10 Little-Known Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

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Medals are quite important for believers of the Catholic faith, and they serve a higher purpose other than being some of the most important facets for Catholics.

The Miraculous Medal also features several benefits to the wearers, which is why the medal is highly regarded. In this article, we’ll highlight the Miraculous Medal’s benefits and how it works.


What is A Miraculous Medal?

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

A Miraculous Medal is defined as a sacramental medal. It is regarded highly by the Catholics, and it’s always held a special place in the life of Catholics since it was created or designed in 1830.

Note that 1830 is when the Catholics believed that the Blessed Mary made an appearance in St. Catherine.

The Miraculous Medal is regarded as a symbol of love and devotion, as the Catholic Church recognizes.

It is also regarded as a form of support for the individuals seeking grace, especially for persons going through a hard time, as well as the individuals who are just looking for something to remind them that they are not alone.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The medal also reminds Catholics that they have an endlessly good and very loving mother who supports and sustains them. This apparition was approved by the church in 1832.

Since its approval, countless Catholics continue to report numerous miracles that have come into their lives as a result of the medal.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The M in the Miraculous Medal stands for Mary, but it’s also worth noting that the Miraculous Medal was originally known as the Medal of the Immaculate Conception.

It is considered powerful, a symbol of protection, and the grace the Blessed Mary offers to all who wear and believe in its powers.

However, its name changed after the medal was associated with numerous accounts of miracles by people from all over, as long as they wore it.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

This is when the medal’s name changed into the Miraculous Medal. Soon after, the medal was considered a visual reminder of the salvation of Jesus Christ.

The front of the medal depicts Mary Immaculate holding her hands out; the symbol is believed to represent her graces.

On the backside of the medal is the symbol of the cross and the M symbol, which symbolizes the close relationship between Mary and passion and suffering, as well as the death of her son. The cross represents Christ and Redemption, and M signifies Mother or Mary.


Does it work?

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal is an important symbol in the Catholic church, and it is believed that it was designed and revealed to the world by the Virgin Mary.

And thanks to its design and features, the Medal is the most unique among all the other medals held in high regard by the Catholic church.

Catholics all around the world believe that the Miraculous Medal works by delivering countless miracles to the people who wear it and believe in its powers.

The medal was first revealed to St. Catherine by the Blessed Mother in mysterious events bear an altar, and she had a heart-to-heart conversation with her, in what St. Catherine described as the best and the sweetest moment of her life.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

And 4 months after the first appearance, Mary appeared to her again, this time, standing on a globe, and on her outstretched hands streamed dazzling rays of light, and this led to the framing of the apparition with the inscription, O Mary, Conceived Without Sin, Pray for Us, have recourse to thee.

During this second appearance, Mary asked St. Catherine to have the medals truck on the model. She further instructed that the individuals who repeated the prayer would receive great graces, always under the protection of the Blessed Mother, and that they would receive an abundance of grace if they were confident.

The medal was created in 1832, and since then, wearers of this medal have reported many big miracles in their lives. Soon after, the rest of France clamored for what people called the Miraculous Medal.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

By the time of St. Catherine’s passing in 1876, there had been at least 1 billion medals made, and today, countless people still wear it because of its power and the belief that the medal draws to them the blessings of God, for their body and soul.

Numerous miracles have been recorded thanks to the medals, including miracles for individuals on death row, widows, the sick, restoration of sight, and miracles of the mind, among others.


10 little-known benefits of wearing the miraculous medal

1. Reminder to listen

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

For most people who wear the Miraculous Medal, this apparition is an important symbol that reminds the wearer to listen to their mother – not just the Blessed Mary.

After all, the medal is a symbol of the Mother. This might not be what most people think about, but by wearing the medal, people are reminded to pay more attention to their mothers.

Think of how frustrating it can be, especially with the Blessed Mother always listening to our woes. Wearers of the medal are given great graces.


2. It is an important miracle symbol

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The medal is known as the Miraculous Medal because it is associated with miracles and people love miracles.

If you are struggling with something and need a miracle in your life, this medal will go a long way in bringing you your heart’s desires.

Sources note that between 1930 and 1950, thanks to the Miraculous Medal, over 750,000 favors were granted in the city of Philadelphia alone.


3. A reminder to ask for help

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

This may be a tough call for most people, but with the Miraculous Medal and the blessings or grace it carries and gives you, wearing this medal will always remind you to ask for help when you need it the most.

The bright rays from his hands are a demonstration of God’s grace given to all who ask for help and a reminder that help is always there if you ask.


4. It symbolizes something very important

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

Like a flag or a lapel pin, the Miraculous Medal is an important symbol that reminds the wearer of the important things in life.

This medal is a reminder of faith and the Blessed Mother’s grace and blessings.


5. It creates some kind of kinship

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

Over the years, heroic men and women have had the Miraculous Medal on, and wearing it encourages others to wear it, too, especially because of the graces that are associated with the medal.

Two notable names that started the movement were the Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St. Maximillian Kolbe, known for their charitable works and giving his life for another man, respectively.


6. A reminder to respect the will of the Virgin Mary

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal carries many promises, and for all the people that wear it around their necks or wrists, the medal is a reminder of the Will and the graces offered by the Virgin Mary.


7. An outward demonstration of faith

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

This medal gives a sense of belonging, a human need, and also something that reminds believers of their faith and the fact that they are a part of an important community.

It gives an empowering feeling and reminds people of their faith while allowing them to communicate with others seamlessly.


8. It represents support to the downtrodden

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The Miraculous Medal was first revealed in 1830 to St. Catherine, who was a nun that lived in Paris.

At the time that the Blessed Mary appeared to St. Catherine, Paris was deeply plagued by poverty as France reeled from political and economic problems.

So, the Medal was a way of supporting and giving hope to the oppressed French people.


9. It represents church membership

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

While everyone, including non-Catholics, can wear the medal, it is mainly a symbol that represents being a member of the church.


10. Dedication to Jesus and Mary

Benefits Of Wearing Your Miraculous Medal

The M and the cross symbol on the medal symbolize the wearer’s dedication to Mary and Jesus Christ – their grace and sacrifices made to humans.



The Miraculous Medal has got to be the most important symbol to the Catholic church and believers of the faith, mainly because it lives up to its name.

It is believed to be behind countless miracles that have been reported in most parts of the world since 1830 when Blessed Mary first appeared to St. Catherine and after it was made in 1832. So, if you believe in such a medallion, you may want to get one.

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