What is the Best Necklace Length for Large Bust?(Quick Answer)

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If you are blessed with a bigger bust, choosing the right clothes and accessories to wear can be quite tricky. There are huge chances of the accessories and clothes you choose going wrong, which would mean that you may end up leaving out some accessories for fear of committing a faux pas.

If this sounds like a struggle you have had in the past, then this is the best article for you. In it, we’ll share tips on how to choose the right necklace length for your bust.


What is the best necklace length for a large bust?

Before we look at the details of the right necklace length for you to wear, it’s important to note that rules are often meant to be broken, which means that sometimes, the necklace you choose might feel wrong or off, even when it isn’t.

That said, for the best necklace length for a big bust, you might want to try out the long-length chain necklaces, especially the ones with small beads. Such necklaces will fall beautifully over your chain, creating a more elongated silhouette.

Best Necklace Length for Large Bust

The five Cs


After putting on your outfit for the day, you’ll need to look at the area above your neckline. You can do that easily with your canvas by looking at the skin exposed between the neckline of the shirt and the neck.

In such cases, the exposed skin will be your canvas, and in case you have a skirt with a high neckline on, then the canvas would include your shirt’s fabric.

You only need to remember that you need to keep the necklace at least 2 inches above the bustline. You shouldn’t, however, choose the necklace if it ends right at your neck’s collar line.

The necklace should be either below or above it, but not on the collar line.


2.Cover your canvas

To draw attention away from your bust, you’d need to wear a necklace that covers up your entire canvas. So, choose a larger necklace, a horizontally-styled pendant necklace, a bib, or even layered chain necklaces.

Best Necklace Length for Large Bust

3.Clear your neckline

If you have a big bust, you need to make sure that the necklace you settle on sits comfortably above your shirt’s neckline. You should also choose the type of necklace that’s designed to keep some space between the neckline and the bottom end of your jewelry.

Generally, the best necklace you should choose is between ½ an inch and 1-inch off the neckline/ end of the necklace.

This is an important consideration because it keeps the necklace from resting under or even hiding from the neckline.

Note, however, that if the shirt you are wearing a top/ shirt/ or dress that fits higher on the chest, it would be okay if the necklace goes a little past the neckline, resting on the fabric of the shirt.

But again, the necklace shouldn’t rest on the neckline or hit the bustline.



Chunky necklaces aren’t primarily ideal for girls with big busts, but if you have to wear the chunky necklace, be subtle about it – nothing giant or long.



This is, without a doubt, the big old question – how do you handle the necklace when there is cleavage and a big bust involved?

Well, you can make it a good thing out of this, but only if the necklace lays in the valley nicely.

Best Necklace Length for Large Bust

What to avoid

  1. You’d want to avoid the short and chunky necklaces because they look bulky, and they could easily overwhelm your frame.
  2. You should also avoid the long, chunky necklaces if you have a large bust. Instead, opt for the long necklaces that are made of smaller and delicate materials that have something at the end, for example, an anchor or a pendant.
  3. Avoid necklaces that hit right at your bustline. Generally, the necklace length you choose shouldn’t hit right at your bustline. To avoid this mistake, first, determine your bustline by drawing an imaginary line from one nipple to the other, and choose the necklaces that end at that line.
  4. Avoid necklaces that will hook up on your humps. While the long necklaces are gaining popularity, they are not suitable for you if you have a big bust because it would be hard for the chain to stay in place. So, avoid the necklace if it hooks on your humps.
  5. Avoid the necklace if it hangs off your bustline. As mentioned above, you should only wear a long necklace if it hangs off the end of your bustline the way a giant swing does. This is an important consideration because whenever the necklace falls off your bustline, it draws off unwanted attention to the chest, and you do not want that.


The Scale of Necklaces Relating To Your Bust Size

If you have a large bust, you can minimize its appearance or draw less attention to it by wearing long beads or pearl necklaces wrapped around your neck several times. This will make the long beaded necklace shorter, adding some volume to the bust while only taking up space on just one strand.

You could also opt for larger or even chunkier beads of the necklace to balance out the large bust.

To draw attention away from your bust towards your eyes, you need to make sure that the volume of the long necklace starts at the neck.

Best Necklace Length for Large Bust

Tips for wearing necklaces with a full bust line

Here are some of the simple tips to follow when wearing a necklace if you have a full bust

  • Opt for a higher necklace for a low neckline like a V, open-shirt, a cowl, scoop, or a sweetheart. So, wear a slightly chunky beaded necklace or even one with a chunky necklace, but only if it hands low on the chest, but not too low where the cleavage starts.
  • Keep the necklace lower for a higher neckline, making sure that the necklace sits at your sweet spot. Also, make sure that the necklace is dangling over the breast’s peak or even hooking on them.
  • Softer and long Y-chain necklaces that will lie flat comfortably between your breast, whether with a higher or lower neckline.



As you can see, you can easily wear a necklace with a big bust without worrying about drawing more attention to your bust. With a big bust, the tips above will help you accessorize better.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!