing is valid for four months before renewal. Payment procedures with Etsy are quite smooth as well.



Another American based multinational corporation dealing with eCommerce.

Based in California just like Etsy. eBay is well known for selling collectibles of high value.

It is a very active sight featuring most of the population with liquid cash to throw around.

Guys in college, campus, have unlimited options of what’s available on eBay and this just makes it tons more exciting.

Biggest audience on eBay is looking to sell something as opposed to buying.

It’s a good site for betting on stuff but nothing much goes on otherwise.

Payments are simple and options such as PayPal and Credit Card solution.


4.Body Art Forms

Somewhat of a one-stop shop as they sell some attire as well.

This shop has the best variety of jewelry and presentation on their website is classic.

Available on Amazon-Please Click the Picture to Check the Price

 They have incorporated a menu where you can enter details or specifics of your item of desire and they will display the options available.

The site is easy to navigate with bright and descriptive product images and descriptions.

They make effort to mention the metal combinations included in their various designs and have.

More than just jewelry, they have Halloween contact lenses and colored contacts as well.


5.Painful Pleasures

They were clearly thinking outside the normal confines of a jewelry shop.

These guys have stacked up on everything piercing related.

All the equipment needed to set up, run and manage a piercing or tattoo business is on their site.

They are also a customizing dealership so if ever you cannot find something satisfactory among their shelves, you could get a unique piece done for you.

The websites holistic approach is great for both businesses and individuals to buy from.


6.Kolo Piercing

This store is more unorthodox and chooses to list its products based on the material used to make them.

With material such as shell, wood, bone and amber, your piece of jewelry is sure to stand out from the crowd and give you an instant cool factor.

They also provide customized pieces upon your request.


7.Anato Metal

Has mass appeal because their variety is extensive.

They offer hand-polished jewels that maintain their shine and are guaranteed to last a lifetime free of defects.

Their products are all threaded providing for secure jewelry locks that keep the piece in place.

A large majority of their jewelry is made of titanium niobium, 18 karat gold and stainless-steel.

All these are safe for your skin and last for long.


8.Crazy Factory

This website has tons of discounts and promotions available.

They deal with all kinds of jewelry and piercing but they do not offer the piercing services themselves.

Their website doubles up as a shopping cart and what’s great about them is they have a system that allows you to put in your language and currency to get an accurate converted rate of your purchase total.

They also have a customizing option called “Design It” where users are encouraged to get creative to make their ideal jewelry pieces.


9.Body Jewelry Shop

Spending fifteen dollars at this store will get you free shipping but only within the United States.

This online store combines make up with these jeweled accessories.

They have something for every body part and more.

The website is highly informative and interactive with bright crisp imagery and enough text.

Allows you to conveniently shop and track your order.

Unconventional pieces are a common find in their catalogue.


10.One Tribe

With a collection of porcelain fine pieces, this is the most unique catalogue of all the other sites.

The pieces are all handcrafted by order and the website does a great job of displaying these rare jewels.

Anything from ear weights, teardrop plugs and lip plugs can be found here.

They are so much into jewelry that they included a museum tab to educate and inform others about old forms of jewelry.



Body modification is a big deal and especially if it’s your first time, you have to get the right kind of assistance to start you out.

A personal touch is needed and out of all the places listed, Painful Pleasures seems to be the best stocked website cum online shopping store.

We love their approach to piercings and their endless list of solutions for whatever issue that you might encounter in your piercing journey. Check them out.



Whichever store works best for you based on their pricing, shipping or return policy, all websites listed are legitimate.

As it is the norm with all jewelry pieces, be sure to check for material composition on the piece before you purchase it for you or someone else.

It is crucial to know what you are buying and how it could potentially affect you or another person.

With this little check ticked, the world is your oyster as the options in body jewelry are endless.

Happy shopping!

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!