10 Little-Known Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

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There are a lot of gemstones that exist out there, but among the most popular ones is the Tiger’s eye.

Although it is not a birthstone associated with any zodiac sign, many people love it for its beauty.

It has a brilliant lustrous shine and silk finish that appeals to every individual. But its beauty is not the only reason most people wear the Tiger’s eye.

This precious stone is also considered very powerful. Some people even refer to it as the Shapeshifter since they believe it can change your life by improving it overall.

You must be wondering, what powers the tiger’s eye poses and what benefits you’ll get from wearing this stone.

Not to worry in this post we will explore these benefits in an attempt to explain why you need this stone in your life.


Tiger Eye Bracelet Benefits

Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Gemstones have many properties and a lot of them are powerful in their own right. The tiger’s eye is however well known for the strength of its powers and the benefits people have reported they get from it.

The following are the important main benefits you get from wearing the Tiger’s eye stone:



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

The Tiger’s eye is believed to have the ability to bring harmony into your life. You may be experiencing a lot of stress or pressure, be it from work or your personal life.

You may also be surrounded by a lot of negative energy that leaves you restless.

By wearing the tiger’s eye, the stone eliminated all the negative energy and stress in your life and brings you inner peace.

It also surrounds you with positive energy by attracting positive people in your life. Before you know it, you’ll be in a state of calmness.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

In life, you’ve gone through or are going through certain struggles that leave scars and wounds.

Some of these wounds are the kind you may not see but feel. The tiger’s eye is believed to heal these wounds. Whatever conflict or issue you may face, for example in your relationships, the stone clears your mind and enables you to communicate and resolve these issues so you can begin to heal.

The tiger’s eye’s healing properties are also believed to help in healing bone ailments.

You would of course need to see a professional physician and get medication depending on the severity but the stone helps quicken the healing process. Some also believe the stone can help you heal from addictions like drinking alcohol or smoking.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Many of us dream of being wealthy and successful individuals one day, which is what we work towards.

The tiger’s eye may come in handy in this regard. It is believed to attract money to those who wear it. The stone is also said to have the ability to help you survive financial difficulty.

It does this by clearing the negative energy and stress brought about by your financial situation so you can come up with better solutions to your problems.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Many gemstones are considered protective charms and the tiger’s eye is no exception. Many people wear the stone as talismans to protect them from the evil eye.

They believe that the stone has the power to ward off evil and negative energy. It can also protect you from ailment and misfortune.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Do you consider yourself a timid person? Are you always being held back by fear or lack the motivation to do anything significant? The tiger’s eye may be the solution for you.

The stone derives its name from the fact that it resembles the eye of a tiger, a powerful and courageous animal. As such, by wearing it, many believe that the stone transfers this strength and courage to you. It encourages a passion for life and enhances your will to live.

Soon enough you will feel a spark in you that will build your confidence and propel you to success.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Some people are never sure of themselves. As such, they are never able to make decisions and stand by them.

This could be a result of timidness or lack of confidence. Whichever the case, wearing the tiger’s eye, you become more assertive in your decisions.

That’s because the stone gives you the confidence and courage you need to make choices and stand by them.



Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

We all have bad habits we struggle to let go of because they are old and we’ve become accustomed to them. As a result, we are unable to improve ourselves and progress in life.

The tiger’s eye can help us let go of these habits and form better healthier ones. It helps us let go of the old and make room for the new.

It also boosts your self-awareness and self-esteem. Just like that you slowly develop self-realization and inch closer to being the best you can be.


Unconditional love

Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

This is something we all look for in life. The kind of love that has no reason, questions, ifs, or buts.

Sometimes it can be hard to experience this kind of love because we’re are unable to express ourselves emotionally, or open up.

The tiger’s eye, however, helps you open up. It invites and attracts this unconditional love into your life. It reminds you that you also deserve happiness, love and to be valued by others.


Balancing the Chakras

Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

For those of you who are familiar with the chakras, you know they are the seven pools of energy found along your spinal area.

These seven chakras are important because they are connected to your body, mental state, emotions, and spirituality.

As you go through life you may go through experiences or events that block your chakras or cause them to be unbalanced.

The result of this could be manifested through physical ailments, stunted emotions, or mental health issues.

Wearing the tiger’s eye, however, helps you balance these chakras and bring them back to harmony. This in turn could solve a lot of the issues you may be experiencing as a result.


Good luck

Benefits Of Wearing Tiger Eye Bracelet

Not all of us are lucky individuals. Or sometimes we find ourselves experiencing bad luck.

If you’re the kind of person who is unlucky or always caught in unlucky situations, then you should consider wearing the tiger’s eye.

Like most gemstones, it is considered a lucky charm, but perhaps the most powerful one there is.

Wearing this stone will always attract good luck, good fortune, and abundance into your life.  



As you’ve seen the tiger’s eye has many benefits. Its overall purpose is to give you inner peace, clarity, and determination.

It can transform your life significantly through its properties. There are also a variety of ways to wear the stone.

You don’t have to wear it as a bracelet. You can wear it as a necklace, ring or even earing. It depends on what your jewelry preference is.

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