10 Little-known Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

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Popularly known as the rock of the earth, lava stone is part of us since we were born of the earth. The lava stone is used to make a bracelet that looks different from polished and fashionable. Though many people hear about the benefits of wearing the lava stone bracelet, some wonder whether it works.

We created this post to inform you about the lava stone and help you find out whether it works. By the end of it, you will also discover the little-known benefits of wearing the lava stone bracelet.

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About lava stone

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

Lava is a unique stone believed to have a special connection to the earth. It is among the oldest stones that various cultures have used for rituals.

Due to lava’s intense and raw energy, stone bracelets are primarily associated with masculine energy. In the past, fighters wore a lava stone mineral when going to war since they believed it would be their source of courage and strength.

The lava rock is an igneous rock formed from cooled volcanic lava. Once the hot liquid rock dries, it becomes lava stone. Lava rock covers about 8% of the earth’s surface and is found not only on land but also in the ocean.

Experts believe that the volcano’s strength makes lava stones have numerous healing properties. For a long time, volcanoes have been viewed as a sign of creation. Since lava rock comes from extreme pressure and high heat, people consider it a stone of rebirth and a symbol of new beginnings.

People have been mining lava stones since ancient times. They use them to make vessels, dye pigments, and beads. The lava stone stands out due to its dark brown or black appearance.

Since jewelers find it fascinating, they use it to make bracelets. Today, lava stone is also commonly used in spas.


Do lava bracelets work?

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

Yes. Lava bracelets work due to their porous nature. Many people use them for aromatherapy since they can absorb essential oils and diffuse them. They make great essential oil diffusers that can help you enjoy the benefits of these products, such as emotional balance.  

Since lava bracelets have a natural element, many believe they can manifest a tremendous earthly power. Though no scientific evidence shows that lava bracelets work, they are believed to have healing properties.

These bracelets connect with the elements of fire and earth, which align with the root/anchor chakras. Wearing lava bracelets is believed to promote not only healing but also rejuvenation.


10 benefits of wearing lava stone bracelet

 It grounds the root chakra

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

The lava stone bracelet is believed to have a strong connection with the energies in the body. That is why people have always worn it for healing.

Different cultures believe the chakra is the body’s center of spiritual power. It is connected to particular points of energy in the body. The root chakra is believed to be situated at the base of the spine and aligned with the planet earth.

There are seven chakras that disturb the life energy of the body. Many wearers of the lava stone bracelet believe it can stabilize the root chakra due to its connection with the earth.

When the root chakra stabilizes, the wearer’s body can feel more grounded to the earth. The lava stone bracelet can also help one keep in touch with the present moment. When the root chakra is aligned, you can feel more secure, have realistic expectations, and make practical decisions.  


Can support your focus

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

If you have been feeling like you are lacking clarity and that your thoughts are scattered, wearing the lava stone bracelet can help. This is beneficial since it is believed to clear awareness, enhance assertiveness and control excessive thinking.

This bracelet can also guide you through moments of change in your life. It can help you overcome obstacles you may experience as you adapt to new changes in life.


Calms emotions

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

The lava stone bracelet can also help you calm your mind and body. Since lava stone originates from the earth, people believe that it carries similar energy.

This energy can help reduce emotions of grief and anger in the wearer. It can replace such emotions with courage and strength.  

You can even use the lava stone bracelet if you have anxiety. The quality of minerals found in lava stone makes it a helpful tool in providing natural anxiety relief. When the lava stone bracelet touches your skin, it can uplift your mood.


Increases fertility

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

People with fertility issues also wear lava stone bracelets. They believe that this bracelet can increase the chances of getting pregnant.

This bracelet can exude a warming vibration which can strengthen your immunity and create a better environment for pregnancy.

People in some cultures believe that wearing this bracelet can help restore hormonal balance in the body. You can also wear this bracelet if you are experiencing andropause, menopause, or premenstrual syndrome.  


Protecting against negativity

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

The fiery energy of the lava stone bracelet can also protect you against negativity. This black stone can deflect such energy and promote positive vibes. Harnessing the powerful elements of the lava stone bracelet can help attract good energy into the universe.

Every time you look at this bracelet on your wrist, it reminds you of nature’s perfection.

Nature has a way of changing something terrible into something miraculous. When you wear the lava stone bracelet, you can carry positively charged energies wherever you go.


Promotes physical healing

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

Wearing the lava stone bracelet can also help you heal fast from certain illnesses. This stone is beneficial since it can help rejuvenate body cells and help detoxify the body.

If you often get sick, wear this bracelet regularly since it can help your body become stronger at fighting different physical conditions.


Diffusing essential oils

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

Since the lava stone bracelet features a naturally porous hole, it is often used to diffuse essential oils. You can place a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the porous holes of the lava stone bracelet to enjoy its effects. Essential oils are commonly used by many for their soothing effects.

These oils promote different reactions throughout the body. Diffusing essential oils in lava stone bracelets increases portability.

It ensures that you can enjoy essential oils from any location. You don’t have to worry about this bracelet weighing you down since even a large chunky-looking piece of lava stone bracelet is lightweight.

Many lava stone bracelet wearers like diffusing lavender and lemon essential oils since they are relaxing. These can even help you fall asleep more peacefully. Feel free to diffuse such essential oils on the lava stone bracelet and place them under your pillow to enhance sleep quality.

Wearers of this bracelet also believe that it can help decode the meanings of dreams and help one reach their inner subconscious.


Relieves muscle tension

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

If you have an active lifestyle, you have probably experienced muscle tension at some point. Things such as intense workouts and long working hours can lead to muscle tension.

Wearing a lava stone bracelet can relieve this and give you more comfort when dealing with sore or painful muscles.

If you are experiencing such, consider diffusing drops of essential oils like eucalyptus or lavender on the lava stone bracelet to relieve soreness.


It is a beautiful piece of accessory

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

The main reason why many people buy lava stone bracelets is to complement their outfits. It looks good on softly tanned skin and pairs well with other jewelry items. Due to the sleek look of the lava stone bracelet, it has become a fashion trend among the young generation.

The lava stone bracelet is available in different styles and colors that you can pick from to match various outfits. You can even wear it daily while doing activities such as yoga or meditation when trying to relax.


Can boost communication and unlock creativity

Benefits Of Wearing Lava Stone Bracelet

If you have difficulties expressing yourself, wearing the lava stone bracelet can help boost your communication skills.

You should also consider wearing this bracelet to work since it can help unlock creativity. This can be more useful for professionals in creative fields, such as artists or authors.



The lava stone bracelet is a unique piece of accessory that is believed to have a lot of benefits. Wearing this bracelet can boost your overall energy levels and immunity, give you courage, help you balance emotions, and relieve muscle tension.

Though no scientific proof shows that the lava stone bracelet works, many wearers of this bracelet reveal that it is effective. Consider getting one today and try using it to enjoy such benefits.

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