What Is The Best Jewelry For Nose Piercing?-Check the List

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What Is The Best Jewelry For Nose Piercing? Nose piercings are becoming increasingly acceptable in the world today, and you can easily get away with a nose ring. While this is an incredible piece of information, it’s worth noting that body piercings are not new. In fact, the oldest piercings on the human body date back to 2500BC, thanks to the discovery of the oldest earrings that were made from these very old graves.

It would seem, therefore, that we’re only now getting back to our roots or the human way of living, and nose piercings shouldn’t be considered an alien or a non-traditional thing.

The good news is that the current societies are evolving, the world is opening up, and nose piercings are super-cool. With nose piercings common among 19% and 15% of women and men who are into piercings, respectively, finding the right kind of jewelry to wear is important.

All you need to do is to choose the best kind of nose piercing jewelry that would look great on you. We understand that the kind of jewelry for you depends on different factors, but your style preferences and personality are at the top of the list of the things you need to consider.

In this article, we’ll share ideas of some of the best varieties of nose piercings that you could try out. So, let’s get to it!


What is the best jewelry for nose piercing?

Choose the right metals for nose piercings.

By now, you understand that in addition to the long healing times associated with the nose piercings, you also have to worry about the high risk of infections for the nose piercings.

Perhaps these have to do with how your nose piercings are in the ‘way,’ and you tend to touch your nose often. Proper healing of these piercings calls for the best care and attention, as well as the best hygiene.

But that is not all; you also need to make sure that the jewelry for the nose piercing is made of high-quality and skin-safe jewelry that will lower the risk of infections and last a long time.

The best metal options that we recommend include nose rings made of the following materials;


1. Titanium

Titanium nose rings are the very best option for you, and you need titanium nose rings because titanium is one of the safest metals used in jewelry.

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 Titanium is used in the best of body jewelry, and all you need to do before buying the nose ring is to confirm that it’s made of implant-grade or certified titanium.

This is important because despite being biocompatible, not all kinds of titanium are biocompatible, and you’d have to insist on implant-grade or implant-certified titanium nose rings.

The implant-grade nose rings will have a G23 mark on them.

Bear in mind that in addition to being safe and hypoallergenic, titanium is also quite durable, scratch-resistant, timeless, and lightweight.

The only challenge is that titanium is expensive. But it still is a great investment if you want to avoid infections or irritation.


2. Surgical-Grade Stainless Steel

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 To reduce the risk of allergies and infections, you need a skin-safe and a hypoallergenic metal for your jewelry, and you will be happy to know that the varieties of jewelry made of surgical stainless steel are great for these.

The jewelry is also affordable, and it will ensure safe healing of the fresh nose piercing, which is why the jewelry made of surgical stainless steel is what’s often used by piercers.

But not all surgical-grade stainless steel is ideal; you need to look for nose rings made of either 316L or 316LVM stainless steel, which are implant-grade.

Other types of surgical stainless steel may not be the safest because they contain trace amounts of nickel that would trigger allergic reactions.


3. Niobium

If you are not sure about the safer metals for nose rings or you cannot afford the high-grade titanium nose rings.

Niobium is not only one of the safest metals for nose piercings but also a lightweight and affordable option.

It is heavier and softer than titanium, and it’s a great option for you if you are looking for safe jewelry for fresh nose piercings.


4. High karat gold

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Gold has a nice, timeless allure, and no gold jewelry ever looks bad. The only catch is that the lower karat pieces of gold jewelry tend to have a higher level of impurities, which means that 10k gold, for example, might not be ideal for someone with sensitive skin or nickel allergies.

If you are looking for gold nose rings, we recommend choosing the nose ring made of solid 14k or 18k gold.

These versions of gold have copper but no nickel, meaning that they are not only safe on the skin but also strong and durable.

Avoid the gold-plated nose rings because they may trigger allergic reactions or infections.

So, what metals or materials shouldn’t your nose ring be made of?


5. Nylon and plastic

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 Nylon and plastic are on top of the list of materials you should avoid for nose rings. This is because these materials are brittle, hard to clean, and tend to fall out.

Also, they are permeable, which means that they act like sponges and they will promote the growth and breeding of bacteria, causing infections.

There’s also the fact they are sticky and feel very uncomfortable.


6. Sterling Silver

Although sterling silver is hypoallergenic and looks great for most kinds of jewelry, it is not ideal for use with fresh piercings, especially nose piercings.

The good news is that you can wear the sterling silver nose ring once the piercing heals.


7. Plated metals

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 As mentioned above, you shouldn’t wear a gold-plated nose ring. Well, this applies to all other types of plated jewelry.

While the jewelry feels good when it’s still new, and you won’t struggle much, things will change after some weeks, and there will be irritation because the plating will flake off, and the base metals will trigger an allergic reaction especially if nickel is present.

The plated nose rings would also discolor, and they don’t last long.



The best kind of jewelry for your nose piercing is durable, safe on the skin, and comfortable. It will not cause allergies or irritate the skin.

Opt for high-value and skin-safe metals like titanium, surgical-grade stainless steel, high-karat solid gold, and maybe platinum.

Avoid sterling silver for new nose piercings. Plated metals, plastic, and nylon nose rings are also not recommended.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!