7 Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone You Should Know

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If you are fascinated about collecting crystals, then one of the most intriguing stones that you may ever come across is the Black Onyx.There are very many narratives about its origin, its uses, and its meaning.

In fact, it is considered one of the most mysterious stones in the jewelry world and most jewelers believe that this stone has untold powers embedded in its structure.

Because it encompasses a great amount of power, this stone has been used for spiritual and meditative practices, and it is often treated with the highest form of respect.

Back then, people believed that the black onyx gemstone was the cause of multiple disagreements and conflicts between friends and family, and they often associated it with evil.

Also, certain communities claimed that certain curses were associated with the black onyx stone.

However, the stone has several benefits and positive qualities, which we will discuss in this article. Read on to find out more.


Black Onyx Stone Meaning

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

Contrary to popular traditional belief, black onyx gemstones are used for positive reasons such as protection, grounding, and protection and as a shield to wade off negative energy. People also believe that the black onyx exists to drive motivation and always push you forward in all areas of your life.

Along with that, everyone who acquires a black onyx stone believes that it enhances discipline in such a way that it ensures that the owner seamlessly follows through their goals and completes all tasks that they had set out to do.

It is also said to wade off bad habits such as procrastination and it is known to activate one’s third-eye chakras, which makes it easier for anyone who possess the stone to fully ground themselves to the earth.

Aside from that, the black onyx gemstone is valued for its calming qualities, especially when one struggles with challenging emotions such ad anxiety, worry, and grief.

In addition to these, the black onyx stone helps balance yin and yang. Through its powers, it helps the owner feel more centered, make wiser and more steadfast decisions, and understand the root cause of issues much easier.

For the longest time, this stone is used as a source of protection and up to date, it is still one of the strongest protective stones that exist.


7 Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

Here are some of the amazing benefits of the black onyx stone;

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

1.Helps Release Negativity and Letting Go of the Past

Since time immemorial, people have been wearing the black onyx stone to release any sort of negative energy that is within them. Because of its soothing properties, the stone helps the wearer slowly deliver themselves from negative feelings, thoughts, and any negative situations that surround them.

When it comes to letting go of the past, most jewelers and enthusiasts believe that letting go of the past involves releasing negativity. In that regard, some people wear this stone to get over their previous relationships, bad friendships, and anything negative that ties them to pain associated with the past.

So, if you are finding it difficult to forgive people for mistakes that ended previous relationships, wearing the black onyx stone may be help you let go.

Along with that, the stone is known to also help anyone separate themselves from situations or people that cause frequent hurt or make them unhappy. It also keeps you off trouble situations.

So, some people wear this stone so that they can easily let go of unhappy relationships and rescuing themselves from implicative situations.


2.Helps Change Bad Habits

This powerful gemstone plays a crucial role when it comes to changing individual habits. Wearing this gemstone helps you significantly change any unhealthy, irregular or bad habits that seem to be slowing you down in life or any habits that seem to be causing vigor between you and your environment.

It is believed that the stone helps one becomes more focused, assertive, and balanced. That said, wearing this stone helps you keep away from stress or resolve stressful situations, helps you make quicker and correct decisions that change your life for the better, and it allows you to avoid causing trouble.

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

3.Known to help one attract money and abundance

Supposedly, the black onyx is the best stone for entrepreneurs that are conceptualizing new business ideas or those that have just started new businesses.

This is mostly because this stones have the power to help an entrepreneur and anyone in business make good decisions and quick steadfast choices regarding their business.

The stone also wards off any negative options, evil eyes, emotions, and thoughts by anyone around them who wants their business to collapse.

When it comes to attracting money, various Feng Shui experts claim that the black onyx stone is great for attracting financial gains, especially when used as a decorative piece at home or at the office, or when one uses it as paper-weight. Alternatively, anyone who is seeking financial abundance can wear it around their neck or as a bracelet.


4.Makes one more intuitive

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

According to most jewelers, Feng Shui experts, and stone collectors, anyone who wears the black onyx gemstone is often more intuitive. This is mostly because this stone has mysterious powers that help show the correct life path for its wearer through visions, dreams, spiritual connections, and meditation.

Besides that, the black onyx gemstone is known to help a person’s spirit, mind, and body align with the universe. When one is aligned they find themselves on the receiving end of goodness and favoritism.

The whole idea is that the wearer needs to have ultimate faith and should successfully manifest their personal wants and needs.

Also, we cannot forget to mention that experts believe that the black onyx stone sharpens the senses of the wearer or anyone. It makes the wearer or the keeper of the stone more self-conscious, more focused, and twice as alert as anyone around them.

Also, it is known to make the wearer more confident, grounded, unique, and outstanding wherever they go. But, this only happens when the wearer uses the gemstone on a regular basis with utmost faith.


5.Offers maximum protection to the wearer

In many cultures, it is believed that the black onyx stone has mysterious powers that help ward off evil spirits from a person and his family.

This explains why some people tend to worship Black onyx statues as a way to keep away dark sorcery or black magic.

They would offer blood to these statues to appease them and keep away evil spirits from a person’s home and family.

Also, some tribes tend to place anklets or bracelets made from black onyx stones on children ankles and wrists to ward off evil spirits.

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

6.Has Physical Healing properties

Supposedly, the black onyx stone has medicinal properties and it is considered a valuable healing stone.

Most healers in traditional communities and even the modern society often advise critically ill patients to wear the black onyx stone if they want to see more positive results in their health condition.

It is believed that this powerful gemstone has the power to heal tooth-related problems, bone issues, feet issues, epilepsy, and even eye disorders.

In addition to that, healers believe that water charged with the black onyx stone easily treats dermatological issues and skin problems and also gives weak patients strength when they drink it.

Along with that, pregnant women are often advised to wear the black onyx stone if they want a trouble-free pregnancy and painless childbirth.

In addition to that, the black onyx stone is said to help lessen symptoms of migraines and headaches and is often used to strengthen the optic nerves and the eyes of an individual.

Besides that, most healers believe that the black onyx stone helps anyone with weak feet find their footing. This is in fact one of the main reasons why the black onyx stone is still being used as a magical stone and is said to be the most natural healer.

Amazing Benefits of the Black Onyx Stone

7.Helps remove confusion and nightmares

It is widely believed that confusion and nightmares are associated with evil and negative energy.

For this reason, most people believe that by wearing the black onyx stone you can easily eliminate any confusion going on in your life and you are able to have a peaceful night sleep without nightmares.

In the process, it slowly enhances the wearer’s inner strength and takes away any emotional stresses and uncomfortable pressures.



The Black onyx stone is one of the most classy and sentimental additions to your jewelry collection. In addition to that, it is widely accepted as the best way to keep oneself way from negative thoughts, situations, and feelings.

Also, you would be more in touch with its healing properties and calming nature as you wear it.

To continuously rejuvenate its spiritual powers and medicinal properties, always discharge the gemstone under running water once every two weeks.

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