7 Common Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

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The malachite bracelet is more than just an accessory; it can positively change your life. If you own one only because its beautiful vibrant green color compliments some of your outfits, you are in for a surprise. 

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Your malachite bracelet has many benefits, including miraculous healing, nurturing love, and financial abundance! Keep reading to discover why this bracelet should not just be an item you wear occasionally but a companion you should always keep close to you.    


Some Facts About Malachite Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Malachite jewelry is known to be powerful, naturally beautiful, and very luxurious. The ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians have worn it since the middle ages.

It’s made from the malachite stone found mainly in Africa in deep caves, usually above copper deposits or limestone. The supply is limited, making it quite expensive.

This jewelry comes in striking yet different shades of green that retains their color for many years even if exposed to light, making it very rare jewelry.

It’s pretty soft to the touch, so wax or resin is added to protect it and make it hard and less vulnerable to damage and scratches.

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Malachite jewelry’s value depends on the gemstone’s shape, cut, concentric rings, and color shade. 

Malachite jewelry is popular for its healing properties, enhancing your immunity, stopping addictions, and transforming your life.

It protects you from negative energies and circumstances and can enable you to succeed in your professional and personal life, attracting love, wealth, and abundance.

Malachite jewelry is for anyone who desires a change in their life. It does not discriminate. The results are guaranteed based on the experiences of humans for thousands of years.


7 Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

The malachite bracelet draws energies that bring numerous benefits, as told through the stories of many, as explained below.

1. You get protected

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Your malachite bracelet offers protection from accidents and the evil eye and protects you from environmental pollution. The children are also protected from witchcraft and black magic.

It will keep negative energies away from you and provide supportive energies that protect you from mishaps, trouble, problems, and bad luck.

You must wear it if you fear flying, get seasick, and prevent jet lag after a long flight. Midwives are known to recommend it for the protection of both mother and child during childbirth.


2. Increase in wealth and abundance

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

The malachite bracelet catalyzes renewal, growth, development, and success. It stirs up your creative juices.

If you are experiencing a mid-life crisis, or your life is stagnant, and everything seems to be working against you, the energies from this bracelet can put the spark back into your life, and you’ll start moving forward again.

Your malachite bracelet will bring you good luck, and wearing it attracts opportunities, abundance, and riches. It is a symbol of new beginnings, increases, and wealth.

Obstacles are a part of life, and no matter how good you are at what you do, something will come up that will shake your confidence. The properties of the malachite bracelet can open your mind, give unique business ideas and get you back on schedule.

You will receive wisdom and the strength for successful business accomplishments and professional ambitions that you draw from the energies in your malachite bracelet.


3. You enjoy optimum health

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

The malachite bracelet is well known for its healing properties. It utilizes wood energy, a symbol of nourishment and excellent health. It acts as a detoxifier and boosts your vitality.

It can protect you even during a pandemic by improving your immunity. The bracelet will accelerate your healing from chronic pain, congestion, physical distress, and hidden ailments.

It will regulate your menstrual cycle boosting your fertility, and you can get pregnant quickly. It acts as a painkiller during painful menstrual periods and gives you relief from PMS, bloating, cramps, and crazy emotions experienced during this time.

The success of the healing properties of your malachite bracelet is attributed to its connection to your mind and influences your thoughts, attitude, emotions, and physical health.

This combination brings out a feel-good mood despite your circumstances which will accelerate your healing and even keep illness away from you!


4. You receive genuine love and relationships

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Your malachite bracelet protects you from negative energies in your love life. It aids you in getting rid of toxic feelings that may cause you and your relationships harm and an understanding of what to embrace in your relationships.

It acts like a love compass, giving you direction in your relationships. The green energy released balances your emotions, thoughts, and how you relate with the people in your life.  

The copper in the bracelet will help you embrace change, heal emotionally if you are hurt, and give you the courage and strength to move on.

You will notice a difference in your behavior and habits, gradually becoming a better version of yourself. Confidence will replace shyness, enabling you to break away from toxic relationships.

Unhealthy ties are cut off, protecting yourself from emotional abuse. Your malachite bracelet will make you accountable for your thoughts and actions, promoting healthy relationships that are happier and founded on love.


5. It connects you to the earth

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

Your malachite bracelet will help you connect with nature and feel grounded even in the middle of a busy, stressful, and urban lifestyle.

The green shades will remind you of nature, jungles, and rich forests. Insomnia will be a thing of the past as your body will deeply relax with your bracelet giving you the best sleep.


6. It improves your intuition

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

If you are seeking your purpose in life, then your malachite bracelet is what you need to guide you.

It will give you direction on the step you need to take if you are stuck doing a project or desire to find your life’s path. It is known to raise your psychic awareness and help in practices such as meditation and visualization. 


7. It is linked to astral travel

Benefits of Wearing Your Malachite Bracelet

If you are curious about having an out-of-body experience, then the malachite bracelet can help you. In astral travel, your consciousness travels and functions separately from your physical body.

Although ancient, this idea is embraced in several cultures but is not supported by science. You can retrieve messages from your subconscious mind in your state of dreaming to your conscious mind that provides answers in situations where you need guidance.



The malachite bracelet is more than just jewelry; it is divine. It protects you from evil and negative energies by surrounding you with a powerful shield.

It guides you on the steps to take and make the right choices that will positively affect your life. 

This bracelet will free your body and mind and bring balance to the issues affecting your heart, body, and mind. You will enjoy psychic protection and physical, mental, and emotional healing.

You will always have a positive outlook, empathy toward others, and an attractive aura of confidence. 

If you want to attract health, wealth, and love into your life, get a malachite bracelet and start living the life of your dreams!

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