13 Little-Know Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

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This beautiful black natural stone that is a result of cooled volcanic lava is one of the most desirable stones in the jewelry market today.

And it turns out that this is the case not just because of its beauty thanks to its high reflectivity and smoothness but also because black obsidian offers immense benefits to its wearers.

So, if you were looking for one more reason as to why you should buy that black obsidian bracelet, this article is just for you.

Here, we’ll take you through not just what the black obsidian is but also the benefits associated with wearing black obsidian stones.

So, let’s get to it, shall we?


Brief introduction of the black obsidian bracelet

Black obsidian stone is this glass-like volcanic rock that forms from volcanic lava when the lava is formed from cooling rather quickly.

 Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

Geography and what goes on in the earth’s core aside, black obsidian is one of the very important natural stones in Feng Shui.

Black obsidian, also known as volcanic glass, is quite strong and is often used to create knives. Notably, the obsidian stone comes in different colors, although the black obsidian is significantly more popular.

It is believed that the black obsidian boasts supernatural healing powers, and it also boasts metaphysical properties, specifically for the protection of energy cells.

At the same time, these stones boast a high level of psychic protection energy, now known as the Orgone Energy. Universally Orgone Energy is what is referred to as Prana, Ki, or Chi.

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

So, because black obsidian boasts orgonite power, the black obsidian is said to have immense spiritual grounding powers.

Note that in Feng Shui, black, the color, is associate with and connected to water in its elemental form – and water is believed to represent depth, wisdom, as well as fluidity, which means that anyone looking to bring these qualities to their life would want to work with powerful black stones like black obsidian.


Relationship between black obsidian bracelets and the Pixiu

 Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

Over the years, the popularity of the Feng Shui wealth bracelet, which is also one of the most popular Feng Shui amulets, has grown in popularity.

The reason for this is that the amulet is believed to hold the special power to attract good fortune and immense wealth.

The Pixiu is considered the wealth and good luck symbol, and when it comes to wealth attraction, the Pixiu is one of the important and highly effective spiritual entities – because the Pixiu has a supposedly huge appetite for wealth.

This amulet will attract, acquire, and it will also preserve wealth if it’s worn correctly.

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

But the Pixiu bracelet is not the only bit that attracts wealth, and there are different other wealth bracelets that can attract wealth.

The bracelets are made of different materials, and black obsidian is one of the metals used often. Black Obsidian is popular because it is a powerful stone that brings good luck and offers protection.


13 Benefits of wearing the black obsidian bracelet

So, what are the benefits of wearing the black obsidian bracelet?

 Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

1. Black obsidian offers EMF protection.

We are all aware of the long-term effects of exposing ourselves to EMF or electromagnetic forces, which means that if you are always on your phone, cameral or near routers and TVs or all other electronic devices that are an important part of our lives today, you may need some extra protection.

Well, it turns out that the black obsidian bracelet is capable of protecting you from the EM waves.

This is thanks to the powerful Orgone energy in black obsidian, which protects from the EMF waves/ radiation.


2. Black Obsidian is a powerful cleanser that will also protect you from negative energies.

As long as you wear your black obsidian bracelet correctly, you will be able to enjoy the power and protection of the stone’s metaphysical properties, which means that you will be shielded from negative energies all around you.

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet


3. Black Obsidian is a great tool for stress reduction.

It is also believed that your black obsidian bracelet is a great stress buster. The reason for this is that the bracelet balances the positive and negative energy flowing through your body, resulting in lower stress levels.

Thanks to this bracelet, there won’t be much of the negative energies around you, meaning that you react less but respond more in a different situation, hence a slim likelihood of getting drawn into any type of arguments – this is said to be the case because the obsidian stone/ crystals will put you emotional bank at ease, hence more control over your thoughts and emotions, and the best part, fewer feelings of frustration.

You will also have more balanced-out thoughts, which means that you are less prone to illnesses. And even if you fall ill, your recovery will be faster thanks to the bracelet’s self-healing power.

 Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

4. Black Obsidian bracelets offer the best level of psychic protection

While you may have led your entire life in a highly stressful state with a lot of psychic clouds and even smog blocking your aura, your black obsidian bracelet would reverse this by protecting and cleansing your aura, hence a happier, more fulfilled life.


5. Improved relationships

The other associated Feng Shui benefits of the black obsidian bracelet is its power to enhance your relationship and overall romantic life. It could also bring you more love.

So, while this stone isn’t always associated with love, it bears some ancillary effects on your love life. This primarily comes from the healing benefits of the stone, especially with its ability to give you emotional balance and to clear your aura and life from the discordant dark energies.

 So, you will appear more attractive to others, more naturally, because the people interested in you would be attracted to your pure and the positive energy you have.

In the same breath, its energy-cleansing powers improve your level of awareness, making you more intuitive and capable of determining the suitability of the person interested in you and if they are a good (harmonizing match for you).

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

6. Black Obsidian attracts wealth.

Think of the black obsidian wealth bracelet – this bracelet makes you more prosperous, and it will increase your abundance while increasing the success in your life.

In other words, the black obsidian stone would make your life much easier.


The other benefits of the black obsidian bracelet include:

  1. Warding off evil spirits
  2. Overall improvement in health beyond the alleviation of stress. Some of the specific health benefits of the black obsidian bracelet include enhancement of your digestive process and an overall improvement of your gut health.
  3. It would also keep your gall bladder healthy,
  4. The bracelet is good for your heart, and it would lower your blood pressure
  5. The black obsidian bracelet is also beneficial to you because of the fact that it is created by the powerful forces of fire, earth, and water elements which is important because it enhances the health and function of your muscle tissues, keeping you energetic and physically strong.
  6. It also fights off foreign pathogens, and it may make you more intuitive regarding things that may be causing you pain and some discomfort.
  7. This stone also makes your perception and life clearer, and you’d be able to easily receive messages from your inner being.

 Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

How to wear the black obsidian bracelet

  • For starters, you need to wash or cleanse your black obsidian bracelet in clean water. Cleansing it is important because it lets the pixiu dragons who you are. After cleaning, you’d want to place the bracelet under the sun on a clean saucer for as long as you could. Doing this increases the cleansing of the stones while also activating.
  • Wear your black obsidian bracelet on your left hand to activate it and attract the good in your life. According to some Feng Shui masters, wearing the bracelet on your right-hand means that you are giving away your wealth. So, to enhance its wealth-drawing power, keep it on your left hand. Note that in Chinese culture, the left hand is regarded as the receiving hand, and the receiving hand is the one that lets in positive energy, allowing the energy to flow through your body with ease. So, wear the bracelet on the left hand for maximum benefits.

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet

  • Don’t wear the bracelet when going to bed, when taking a shower, and/or when washing dishes. The bracelet might be too strong for you when sleeping, resulting in restlessness, which is why you shouldn’t sleep with the bracelet on.
  • Keep the bracelet in the living room when going to bed
  • If you are below 16 years or above 70, you shouldn’t wear the black obsidian bracelet. Also, don’t wear the bracelet if you are pregnant. These exceptions are necessary because of the immense power of the bracelet, which could affect the wearers, especially if they are not strong enough.
  • If yours is a Pixiu, ensure that the pixiu’s face points towards the little finger.

Benefits Of Wearing Black Obsidian Bracelet


So, if you needed some extra motivation to buy the black obsidian bracelet, the great benefits above should be more than enough for you.

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