Average Necklace Length for a Woman (Full Size Chart) in 2024

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If you have a few or a ton of necklaces that you loved when purchasing but don’t wear anymore, there are a few reasons for that.

The first is that you don’t find it flattering, either because you got it out of peer pressure or someone got it for you.

The other reason could be that it doesn’t match with a lot of clothes in your closet. Even for those that do, the necklace is the last thing on your mind because you haven’t set eyes on it for so long.

The other reason why you’re not wearing the necklace is because of the length. It is vital that you get something that suits you if you’re going to make full use of it.

There are various sized jewelry (measured either in inches or centimeters) in the industry that you can choose from.

However, if you do get a long one, you can get it cut down to your preferred length.

The other great thing is that, if you can afford it and have the time, you can get custom-designed pieces.

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What is the normal length of a woman’s necklace?

There is not a universal length for women when it comes to necklaces because people are different. However, we are going to look at the lengths of various necklaces in the market and what they are best worn with. Please read the following table bellow.

TypeLengthAppearance and best outfit
Collar12-13 inchesSince it goes around the neck it is best with open-neck clothing, V-necks and off the shoulder outfits included. You will find that the collar works great with evening wear
Choker14- 16 inchesIt falls at the base of the throat and just below the neckline the same way a collar does. It goes with almost everything apart from turtlenecks. This length is popular for weddings and also the bridal party.
Princess18 inchesLies on the collar bone and goes with almost everything. They are best if you want to add pendants. On fuller sized women, this looks more like a choker. Overall, this is the most commonly worn size necklace. If you have a pendant or a locket, this height works quite well.
Matinee20-24 inchesHangs between the collar bone and the bust. Works well for both causal and business wear. It can also work with a plunging neckline or a turtleneck as it falls in the middle of the chest. Matinees are considered sliming because they form a vertical line for the eye.
Opera28-36 inchesFalls on the bust or an inch or more below and works well with evening wear e.g. a plunging neckline, or with a high neckline like a turtleneck. Overall, this size is the sweet spot when it comes to both day and night wear.
Rope36-42 inchesThese reach about below the bust or mid-reed and are great to evening wear or for elegant business attire. These are best for a layering effect where you can wear other length necklaces with it.

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Average Necklace Length for a Woman

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Average Necklace Length for a Woman
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How do you pick the right size necklace?

Women have to factor in a few things when they want to purchase the right necklace.

If you’re a man reading this, keep on as you want to become a pro at gifting the women you care about in your life.

The fastest way to figure out the perfect length for a necklace you want to purchase is by measuring the extended length of the necklace you were the most. That is a sign that it is what works best with your wardrobe and it also generally flatters you.

Alternatively, you can measure the clasped length and then double it.

The other thing to consider looking at your entire body. The thing about the shape of your face, your general body type and also your bust size. For the bust size, women with different chest sizes would not look the same if they wore the same sized necklace. That’s why it’s not uncommon for women with larger busts to wear collars or chokers or opera and rope. Anything in between tends to get lost in the cleavage.

The reality also is that necks are different. Some are long and slender; others are short and chubby. It is best that you try on a necklace before making a purchase especially if you fall in the latter category. That’s because those with thin and slender necks tend to look good in everything. When the necklace is around your neck, you’ll tell if it’s faltering or not. If not, you can always ask for a second opinion.

The width of your neck is also a factor. If you have a thinner neck, then a choker would look fantastic on your neck. However, if you do have a thicker neck, the collar or choker would look stretched and not as flattering. Therefore, those with chubbier necks should consider longer necklaces, for example, matinee, as it will elongate the neck and make it more flattering.

Those with wrinkled necklaces should also opt for longer necklaces as shorter ones draw attention to the wrinkles, which is not what you want. Those who have a shorter torso and have a bigger burst ought to also mind the type of necklaces they wear.

When you wear a longer necklace when you have a fuller bust, you’ll end up having the bottom of the chain and the pendant swaying back and forth in an exaggerated manner. It might also make noise as it hits your torso. That ends up being a distraction when you’re walking.



While the advice given here works, remember that to each their own. If you like a necklace and after wearing it you find it flattering, then by all means, go for it.

However, do consider what most of your outfits are and purchase necklaces that go with almost everything to avoid having necklaces gathering dust in your closet.

If you guys want to know more useful tips, please go to this page for more.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!