Are Tungsten Rings Safe to Wear?-Tungsten Rings Problems(Q&A)

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Are tungsten rings safe? Are tungsten rings dangerous? Or you just want to know some tungsten ring problems. Here is the post for you. Quick answer: tungsten rings are safe and not dangerous. Let’s see more details in the below section.

Before we get into what you need to know about tungsten, let’s look at what it is. In brief, it is a chemical compound (along with Carbide powders forged together at over 2,800 degrees) that gets used in jewelry to give it an everlasting shine. It makes for scratchproof rings that look new for years to come. For that reason, it is easy to see why they are a popular choice in the market.

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A few things to note about tungsten are that it is the most wear-resistant material for rings on the earth. It is ten times harder than 18K gold and four times harder than titanium. Thanks to hardness, they can maintain their shape and also shine longer than any other ring in the market.

We have mentioned carbide, so we’re going to look at the difference between plain tungsten and carbide. By itself, tungsten is a steel ring. It is hard, but it can get starched. When you add carbide, the only thing that can scratch your ring is diamond or something made of corundum. Therefore, when making a choice, opt for tungsten carbide rings as you’re guaranteed a lifetime warranty.

However, even that comes with its concerns about if it is toxic and if it can make you sick in any way. Here, we’re going to answer your questions.

Here is the proof of myself.  I have at least 10 tungsten rings. And I wear them almost every day in the last decade. I have no problem at all. See the picture.

My tungsten rings


Are Tungsten Rings safe

some of them I wear every day.

Are tungsten rings toxic? ( here is a detailed post that explains this topic, read here)

There is limited literature when it comes to tungsten poisoning. What is mostly available has to do with exposure through artillery. What exists is of recruits drinking alcohol from a recently fired barrel. All the symptoms presented were due to ingestion. They included acute nausea after 15 minutes of ingestion. There were also sudden seizures, moderate kidney failure, and other life-threatening symptoms.

Tungsten is usually in powder form before getting used in ring making. The only risk there is with regards to toxicity is if you ingest or inhale the powered. That said, there have been no reports of that happening, and thus there is not enough data to go by.

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The only time when you’re likely to react with tungsten rings is when the ring itself has additional metals. These metals are nickel and cobalt. These two metals are known for their ability to cause an allergic reaction. When they are present, sweat, water, and other elements will make the metal oxidize, and as a result, you end up reacting to these other metals present.

Essentially that is to say that if you purchase a tungsten ring and you have any problems with it, it is because it has been lanced with other metals. It means that when making the purchase, you have to conform with the jeweler or vendor about the properties of the ring.


Can tungsten rings cause joint pain?

So far, we can establish that tungsten is only a threat to humans when it is in powder form, and it gets inhaled or ingested. The only time a tungsten ring can cause joint pain is on the finger where the ring is. And it’s not just that; the ring has to be stuck. That happens when you wear the ring too long, and you lose track of your fingers getting bigger.

When that happens, and you can’t take the ring off, the joint around where the ring in becomes restricted. Inevitably, that will cause pain and discomfort. Before you get to that level, you may have to give up your ring and use it as a pendant if it’s a tight fit.


Can tungsten rings cause cancer?

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Again, a ring made out of tungsten cannot give you cancer. The only cases of cancer, or rather, the hard metal disease is of those who mine tungsten that often is combined with cobalt. Together, when inhaled, they can cause skin, eye, and throat and nose irritation. In large amounts, along with other heavy metals, a person can get lung problems that inevitably lead to cancer.

Overall, there is little research that exists about the cause of tungsten on the human body. By itself, it cannot cause cancer. The current evidence shows that cancer comes about when cobalt is also present.


Can tungsten rings make you sick?

The direct answer to this is no. Rings are already hard formed and pose no risk to the person. The only way you can get sick from tungsten is if you ingest or inhale it. That often happens to people working in factories or mining of the tungsten. When it is ingested, it is released through the body in urine and feces as well.


Tungsten ring problems

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 The major problem with tungsten is that you cannot resize it. That is simply because of how strong it is. On the Mohs hardness scale, it stands between eight and nine. Note that diamond stands at 10. It means that when you get a tungsten ring you have to remain the same size for the rest of your life, otherwise it will get stuck. You might also end up having to purchase a new one if it’s a wedding band.

The other aspect of tungsten that makes it problematic is that it cannot be easily removed once it’s stuck in the case of emergencies. The medical staff will have to rely on heavy-duty materials to cut off the ring. What will happen is that it’ll crack into pieces.



Tungsten rings are incredibly popular because of their ability to remain shiny for years to come. They are also quite scratch-resistant, so you can wear it around for the rest of your life without having to worry about how it will look down the line. The fact that it is harder than the other metals in the market means that you can wear it in nearly any context and not worry about it bending. If you’re looking for a durable ring, you can consider getting tungsten.

All in all, tungsten rings are safe to wear and not dangerous. Be confident to buy and wear. 

Expert Tip: Tungsten Metal alone can be dangerous, but tungsten rings must be made with high technology, so, No worry about it.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!