Help!Are Walmart Tungsten Rings Real? Is it a Scam?

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Are Walmart Tungsten Rings Real? Is it a scam? Supposed you want to buy a tungsten ring, you go to a local store, you would find the price is above $200. But, you do some research online, Amazon or Walmart. You will see the price is very affordable.

Then, you might think, are Walmart tungsten rings real? Because the price is so cheap. Some of the tungsten rings are below $20, even cheaper on Amazon.

Are Walmart Tungsten Rings Real?

Yes. The Walmart tungsten rings are real and made with premium tungsten-Jewelry grade tungsten. It is NOT a Scam.

Before answer the question in details. Let me share you guys a story. A story I heard on an online forum.

A lady wants to buy a tungsten ring on Walmart.

She posted her question: Hey ladies, what do you think about purchasing wedding bands at I want to but not sure.

Here are the answers she gets:

I got my e-ring and wedding band and FH wedding band all from Walmart. I have not had any problems with mine and I love it. It is up to you but that is what we did.Brandi

I don’t know about Walmart, but me and my FH got ours from for about 25.00 dollars . they are both made of very strong metal and won’t turn green or anything, so my recommendation is for .Glorianna

“We picked our rings from Walmart. Nothing wrong with them at all. If you like them then go for it.”Tara

The story tells us the Walmart tungsten rings are real.

Here is a positive review by one Walmart tungsten ring user.

I have worn nothing but Tungsten Carbide rings for years. I have never scratched one, broke one, seen it fade, develop a blemish or had any other defect. It is possible when they are being made to have an internal flaw that may allow for easier breakage. To the people that authored bad reviews, they should have researched Tungsten Carbide before buying it. You cannot size it, cannot scratch it, cannot cut it and it will shatter glass easily when tapped or hit against it. Tungsten Carbide can shatter or break when struck with a hammer or other heavy objects, more easily in cold weather. Many jewelry stores sell Tungsten Carbide rings for hundreds of dollars and for Walmart to sell them for $38 or less, even in size 12 is fantastic. Excellent product and great looking ring. Highly recommended!!! –Johnny, June 19, 2017

Now, you know the tungsten rings on Walmart are real. Maybe you want to know


Why Walmart tungsten rings so cheap?

Let me tell you some reasons briefly.

But, if you want to know more details, you really should read my last post: Why Are Tungsten Rings So Cheap on Amazon/eBay? and this post: Why Do Tungsten Rings Vary in Price? (Expert Answer). But if you want to know the Differences Between Cheap and Expensive Tungsten Rings, you can click the link to know more.


Reason 1- Tungsten is not an expensive metal.

This is a secret that many tungsten ring sellers want to hide. They would tell you that the tungsten metal is very expensive.

In fact, the tungsten is about $1 for 1 oz. As you know, your tungsten ring is less than 1 oz. Most of the tungsten ring weighs 20g. Here is the weight of my premium tungsten ring.

I did a test for you guys

So, Can you guess how much the factory price for making a tungsten ring?

About $3. YES. This is the factory price.

But, the wholesale price is about $5. So, most of the retailers get their tungsten rings for about $5.

The tungsten rings are all made with premium tungsten- jewelry grade Rings. So you have no problem with the rings.


Reason 2-Walmart buy tungsten ring in big numbers, so they can get cheaper wholesale price.

Our factory is a vendor for Walmart. So, we make many fashion jewelry, such as tungsten rings, stainless steel rings directly for Walmart.

Compared to other sellers on Amazon, Walmart often manufactures tungsten rings at big numbers.

How many for one design?5000 pieces for just one design.1000 Pieces for each ring size.

Other sellers only make 500 rings for each design.

Therefore, Walmart can get a better wholesale price.


Reason 3-Walmart has its own loyal customers.

As you know, Walmart was the king in the retail business. It has millions of loyal customers. So, Walmart does not need to spend millions of dollars on marketing.

People can easily get something they want on Walmart. They do not need to promote their products aggressively. Walmart can save a lot of ads cost on its own platform.


Reason 4- Walmart does not provide a lifetime warranty.

Some local stores charge you above $300 because they prove lifetime warranty. They provide very good service. Some of them provide free replacement. If you break it or your finger grows bigger, you can get a free replacement.

But, Walmart only provides a limited warranty.



Walmart tungsten rings are real. Tungsten rings on Amazon are real. I recommend you guys by Amazon. Why? You can get free shipping on Amazon. Buy with confidence on Amazon and Walmart. You got no problem.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email. See you guys in the next post!

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!