Are Yellow Gold Engagement Rings Tacky? (2024 Updated)

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Is my engagement ring tacky? Are yellow gold engagement rings tacky?

You might ask these questions because there are so many kinds of engagement rings nowadays that speak more of the times we are in. You will see couples opting for a platinum engagement ring, for example, a sign that they are in touch with modern times.

There is also the traditional yellow gold that was commonplace for rings. It takes us back a time where the Baby Boomers and the generations that came after only used gold rings to mark their union. The question now becomes; is this outdated, or is it still as relevant?

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Let’s dive in.


Are yellow gold engagement rings tacky?

The answer to this is a resounding NO. A gold ring will never run out of style. Gold, whether yellow or gold, is a timeless metal that anyone from any generation, past, and the future to come. The reality about gold is that it is finer than silver, and given its durability, it works best as an engagement ring or a wedding band. (here I wrote an Epic post on Top 10 Hypoallergenic Metals for Engagement Rings, if you want to know what most popular metals for engagement or wedding rings, this post will help you know more.

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There are different ways that a yellow gold engagement ring is presented. There is the classic version that has no stones; it is simple. The other type is those with a diamond setting, and even these do stand out.

The other thing to think about is the culture that you come from. That can also dictate the kind of engagement ring that you get. For some, the engagement ring is the same as a promise or friendship ring, and it is often silver.

It is not that gold is tacky in this case; it is just that it is not appropriate. If you still do want to go with gold, you can opt for white gold.

Something that is given from a place of love and intimate emotion ought not to be considered as tacky in any way. Yellow gold is expensive all the same, and the person receiving the ring ought to be more focused on what it symbolizes and what kind of ring it is.


Are rose gold engagement rings tacky?

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Another type of ring that has become common in the past few years is the rose gold ring. Their pinkish shade is generally attractive and thus considered a famine color.

That said, the person making the purchase might not be too sure if that is what they should go for when it comes to an engagement ring.

Someone who is not as experimental might decide to opt more for the traditional colors of white gold and yellow gold. If you’re choosing to go against this grain, the question of rose gold being tacky is likely one that you have asked yourself.

Before we get into that, let’s look at what rose gold is and where rose gold first came about to be. Rose gold is a gold alloy that is made of 75 percent plus gold and 25 percent copper.

The rose gold color comes from mixing these two metals. If you want it to be less pink, you add less copper and vice versa if you want it even pinker. Let’s look at the history; when you have a history of something, you tend to be more appreciative of the same thing.

Now, rose gold first made its appearance in Russia in the 19th century. At first, it was known as ‘Russian Gold’ primarily because it was super popular in the country at the time. Then, it was a major fashion trend.

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It was Cartier that introduced rose gold to the rest of the globe through their trinity band collection. It took some time for the fashion to pick up, but now celebrities and the general population alike are making a move to make rose gold even more popular.

It is considered elegant, stylish, and unique. The reason this metal is popular with women it is because overall, the metal is gorgeous.

The other aspect that makes rose gold appealing and not at all tacky is that it works excellently with all skin tones. What’s more, is that it has a feminine tone to it that attracts people of all ages.

It works well on the 20 something and the 70 something; the femininity of it remains appealing as one age. That means if you purchase a quality ring when you are young, you can wear it into your later years.

Rose gold is attractive all by itself. It stands out even more when you add diamonds and colored gemstones. It complements anything that you put on the setting. Also, when you wear rose gold, you don’t need to have a color scheme for the clothes you want to wear.

You can wear it with anything. It also doesn’t tarnish but instead forms a patina that gives the rose gold ring an even more vintage look. If you prefer it looking new, you can always take the ring to the jeweler for cleaning and polishing.


How to avoid buying tacky engagement rings( 3 Tips)

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There are some fashion codes to go by when choosing an engagement ring. While we will discuss what those are, the rule of thumb is opting for a timeless piece. That is, something a person will wear for decades and not get tired of. Let’s look at some of the things to avoid.

Heart-shaped engagement rings: unless you’re super girly, had love hearts doodles on your notebooks growing up, or it is your life’s symbol, you should avoid heart-shaped rings at all costs. It is a shape that you’re likely to grow out of. It also sometimes does not go with the occasion. A heart-shaped ring in a corporate meeting is more distracting than attractive.

Rings with a large rock: unless your net worth stands at over 10 million dollars, you own a luxury boat, and you use a chartered plane to get around, then a large ring looks fake. The likelihood is that it is indeed a fake. Large rocks cost a fortune, and if your bank balance doesn’t align, then it looks cheap.

Following trends: Trends come and go. Right now, for example, Disney inspired jewelry could be the way to go, or something more gothic that you picked from your favorite movie. The reference for it will fade, and so will the relevance of the ring. Opt for timeless things.

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As you can see, yellow gold engagement rings are not tacky.

They will and always be a great choice for your engagement rings or wedding rings.

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