Are Beaded Bracelets In Style In 2024 and Beyond?

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Beaded bracelets are in style in 2024 and beyond, a trend that has come back from the 90s. The bracelets have unique colors and are a great complement to the current fashion.  

Yes, the beaded bracelets are in style in 2024 and beyond. Beaded bracelets are a trend of the 90s that has come back, and fashion enthusiasts have embraced it.

I was recently going through our family album and was amazed to see my mother and her sister all in beaded bracelets. Such bracelets are a familiar sight, and it was the reason I was quick to notice them.

After the photo, I became interested in researching the history of such bracelets and whether the style could go beyond 2024. In this post, you will learn about the history, current trends, types, bracelets, pros and cons, and tips for wearing beaded bracelets.


Beaded bracelets history

Beaded Bracelets In Style

Beads are among the most ancient ornaments that human-made. Archaeologists have discovered beads as old as 75 000 years in Africa.

The oldest beads to be discovered were made from an ostrich’s eggshell. Historians believe that the jewelry was used for identity or status. In Europe, the earliest beads discovered were dated 38,000 BC. The beads were used to make ornaments, including bracelets.

 Egyptians wore beaded bracelets for religious and cultural purposes for thousands of years. Bones, stones, and woods were the main material used to make beads in ancient Egypt.

Beaded Bracelets In Style

The beaded bracelets were common among native American Indians living beyond prehistoric times. The art of making beads remained strong even after colonization, and it gradually improved as more materials were used. Glass and metal became common materials for making beads.

While the ancient use of beaded bracelets was for status and identity, they are currently used for fashion. The manufacture of beaded bracelets has become a lucrative business because the fashion industry has a high demand for such items.


When did beaded bracelets become popular?

Beaded Bracelets In Style

 The beaded bracelets were popular in the 1970s summer camps. The DIY subculture fueled the trend. The popularity then resumed in the 90s; however, just like any other trend, they became unfashionable and were rarely worn.

In 2024 the beaded jewelry began to gain popularity and was often seen with celebrities on the runway and on red carpets. The trend became a full-blown fashion statement in 2024 and 2025 and is expected to go beyond.


Are beaded bracelets in style in 2024 and beyond?

Beaded Bracelets In Style

Yes, beaded bracelets are in style in 2024 and beyond. According to 100% pure,  2024 has significantly embraced the bracelets trend that dominated the 90s.

Even more interesting, the 2024 bracelet styles are characterized by more color, making the winter period less neutral in color as it commonly is.

The bracelets are marked with bold colors that make modern looks fun and attractive. Unlike in the 90s, the bracelets in 2024 have great shape designs and unique color combinations that make them great to combine with various outfits.

Beaded Bracelets In Style

The trend will go beyond 2024 because they have eliminated every form of boredom in the fashion industry. The beaded bracelets have injected the fashion world with a new dose of bright hues, optimism, lightness, and energy.

Brands such as Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta have embraced the trend and indicated that stylish beaded bracelets are there to stay. Such brands have created high-end beaded bracelets that continue to place the beaded bracelets among luxurious jewelry.

Beaded Bracelets In Style

Additionally, celebrities have embraced the stylish beaded bracelets trend, which is expected to get beyond 2024. Brands such as Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta are expected to customize the beads that make the bracelets, which will also increase the time the beaded bracelets remain a trend.

Another factor that might push the beaded bracelets trend beyond 2024 is the ability to have DIY that customizes them to your liking. People tend to hold to customized products because they are unique and personal.        


Types of beaded bracelets

Beaded Bracelets In Style

There are many types of beaded bracelets for men and women. The most common types include:

Beaded Infinity bracelets – use the infinity symbol in their design and incorporate one or several horizontal symbols to create unique bracelets. The beads are attached to leather that does not form a complete circle

Beaded Leather bracelets – have beads attached to the leather to form a broad and colored bracelet.

Beaded Chain bracelets – are made of gold, silver, or steel rings partially covered with bracelets. In some cases, just two to three medium size beads are used on such bracelets. Others are fully covered with beads.

Beaded Bracelets In Style

Charm bracelets – are basic chain bracelets that have multiple beads attached. The beads may be of different colors or the same color, and the colors might be symbolic.

Beaded bangle bracelets – are several bracelets that are loose and slide easily along the arm. They are made of a metal ring and have beads attached all through the ring.

Kada bracelets – are made of many-colored beads and are common among Indian women. They are feminine.

The beaded metallic cuff – is thick and edgy. The most common ones are made of one colored bead, golden or metallic silver.  

Beaded Bracelets In Style

Beaded ring bracelet – consist of a chain ring on the wrist and a beaded link between the wrist bracelet and a ring on the ring figure. It is gorgeous and eye-catching.   

A chandelier charm bracelet – is made by combining pearl beads and flower-shaped charms. It is mostly made with one colored bead, but the flower charms may have a different color that creates contrast with the bead color.

Simple beaded friendship bracelets – are made through simple embroidery floss that involves sliding a bead in every loop of the side string that passes over the middle string.         

These are just a few types of beaded bracelets available in the market and some of which you can make at home.


Pros and cons of wearing beaded bracelets

Beaded Bracelets In Style


1. Attractive look – bracelets, like many beauty accessories, enhance your beauty and appearance. Beaded bracelets acclaim your outfit and uniquely charm your wrist.

2. Preservation of heritage – bracelets have been used as cultural symbols for a long time—most of the bracelets’ designs and colors copy from religious or cultural traditions. Wearing them is a statement of acceptance and acknowledgment of culture and religion.

3. Identity – beaded bracelets are an easy way of identifying or showing support to a certain grouping. For instance, it is easy to identify Rastafarians because they wear bracelets that have red, green, and yellow colors.

4. Status – one of the earliest use of beads is for status. Bracelets with Balenciaga or Bottega Veneta brands are considered expensive and provide a high status in society.    

Beaded Bracelets In Style


1. They may cause discomfort, especially when made from heavy materials such as steel.

2. Some bracelets are made with a delicate cord that easily breaks on a slight tension. When they break in public, they are an embarrassment and cannot be repaired because the beads are lost.

3. They are dangerous if placed where small children can reach. Children can swallow the beads and choke.  


Tips for wearing beaded bracelets for daily life

Beaded Bracelets In Style

  • Wear brightly colored bracelets when you are wearing a dull-colored outfit.
  • Wear bracelets that have matching colors with your outfit and other jewelry.
  • When on a formal function, wear single-colored bracelets
  • During  the summer holiday, wear the most colored bracelet you can get
  • Always wear a bracelet that fits you or is slightly loose to avoid discomfort and injury



Beaded bracelets are excellent pieces of ornaments.

They are beautiful and greatly enhance your appearance.

Wearing them in 2024 makes you look fashionable.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!