6 Little-Known Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

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Green Aventurine is the best type of crystal to wear as jewelry or to have around your home if you want something to bring you good luck.

While several other crystals bring the wearer good luck, green aventurine takes the day as the mother crystal of good luck.

But there is a lot more you may not know about green aventurine, which is why this article is all about.

So, let’s get into it!


Some facts about the Aventurine bracelet

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

Before we look at some of the benefits of wearing a green aventurine bracelet, let’s first look at everything you need to know about green aventurine.

The most important thing for you to note is that green aventurine represents a type of translucent-colored quartz crystal.

It gets its name from the high concentration of the Fuschia inclusions, although different colored inclusions would result in different colored aventurine pieces. However, a majority of aventurine is green aventurine, primarily mined in India, China, and Vermont.

But you may not know that the green aventurine got its name from the Italian word venture, meaning ‘by chance,’ which is also why green aventurine goes by the nickname, The Gambler’s Stone.

In the spiritual sense, green aventurine crystal is also called a heart healer or Anahata, thanks to the fact that it is linked to the heart chakra, and it will activate the powerful feelings of compassion, love, inner peace, gratitude, and also harmony.

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

In many ways, aventurine is the luckiest stone in the games of chance. And so, even though it has been around for more than 2.5 million years, it has had multiple uses.

The ancient Tibetans, for example, adorned statues’ eyes with green aventurine thanks to the belief that the crystals increased the powers of the said statues.

Today, aventurine is one of the most popular and treasured crystals, with bright green crystals that are highly desirable.

This crystal is made of platy minerals – it belongs to the class of minerals called Chalcedony, representing a variety of microcrystalline, cryptocrystalline quartz, whose inherent structure leads to the shimmering quality of the crystal stone, a phenomenon called aventurescence.

Other than the green aventurine, aventurine is also found in the colors orange, grey, blue, and red.


6 benefits of wearing Your Aventurine bracelet

1. It brings good luck

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

Wearing an aventurine bracelet might be the best thing for you to do if you are looking for something that will bring you good luck.

Green Aventurine is a stone that brings a great deal of luck to the wearer, and if you haven’t used green aventurine for a while, you will be happy to know that this crystal is the perfect entry point for you to bring luck and great opportunities your way.

Aventurine also helps you create your luck, giving you the courage and strength to take things into your own hands and have complete control of your life – so you won’t be walking around thinking that you are simply the luckiest person on earth.

In many ways, green aventurine will make you ‘one of those lucky people, and it will teach you how to find the perfect opportunities in life, regardless of the situation or circumstances.


2. Green aventurine bracelets bring you great opportunities

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

If you have been struggling to find a breakthrough in life or feel that you haven’t been receiving the opportunities, you know you need, wearing a green aventurine bracelet might change this for you.

While it will not bring these opportunities right onto your laps, this green crystal offers space and the push to jump onto opportunities when they come knocking or making themselves known to you.

You could also think of this gemstone as a reminder of all the good things to come. With this crystal bracelet around you, you will find yourself in the right places at the right time, and it will seem as if you are just lucky.

But all these changes in your life will also come about because you consistently have a crystal that helps to put you in the right places.


3. It attracts abundance and makes you more receptive to great things

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

Green aventurine and aventurine in all other colors are considered lucky crystals, and gamblers revere them because they are believed to increase their chances of success.

And in addition to attracting good luck into your life, aventurine also increases your receptivity, specifically for abundance and great things.

Aventurine does this by making you more receptive to positive changes in life and also significantly open to different prospects, hence a higher chance of becoming successful.

You could think of a green aventurine bracelet as the crystals that will empower your luck amplifier, making you more prosperous and hopeful in your life endeavors.

Experts in the workings of crystals believe that green aventurine is a crystal that is naturally ripe with opportunities. It attracts wealth, provokes big game wins, and randomly increases your chances of winning windfalls.


4. It has spiritual benefits

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

The other advantage of wearing a green aventurine bracelet is that it increases your chances of becoming spiritually awakened. This is an ancient belief that stands true to date, and many people believe that green aventurine has spiritual properties connected to it.

This bracelet would make the wearer feel more connected to the spiritual guides while also connecting the wearer to higher powers.

The ancient Chinese believed that raw green aventurine was a powerful crystal and a statement representing Buddhist divinity, mercy, and compassion.

And the ancient Celts and Greeks associated green aventurine with the Goddess of Fertility and Nature, Flidais and Dione.

The Tibetans also held green aventurine in high regard, and they decorated the eyes of their statues with gemstones because the stone would enhance the creative powers of the statute.

And finally, in the 19th century, green aventurine stone was called the Amazon’s Stone because of Brazil’s abundant deposits of green aventurine. These gemstones were given to the Amazon warrior queens who wore them as jewels.


5. Mental Benefits

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

Green Aventurine is associated with good luck and enhances your mental wellbeing.

It improves your decision-making abilities, boosts your level of resilience, and it will also gives you the strength to overcome challenges and come out from these problems wiser and a lot more grounded.

Also, aventurine soothes anxiety while also stimulating your levels of creativity, mental clarity, and feelings of compassion.


6. It enhances physical health/wellbeing

Benefits Of Wearing Your Aventurine Bracelet

Finally, wearing a green aventurine bracelet will enhance your physical health by enhancing your thymus gland’s function and supporting nervous system function.

It is also considered effective in balancing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. And if you are struggling to gain or lose weight, green aventurine will stimulate and enhance your metabolic rate.



Green Aventurine is ideally the prosperity stone, and this powerful stone will significantly enhance your wellbeing, making you healthier and attracting good luck and abundance into your life.

If you have felt that you need some additional source of external strength or inspiration to be happier or successful, consider getting a green aventurine bracelet today.

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