11 Little Known Benefits of Ear Piercing for Male Adults

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Are you searching for the benefits of earring piercing for Male Adults? or You just want to persuade your boyfriend to get pierced? You come to the right place.

Getting your ears pierced could be something you’ve done as a fashions statement or to uphold a sort of tradition.

Whatever the case, getting ears pierced is something that has been happening for centuries and will continue well into the future.

Even so, for the most part, getting ears pierces has currently been mostly considered something women do, but that is changing too in the modern world. Before telling you guys the benefits, Let me tell you a brief story of Male piercing.


A brief story of Male piercing

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

Male piercings are not a new trend, but rather a return of what existed in ancient times.

There are male mummies dating back to 5300 years ago that have ear piercings.

There are also a lot of reference in ancient texts from different cultures around the world showing that men wore earrings.

Men wearing earrings showed a number of things, including it being a sign of wealth or slavery. In other instances, it was meant to help in curing certain conditions.

In the 1960s and 70s, piercings were largely associated with hippies and also homosexuals.

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

As the years went by, this notion got thrown out the window and we started spotting earrings on heterosexual men thanks to the celebrities they looked up to.

While in this modern era it can be considered to be vanity, for the most part, male pierce their ears as a way to express themselves.

In the Western cultures and others as well, spotting a boy or man with a piercing is somewhat commonplace.

There is an existing market that carters for men’s piercings and other accessories.

If you’re a man reading this and are considering getting your ears pierced, the read on. Here, we talk about the benefits that male adults get from piercing their ears.


7 benefits of ear piercing for male adults

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

Before we get started, it is worth noting that some of the benefits listed here are indeed scientific. Let’s get started.

1. Piercing your ears can be a form of self-expression or representing one’s cultural practices. Either way, you get to stand out and to boost one’s self-esteem

2. In some traditions, there is the belief that piercings in specific areas of one’s ear enhance their vision.

3. Piercing the auricle area (the part between the helix and the earlobe) is thought to help with digestion.

4. Piercing is considered an acupuncture technique that proves to be beneficial in healing a number of issues within the body. If the piercings are were nerves connecting to the brain pass by, then it is thought that the said piercing will quicken brain development particularly in children.

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

5. Studies show that patients with migraines indeed to benefit from daith piercing, which is, a piercing that passes through the innermost cartilage of the ear.

6. A piercing an inch above the earlobe is thought to help in curing back pain, chronic pain and also enhance muscle relaxation.

7. Some studies show that piercing your ears at an early age help combat issues with the throat, tongue, eyes and ears.


Astrological benefits of ear piercing for male

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

The piercing of the ears, or Kama Vedha, which in India simply means ear piercing, was an ancient practice in which males and females in almost all continents, countries and cultures performed.

It is commonly believed that the practice, both in India and across cultures, it was meant to be a symbolic opening of the inner ear, especially for children.

Once one had the piercing, they would be able to hear sacred sounds that would help grow the spirit and be cleansed from and avoid sin.

There is the belief that wearing metals such as copper or gold on the earlobe helps maintain the balance of the electric current within the human body.

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

In some cultures, one should only wear gold on the earlobe because that is where the psychic point or the Third Eye is.

For added intuition, one is ought to wear gold with emerald or amethyst stones which some consider being spiritual.

In ancient China, if your chi or energy was low, one got to wear gold earrings in a pierced acupoint for to help stimulate it.

If one had too much energy, silver was thought to be the one to help drain the excessive energy.

Also, the Yang organs in the male got treated through piercing the right ear; the right side of the body is masculine and the left feminine.


4 Health benefits for ear piercing for male

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

There is some science behind getting your ears pierced that males can benefit from. They include:

1. It is thought that piercing a child’s ears early on promotes brain development. The ear lobes do have a meridian point that connects both the brain’s right and the left hemisphere. The assumption is piercing the earlobes will help activate this part of the brain; that is based on the principles of acupressure therapy.

2. It is said that the earlobes, specifically right in the center, hold a seat when it comes to reproductive health. It is not only beneficial for women during their menstrual cycle but also for men too. The ear-piercing is believed to aid in sperm production; it explains why in some traditions male ear piercing is compulsory in the maintain of one’s reproductive health.

Benefits of Ear piercing for Male Adults

3. The ear also holds points linked to the digestive system. Stimulation of the same can help reduce hunger and equally lessen the chances of one becoming obese.

4. The acupressure theory also claims that when you apply pressure on certain points of the ear, you’re able to help keep mental illness such as hysteria, anxiety and OCD at bay. That is because these points are connected to the seat of the master cerebral.

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 There are tons of benefits when it comes to men and boys piercing their ears.

There is a mix of science, theories, traditions and beliefs that dictate them, but all in all, it would not hurt to get a piercing. Only be sure that you get it for reasons that are personal to you so that it can hold more value.

Thanks for reading. If you guys have any questions, please tell us what you want to know, if you want to know anything related to fashion jewelry or fashion, please let us know.

We will do our best to provide the information you are looking for.

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