8 Little-Known Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

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If you believe in the metaphysical properties of gemstones and crystals, you’ve probably heard that garnet is the kind of stunning gemstone you go for if you are passionate about your life and if you are looking for a crystal that boasts rejuvenating and invigorating crystals.

How true is this, though? Does the garnet really offer healing benefits, and will your life change for the better when you start wearing a bracelet made of garnets?

We’ll find out together in this guide, but first, some basics about garnet gemstones.  


Some Facts About Garnet Bracelets

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

For starters, garnet is a January birthstone gemstone that boasts a bright, colorful array, making this gemstone stand out beautifully. But this is not the only thing you need to know about garnets; there’s so much more you may not know about garnets, as you’ll learn here.


I. Garnets have been around for a very long time

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Garnets are quite durable, and the main reason for this is that garnets have been around for a very long time.

Garnets date back to the Bronze Age, with most references from the past noting that these gemstones date back to 3100BC, a period during which Egyptians used the garnets in carvings and jewelry as inlays.

The Egyptians believed that garnets symbolized life, which is probably why this gemstone was also revered by the Romans, who, in the 3rd and 4th centuries, incorporated garnets in most of their jewelry and sculptures.  


II. Garnets’ color profile

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

While we know garnets to be red, the truth is that garnets encompass a bigger color profile meaning that not all garnets are red.

Why? How? It turns out that contrary to popular belief, garnet actually represents a collective name for a group of minerals that are available in a large rainbow color profile with mineral options ranging from the deep reds common with the Pyrope garnets to the Tsavorites known for their vibrant green color.

There are also rare varieties of garnet in blue, not to mention the colorless varieties and the ones that change color depending on the light wavelength color they are exposed to. Overall, the most common color for garnets is a span of reds, including rust-colored garnets and the deeper violet-red varieties.


III. Garnets are more than gemstones

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

The other notable thing about garnets is that these colorful gemstones, formed over thousands of years, are actually more than gemstones.

And for about 150 years now, garnets have been tested and even classified as some of the most effective industrial minerals.

So, in the US, garnets are used industrially in abrasive blasting, waterjet cutting, and filtration.


IV. They contain inclusions

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Another unique feature of garnets is that as wildly unique and beautiful as garnet is, this mineralized gemstone is imperfect and contains an array of inclusions, which add to the inherent beauty of the gemstones.

Demantoid garnets have horsetails, for instance, while the Hessonite garnets tend to have more of a turbulent look. These differences in appearance result from the inclusions present in the gems.


V. Garnets are hard

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Besides the fact that this colored gemstone is available in different color arrays, you should also know that the garnets are quite durable and rated between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.


VI. Types of garnets

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

There are 5 main types of garnets – the popular red garnet, orange-red alamandine garnets, red Pyrope garnets, black melanite garnets, and orange Hessonite garnets.


Here are other fun facts about garnets:

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

a. The Carbuncle is considered one of the 4 gemstones given to Solomon by God

b. Garnet gets its namefrom the Latin word granatus, which means pomegranate.

Today, garnets are incorporated into different kinds of jewelry, and as mentioned above, they are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. They are also rare, but overall, they make some of the most stunning varieties of jewelry.

Besides being some of the most beautiful gemstones, garnets are also highly regarded thanks to the fact that they offer a number of emotional, psychological, and physical health benefits listed below.


8 Little-known benefits of wearing your garnet bracelets

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

In the Middle Ages, garnets were held in very high regard because they were believed to have healing and relaxation effects.

Garnet was believed to be the cure for depression and other physical ailments and was also considered to offer some protection from bad dreams.

This gemstone was also commonly used and highly regarded by the nobility and clergy because it was considered very valuable. Today, they are believed to have several other benefits, as you will find out here:


1. Root Chakra Association

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Garnet is believed to be one of the gemstones with a deep root chakras association. It influences the body positively by enhancing blood circulation while lowering the risk of and healing heart diseases.


2. Mental health benefits

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

As was the case in the Middle Ages, garnet is a gemstone believed to improve mental well-being. Specifically, it helps to prevent and manage depression.

Perhaps this is the case because, in mythology, garnets were thought to have the power to protect all who wore them from evil magic, dark spirits, and all other forms of negativity that may ultimately put the wearer down.

At the same time, garnets effectively create emotional and energetic balances throughout the body.

The garnet’s connection with your root chakra is also very important because it increases feelings of being secure, safe, and grounded.

So, for many years, it has been used to protect the wearer from harmful energies. It may also transmute negative energies.


3. Other health benefits

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Garnets are believed to be effective in healing the body thanks to their detoxification and purification powers, leading to faster healing and regeneration, improved metabolism, heart health, and improved respiratory functions.


4. Source of strength and Success

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Wearing garnets is also beneficial because it increases the wearer’s passion, strength, and power. In Feng Shui, garnets are energizing stones that attract and activate their success and passion levels.

So, in most cases, wearing garnets will eliminate and clear energetic and emotional blocks that may limit the wearer’s vitality. The gemstone may also be the thing you need to clear out the old patterns that may be distracting you or stopping you from meeting your goals.

The garnet is also associated with giving the wearer some inspiration while doubling as a source of passion for you to get ahead, thanks to the fact that garnets are connected with the fire element. It essentially increases your level of self-confidence.


5. Good for your romantic life

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Garnets not only make you more self-confident but are also used to enhance your chances of attracting and finding your romantic or life partner. The gemstone would also help to revitalize and add that much-needed spark to your romantic life.

The orange-red alamandine garnets are ideal for love and improved connections, thanks to their connection with the crown and root chakras.


6. Improved creativity

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

The other benefit of wearing garnet bracelets is that the garnet bracelet will help boost your creativity, especially if you opt for the red pyrope garnets that enhance your vitality and feelings of stability.


7. Feng Shui Benefits

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

In Feng Shui, it is recommended to incorporate garnets in your home based on Bagua.

The gemstone will improve the quality of your health notably, making you feel happier, more grounded, energized, and successful.


8. Good Fortune

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Garnet boasts fiery energy, which is why it is a natural fit for you if you are looking for ways to boost your visibility, success, and overall well-being.

So, if you are looking for more power and to lead more happy, beneficial personal and business relationships, or even to be recognized at work, garnet would be the ideal gemstone for you to wear.


Some side effects of wearing Garnet stone bracelets

Benefits of Wearing Your Garnet Bracelets

Despite its calming effects and the fact that it may enhance your love connection, you may not experience these benefits if you wear it incorrectly or if your zodiac sign opposes Mars.



There is so much you may not have known about garnets, but now you have more reasons to buy garnet bracelets.

Thanks to the bracelet, your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being will be improved.  Just make sure the bracelet is made with genuine garnets.

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