11 Little Known Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

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Are you wondering about some benefits you may enjoy when you start wearing stunning black hematite bracelets?

Numerous benefits are associated with bracelets made of hematite, and we’ll list them here.

These should convince you if you have been looking for reasons to wear a hematite bracelet.


Some facts about hematite bracelet

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

Hematite, also known as the bloodstone – gets the name from a Greek word, haima, which means blood, although it is also succinctly named because of the high iron content in hematite.

Also note that heme is the part of hemoglobin that carries iron, which is why hematite is a bloodstone. But that is not all; the presence of iron and its association with blood is one of the reasons why hematite is regarded as a healing stone.

The other notable feature of hematite is that it is a relatively heavy magnetic iron oxide mineral in shades of gray or black. Often, it boasts a sparkling metallic sheen.

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

And other than the dark grey or black hematite, there also are red stone variations of hematite. A unique form of hematite is the rainbow hematite which has a shimmering color array due to the presence of nanocrystal impurities, hence the name rainbow hematite.

When polished, rainbow hematite has a stunning bright color profile that looks just like the oil slick on a body of water.  The standard quartz inclusions in hematite include clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and in other cases, smoky quartz.

These inclusions often change the apparent color of the hematite, although there are instances where they are concentrated in some areas, giving the stone a different color profile, but only in some areas,

Since hematite grows in a matrix containing numerous other minerals but is most commonly next to quartz, the resultant stone is often referred to as hematoid quartz.

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

This form of quartz is highly revered since it enhances its metaphysical properties by amplifying its vibrational energy and properties.

Hematite stones with inclusions often contain inclusions in the matrix or on the surface of the stone, resulting in a reddish-brown coat similar to rust. This naturally occurring coat makes hematite even more unique.

In feng shui, hematite is highly regarded as a healing crystal that boasts numerous metaphysical benefits. Often, hematite is effective in energy healing and feng shui.

So, what benefits will you enjoy when wearing a hematite bracelet?


11 little-known benefits of wearing Your hematite bracelet

Besides its color, hematite also stands out because of its crystalline hexagonal lattice, and it is this crystalline lattice that is associated with the benefits and energy the crystals carry. The structure of the crystal amplifies, manifests, and energizes.

1. It keeps you grounded

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

The most powerful property of hematite is that this stone boasts strong grounding effects. So, when you wear a hematite bracelet, you will feel more in control, less anxious, and even less stressed.

These benefits come about because this crystal connects you to the ground and the chakras clearing your mind and dispelling the negativity and the resultant restlessness that comes from life.

After some weeks of wearing your hematite bracelet, you will notice that you will start feeling more alive and in a better mental state.

Its grounding effects will center and calm you. So, if you worry a lot or have been struggling to enjoy a good night’s sleep, hematite could be the exact helpful stone that will alleviate these issues, improving your sleeping.


2. Improves sleep

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

If you struggle with insomnia, falling, or staying asleep because your thoughts can’t stop racing, you should consider wearing a hematite bracelet during the day and maybe even at night.


3. Improved mental focus and memory

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

Over time, life gets too much, and you get distracted easily. This hurts your productivity and even your level of happiness. Unfortunately, supplements and meditation may not be as helpful as you hope, and you may be looking for that thing that will give you an extra kick.

A hematite bracelet could be precisely what you are looking for when you struggle to stay motivated or worry about it. Its grounding effects will make you less stressed, and it will also enhance your mental well-being.


4. Physical healing

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

As mentioned above, hematite is also called the bloodstone, thanks to the high levels of iron in the stone. For individuals with blood or blood-related issues, hematite will alleviate these problems and even offer pain relief.

Hematite bracelets have been shown to have the power to detoxify the blood and help treat blood disorders like anemia.

Today, hematite bracelets are used mainly in magnetic therapy for pain relief. Magnetic therapy is believed to help treat or manage inflammations, headaches, and cramps, and it’s been highly regarded for treating arthritis.


5. Enhances your spiritual health and life

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

Hematite bracelets have also been shown to be quite effective in enhancing the spiritual life of the wearer.

As a grounding stone, hematite boosts the connection between the wearer’s body and the earth, which anchors the soul, creating an elevated sense of calm and peace.

And in this peaceful state, connection to the divine is enhanced, as is the ability to receive guidance from that higher power.


6. Amplifies the chakral connections

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

This stone will make you feel secure and safe thanks to hematite’s connection to the root chakra at the base of your spine. Note that a blocked root chakra is associated with anxiety, fear, and insecurity.

So, the hematite bracelet will unblock your root chakra. In addition, it will create a sense of balance in your root chakra.


7. It’s important in feng shui

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

Depending on the color of the hematite stones, this bracelet will impact your home and life, depending on the feng shui element and its influences.

Black hematite, for example, is associated with water elements. In feng shui, water is deeply connected to the positive energy of success.

The polished grey hematite is also important in feng shui because black or gray are connected to the metal elements in feng shui.

This is important if you are looking for an enhanced sense of mental clarity or enhanced precision in your life. This stone will make you more decisive.

On the other hand, red hematite is associated with fire, an element that amplifies the energy associated with fame and fortune.


8. It brings a sense of balance

Thanks to the grounding energy of hematite, this bracelet will bring you a sense of calm and balance in all the areas of your life that feel out of balance.

Benefits of Wearing Your Hematite Bracelet

Other benefits associated with the hematite bracelet include the following:

9. It amplifies feelings of positivity by absorbing and dispelling negative feelings and emotions.

10. It gives you the energy and the clearheaded state you need to establish and stick to boundaries. You’ll also be able to stick up to yourself better.

11. Hematite also gives you the energy and confidence to take on significant risks in life.



Hematite is one of the most influential and effective grounding stones. It dispels negativity and makes you feel calm, safe, peaceful, and grounded.

If you feel spacey, anxious, spiritually misaligned, or becoming too forgetful, a hematite bracelet could be precisely what you need.

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