5 Best Mouthwash Brands For Tongue Piercing in 2024

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Are you looking for the best mouthwash brands for tongue piercing? You come Aftercare after getting a tongue piercing is vital if you want it to heal quickly, naturally, and to look beautiful.

Lack of the same can lead to the piercing taking too long to improve, and a worst-case scenario, and infection that requires you to get on antibiotics.

To avoid that, there is a recommendation to use mouthwash. However, not all brands are suitable; that’s something we shall address in this article.

Read on to find out what works best for your new tongue piercing.


What is a mouthwash for tongue piercing?

The importance of the mouthwash is to prevent your tongue piercing from getting infected. One of those ways is to use a mouthwash for tongue piercings.

They are able to help prevent the bacteria present in your mouth from getting into the open would and causing a bacterial infection.

It is essential to get one with the right balance of ingredients to avoid further problems.

For example, alcohol-based mouthwashes tend to dry out the mouth and thus cause the wound to heal slower.

What’s proven to work best in the market is a sea-salt based oral rinse. The best products in the market are made from natural ingredients and do not contain any harmful chemicals and GMO products.

If you want the best care for your tongue piercings, you have to get a trusted brand to help you through the healing process.


The pros and cons of mouthwash

Using mouthwash for your mouthwash is not always straight forward. Let’s look at some of the concerns.

Pros: The top companies making mouthwash that also target oral piercings have put in considerable thought into the combination of ingredients needed. Their primary purpose is to bring about dental and oral hygiene by neutralizing harmful bacteria and promoting the good ones. You’re therefore assured that you’ll have a quicker recovery process if you also uphold the other aftercare tips for tongue piercings.

Cons: Not all brands are ideal for a newly pierced tongue. The significant issues are that you’ll find that they contain chemicals and other substances that, while good for the teeth, are not ideal for the healing wound. You’ll find that though they help fight bacteria, they can cause the mouth to dry and heal slower. Therefore, you have to be careful about what you go for.


5 affordable mouthwash for tongue piercing

Based on what we’ve highlighted constitutes a good mouthwash, let’s look at some of the brands in the industry that are doing it right.

  1. VITA-MYR herbal mouthwash

This first mouthwash contains only natural products.

They include zinc, clove oil, distilled water, myrrh oil, and folic acid. Using it is straight forward, you only need to gargle, and you’re left with fresh breath.

The traditional ingredients are myrrh oil and clove oil; both are which have been used to help to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Both folic acid and zinc overall promote oral health. Apart from that, the formula is stated as being able to aid in cell reproduction for both wound healing and immunity.

The other good thing is that it doesn’t contain alcohol or other additives that can impact oral health.


  1. H2Ocrean rinse mouthwash
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This particular mouthwash has those who have new oral piercings in mind. They also do so by creating a formula that doesn’t contain harmful chemical solutions.

The H2Ocean mouthwash is free from both fluoride and alcohol. Instead, it is a sea salt-based mouthwash that also contains natural antibacterial enzymes.

It contains the ingredient xylitol, which is a natural sweetener present in fruits and vegetables.

Overall it prevents dry mouth, plague, and strep as well so you can be assured overall healing.


  1. Recovery piercings aftercare mouth rinse
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Here we have a sea-salt mouthwash from Recovery that is meant to keep facial and oral piercings healthy.

The salt they use is Maris Sal, which is filled with minerals that show their ability to help cheeks, lips, and other oral piercings heal more naturally, making them look beautiful.

The oral rinse also has peppermint infused into the saline rinse that leaves the mouth feeling tingly and fresh.

If you’re all about vegan products, then Recovery is something you can try, even when you’re healing from any dental work done.


  1. Lumineux oral mouthwash
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This next mouthwash is free from drugs and other harmful chemicals typical in some mouthwashes.

It is also doesn’t contain preservatives, dyes, alcohol, or GMO products. The natural formula also contains xylitol to make it taste better.

The purpose of this Lumineux mouthwash is to neutralize harmful bacteria and promote the growth of good ones.

The key ingredient to their patented medical mixture is Dead Sea salt that’s known to contain manganese, phosphate, and calcium, all of which promote dental health.


  1. ProFresh mouthwash-oral rinse
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 Lastly, we have a kit from ProFresh that includes three bottles of oral rinse meant to last you six weeks.

The other items in the package include activator packs, along with two tongue cleaners and a spray refreshed bottle.

The company also gives you a toothbrush and a quick start guide.

The mouthwash itself is chlorine dioxide-based, which you have to use the activator before using.

What makes it different is the activation part, which removes bad breath from the source instead of covering it up.



Remember, it is not enough to use mouthwash to care for your tongue ring.

You have to ensure that you take measures to combat any issues that might come up. You still have to brush your teeth and floss, as well as being mindful of what you eat.

There’s also doing small things such as gargling water after a meal to dislodge any debris that might be present.

Other things, such as smoking and other people’s bacteria, ought to get avoided during this time. Otherwise, using mouthwash, even the best in the industry, won’t be as beneficial.

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