10 Little-known Benefits of Wearing Gold Chain in Neck

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Want to know the benefits of wearing a gold chain in the neck?or the effects of wearing gold on the human body? You are in a right place. As all we know, gold jewelry is expensive, to say the least, but what if we told you that you’re paying for more than just the metal?

Learning we’re getting more out of something than we thought is always welcomed, especially if you dished out quite a bit of money.

You’ll be happy to know that the same holds with gold. It’s not all about looking good; it is about how it can equally make you feel good.

In this article, we explore why gold is beneficial to the body. Maybe that way, you’ll appreciate what’s in your jewelry box all the more.


10 Amazing effects of wearing gold on the human body

Gold jewelry, centuries on, remains a symbol of wealth and status. Still, in the same timeline, medical practitioners have sung the praises of gold when it comes to the health benefits, we can rip from it.

While it is a precious metal that is somewhat out of reach for a majority of the population globally, the value added to one’s body remains.

Gold has been studied for centuries, and the widespread assumption is it does have positive effects on a person’s overall wellbeing.

Research is limited given the value of the same, but what exists is worth paying attention to. Let’s get into the top known benefits.


1.Skincare treatment

You’ve seen the adverts where a model is wearing a facial mask made from a thin layer of gold. You might equally have spotted a video with your favorite influencer getting a gold leaf facial or massage.

These trends are not about splurging for the sake of it. There is more to it. Cleopatra is famously known for using pure gold to keep her face youthful.

Even after her reign, in various parts of the world, a gold slave did get used to treating various skin infections and diseases.

While the cost did not allow this practice to be widespread, you’ll still find pure gold in dermatological and beauty products. It’s believed the combination with other elements, or even alone, keeps the skin attractive and radiant.

2.Reduction in soreness

Gold is thought to create a relaxing effect on blood vessels, particularly when one is experiencing aches and pains.

It essentially allows blood to flow more freely, which is especially vital when one is sore. Placing gold next to the skin is thought to boost circulation, which then regulates oxygen within the body.

When this system is working at optimum, it does promote rapid healing. That means the soreness doesn’t last as long as it otherwise would.


3. Aid alleviate arthritis symptoms

When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, gold is perhaps the most recommended jewelry in the medical sphere.

It’s thought that wearing 24k gold next to the skin helps improve the symptoms of this illness.

The prevailing narrative has pure gold against the skin that can combat the effects of arthritis to improve one’s comfort.

4.Body temperature regulation

This next benefit that gold has on the body is not evident for everyone. It is said to primarily help those who do experience either night sweats or chills.

The logic is that gold does help with blood flow, and thus one would conclude it would also aid in temperature regulation.

The demographic that’s thought to benefit the most in this regard is women going through menopause.

That’s because they primarily suffer from regular temperature changes.


5.Mood elevation

When you look good, you feel good. That’s the case with gold as well. Wearing jewelry made from this precious metal naturally adds an appeal to your outfit.

When you know you look good, you’re going to exude confidence that other people will take note of.

What’s even better is the mood boost you get when someone compliments your jewelry.

If you’re feeling low, consider wearing gold to cheer you up and brighten your countenance.

6.Emotional booster

We have talked about mood elevation, but there’s more than gold is thought can offer when it comes to one’s emotional wellbeing.

There are times that we can feel down and out, but there’s a way that gold can cheer you up.

That happiness comes upon you when you look at this jewelry that you’ve felt invested in or received from someone who loves you.

Focusing on that is more than enough to make you smile.

When you harness that feeling, it becomes easier to absorb the energy of life and feel the vibrations in your body, which soothe the blood vessels.


7.Reduction of stress and anxiety

Going through a particularly rough part of your life naturally makes you feel like you’re in the dumps.

You’re wondering if life is worth living, and other thoughts that would have you feeling that life hasn’t dealt a fair hand.

However, it’s highly advised that when you’re in an emotional slump, the best thing to do is dress up.

Now, consider how you’d feel after a shower, wearing one of your favorite outfits while adorned in gold jewelry.

There is an emotional high that you get when you’re looking amazing, and with gold added on your body, you’re likely to feel less stress and anxiety.

You have the added courage that you can take on the world.

8.Aiding the nervous and endocrine system heal

The prevailing thought is gold can improve one’s mood and mitigate the stress levels and strong feelings of anxiety.

What’s more, there are some properties within gold that aid in healing the nervous and endocrine system.

Thus far, studies are showing impressive success rates in doing so.

However, researchers are yet to distinctly determine what specific properties in gold contain the healing properties.

Even with limited evidence, people still do wear gold to treat issues within these two body systems.


9.Alleviate pain in acupuncture

Many sing the praises of acupuncture even though it’s one of the oldest medical practices.

Acupuncturists do use gold-tipped needles in the procedure to alleviate pain in one’s body and also released pent up energy.

As previously mentioned, gold is essential in allowing one’s energy to flow within the body.

These professionals don’t always use gold, but gold-colored crystals are just as effective in their healing qualities.

10.Immunity boost

We always want to prevent disease, as it’s an easier cause of action than trying to recover from an illness.

That’s why many will wear gold to stay healthy since it provides extra protection against infections.

There is some preliminary research indicating gold jewelry does boost one’s immunity.

Those who have the means to acquire gold tend to wear it all the time for decades, as a preventative measure.



While the research on these phenomenal is limited, it’s worth wearing gold even with the hope of acquiring these benefits.

If you do have the resources to get gold jewelry and wear round the clock, then do so by all means.

The likelihood of experiencing the placebo effect is present, but even with that reality, you have nothing to lose.

There’s comfort in knowing that you’re playing your part to heal your body even through non-conventional means.

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