Some Facts about Astrological Benefits of Wearing Brass

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Brass has long been one of the world’s most popular jewel and especially when it comes to engraved pieces.

Its gold look has drawn any in and many believe it bears healing properties to the wearer.

While it is not a common reason for wearing jewelry, astrological significance is growing in perception and many want to understand what this means to them.


Astrological benefits of wearing Brass

Brass is a combination of copper and zinc but to make different types of brass you could alloy it with nickel, magnesium, lead and chrome.

It is often used in the making of instruments such as watches, musical organs, weapon sleeves and coins. You may find it referred under other names such as Florentine Bronze, yellow copper or Venetian bronze. It does oxidize when exposed to the air making a green layer.


Copper in brass makes the metal non-toxic and therefore it is safe to use for all.

As Brass is a mixture of Zinc and copper, one must assess their benefits individually.

  • The presence of copper is good for skeleton problems.
  • ZInc helps eliminate toxins in the body.


Brass Health Benefits

It is a general belief that using brass utensils could result in yielding some health benefits from brass but this is far-fetched and unconfirmed.

People often claim that since copper and zinc are components of brass, they could be ingested if one regularly uses brass utensils to reduce a deficiency.

Others swear by brass’ capability to quell headaches, arthritis rheumatism and joint pain.

All these are myths and even if they are to be true, you would need to use your brass items without a top coating to feel these benefits.


Brass Cleaning and Care

Cleaning your brass jewelry at home is no different from doing it at a jewelers’ store as long as you do it right.

You need an acidic solution made of lemons, tomato or vinegar dipped into a wash cloth then use this to rub over your piece. only use a soft brush or clot to avoid scratching your brass item.


Cons of wearing brass

For years this element has been made from zinc or copper ores in parts of England from where it was exported. It became so popular that coins of trade were made from it.

With the fall of the Roman Empire, the economy declined and mining for brass was no longer profitable.  While not so popular in the Western world, it had a special place in the middle easterners’ lives.

This metal was also as crucial in the African continent just as other metals were.

The Yorubas for example did very impressive metal work in the Nigerian Kingdom of Ife. At the civilization turn of the century that happened between the 12th and 14th century, saw the Yorubas make rich sculptures of groundbreaking magnitudes.

Their expertise was only matched by the Kingdom of Benin which took over short years later in the mass sculpture of masks and brass sheets.


Brass Durability

It is a great metal to work with as it is stretchable under high heat or pressure. It can eb twisted to make many designs and they can be made to last based on their care and management.

Intricate designs are possible with this metal. Though this material will not get corroded or rust easily, it may develop a greenish layer after long use but this is due to the copper component within the piece.


Avoiding Brass Tarnish

Even as they slightly tarnish, some people admire this different tint on their pieces. If you are not one of them and you would like to keep your brass item shiny and lustrous, you need to seal or lacquer it. Only a thin coating of clear varnish is needed to maintain the shine while protecting your skin from any reactions.


Brass Jewelry

Jewelers love to use this metal for many of its characteristics such as its malleability and its awesome color. The ranges are from yellow to a dull gold color making stunning statement pieces.

This same nature also allows or the making of simple yet complex intricate designs. It is good for all types of ornaments be they bangles, bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces.

Stud earrings are perfect for everyday wear and dangly pieces will spice up all your outfits.

The vintage color that brass has going on makes or an ideal backdrop in which to add new rocks and precious gems. With its resilient nature it should be able to hold up any jewel size.

Other than jewel pairing, brass could also be matched and incorporated into silver and copper pieces for edgy and unforgettable looks.



There are no known and clear facts associating brass to astrology and vice versa.

If any brass piece is considered to possess some magical power, you would need to wear it and ensure it has o coating to ensure the brass directly touches your skin.

Otherwise, all other jewelry lovers can wear brass just because they want to.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!