10 Little-Known Benefits of Making Friendship Bracelets

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Not everyone is crazy about friendship bracelets, and we won’t fault you for being one of the people who don’t care much about these bracelets. But what do you think about the idea of using your downtime to come up with crafty friendship bracelets?

And if you are the sentimental type who finds themselves with many little trinkets and pieces of the past to remind you of the past memories, love, and friendships cherished, how about an opportunity to express yourself well as best as you can through art?

Whichever line of the fence you find yourself in, making friendship bracelets is one of the best ways for you to express yourself, and regardless of your artistic prowess, you can come up with magical expressive pieces that allow you to show your friends just how much you love and appreciate them.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of friendship bracelets and why making friendship bracelets could just be the thing for you.


10 benefits of making friendship bracelets

Benefits Of Making Friendship Bracelets

There are many reasons why making/ crafting friendship bracelets might be the best thing you do in your past time. Below, we take a look at all the reasons why you’d want to take up making friendship bracelets as your new hobby.


1.Best, unconventional stress buster

You’ve probably read countless articles about the effects of stress on your health, and this might sound like yet another broken record, but really, stress steals away the best part of what your life should be like, hence the need for proactivity when tackling it.

Today, there are countless recommendations given to remedy stress, from spending more time outdoors to being mindful and meditating. But that is not all, and it turns out that there is something rather unconventional that you could add to the list of effective stress-busters. We are talking about making friendship bracelets. This is, without a doubt, one of those things that you stumble upon, and after following a few short YouTube tutorials, you realize soon enough that it is one of the most relaxing activities to engage in.

If you already crochet or knit, or you just are crafty, then you are familiar with that all-encompassing feeling where you are completely tuned out of everything around you as you let the fingers work their magic. Well, this is the same feeling you get when making friendship bracelets – your mind wanders freely, and you find that you are almost semi-conscious and largely unaware of any troubling thoughts that you may have been struggling with.

It is a lot like an alternative meditative process that not only loosens you up but allows you to come up with a beautiful and thoughtful accessory in the end. And because gifting is one of the best ways through which humans extend happiness, you end up joyful and relieved of your bigger stressors.

So, if you are looking for ways of filling your life with pockets of joy, love, and happiness, it might be a good idea to start creating friendship bracelets. Your friends, body, mind, soul, and spirit will thank you for it.

Benefits Of Making Friendship Bracelets

2.Best Alternative to Meditation

If you are looking for better ways to zen out and you aren’t ready to fork out the hundreds of dollars charged by some of the mindfulness apps offered on the web today, crafting a friendship bracelet might be a great alternative for you.

It works better than meditation because, unlike meditation that calls for a great deal of focusing, the bracelet allows you to chill with your thoughts while intently focused on just that one act of making the bracelet. During this time, your mind zens out in the most extraordinary ways imagined.

You could also think of this artistic approach as your meditation – after all, meditation can be said to be any repetitive process that you fully focus your attention on. And today, studies show that crocheting or knitting and now making friendship bracelets would be a meditative tool. These actions focus all your attention on that one task at hand, relieving stress and anxiety. You are forced to think about all those teeny tiny knots that you have to make over and over and over, and your mind has to focus on this one task and nothing else.

So, if you are looking to clear your mind without having to listen to weird sounds asking you to push back your thoughts, to breathe in and out, then making friendship bracelets would be that outlet, a simpler approach to mindful meditation.


3.A deeper meaning to the bracelet and friendship

When you take the time and effort to craft a friendship bracelet, the recipient of the gift will be a lot more appreciative because the effort put in shows them just how much they are cared for and loved. And by personalizing the piece, your friend will see how much you care for them.

Benefits Of Making Friendship Bracelets

4.Best Gifts are handmade

Although you have the option of buying friendship bracelets, friendship bracelets are extra special when they are handcrafted, something that makes them incomparable to all other kinds of jewelry you may have bought them in the past.

By spending hours creating the bracelet, thinking through your friend’s preferred colors and styles, and coming up with a real masterpiece, the friendship bracelet ends up being the most important accessory gifted to a loved one.


Someone choosing to make a friendship bracelet is crucial for most people, and the best part is that it validates that feeling of that person being a true friend. It also adds value to the bracelet.


5.It offers a range of psychological benefits too

Some of the benefits of making friendship bracelets and the accompanying level of mindfulness include reduced anxiety and stress levels, a higher level of focus, and also, you will become less impulsive to some of the strong emotions that often wash over you.

Benefits Of Making Friendship Bracelets

6.Saves you money

Sometimes you are backed to a tight corner, and in such cases, the only way out would be through finding safer alternatives.

So, if you wish to gift your friend with something thoughtful, but your finances aren’t working out, you could create something unique for them.

And who knows, you might be a natural artiste, meaning you can start making money off this hobby after some months.


7.It improves your creativity

You won’t know how creative you are until you try something new. Besides encouraging mindfulness, making friendship bracelets is important because it encourages the development of new neural pathways, which may boost your creativity levels.

So, if you have been looking for a downtime activity that would reignite your creativity, it might be time to start creating friendship bracelets.

Start with loom bands to see where it all takes you.

Benefits Of Making Friendship Bracelets

Other benefits include:

8.Improved fine motor skills, especially for kids

9.Boosts attention and concentration levels

10.It’s effective in building confidence and self-esteem levels. That small achievement and the happiness seen on a friend’s face could be all someone needs to feel good about themselves.



Making friendship bracelets offers a great avenue for expressing yourself, but above this, it boosts your mental health thanks to its ability to encourage mindfulness.

It helps reduce stress, anxiety, improves focus and concentration while making you more grounded and your friends happy.

So, if you have been trying to be more mindful, you may want to try making bracelets instead of meditation.

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