Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver?-Jeweler’s Detailed Answer

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Looking to buy Tiffany & Co.’s jewelry, specifically bracelets, but you’re not sure what the bracelets are made of, exactly? Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver?

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Are Tiffany bracelets solid silver?

Tiffany has all their genuine bracelets tagged to show that they are made of 92.5% or .925 sterling silver.

The good news is that the bracelets are actually made of sterling silver, and the bracelets will feel a little heavy when you hold them.

Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver

This also means that if you come across a bracelet with a Tiffany tag, but it feels too light, it is very likely that the piece is fake and not made of genuine sterling silver as all genuine Tiffany & Co pieces should.

Essentially, in1851, Tiffany & Co.’s is the brand that set up the American standards for sterling silver by pioneering the use of 92.5% silver mixed with 7.5% copper to form sterling silver, which is also the standard metal of choice for Tiffany & Co.’s bracelets, among others kinds of sterling silver jewelry by Tiffany.


Do Tiffany silver bracelets tarnish?

Sterling silver bracelets are, unfortunately, not resistant to tarnishing, which means that if the bracelets are exposed to products or conditions that have sulfur or even salt in the air, and even papers or rubber bands, then they will tarnish.

Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver

What this means is that silver needs a lot of extra care, as long as you use it regularly, and you’re actually advised to wear your Tiffany sterling silver jewelry every day, if possible.

The reason for the tarnish is because of the fact that silver, which makes up 92.5% of sterling silver, reacts with sulfur in the air or in different compounds. The rest of sterling silver is composed of 7.5% copper, which is, unfortunately, very reactive to oxygen, forming a copper oxide that will also be seen as tarnish and color change on the sterling silver bracelet.


How much is a Tiffany silver bracelet worth?

The price of sterling silver bracelets by Tiffany will vary depending on the weight of the bracelet, the design, style, and the bracelet’s intricate design features.

With this in mind, some of the bracelets go for as low as $200 to as high as $3000. Generally, the low-priced options are small and made of plain sterling silver with few details or unique features.

The more expensive bracelets, on the other hand, tend to be more elaborate, and they may also have extra features added to them, for example, tiger bones.

So, if the bracelet has more unique features and is possibly designed by one of the biggest household names by the brand, like the ones by Elsa Peretti.


How to tell your Tiffany Bracelet is Real

Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver

If you are looking at Tiffany jewelry, you will agree with us that you are looking for the best quality bracelet that offers your money’s worth.

And though Tiffany & Co. is known for high-quality items, there is a risk that you may end up with a fake, especially if you don’t buy the sterling silver bracelet from authentic sterling silver bracelets.

There are numerous imitation and fake pieces on the market today, and given the popularity of Tiffany’s products, it would make sense that there are numerous counterfeits on the market.

If you are worried about buying fakes, this section shares insights into what you should know about the real Tiffany bracelets.


  1. Soldered Links

Authentic bracelets by Tiffany & Co bracelets feature links that are soldered onto the bracelets.

The links are never designed to pinch together, which means that it would be impossible for you to tell exactly where the link starts or where it ends.

This is because the soldering finishes are very smooth and precise.

Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver

  1. Stamp/ Mark of authenticity

All the pieces of authentic Tiffany & Co. jewelry/ bracelets feature the standard Tiffany & Co. mark, as well as the hallmark sign for the metal used, which, in this case, is sterling silver.

So, the authentic bracelet would have the Tiffany & Co. 925 or the T & Co. 925. In some cases, the bracelets are also marked with the date that the piece was trademarked.

The real bracelets have the hallmark or the stamp centered perfectly, and the authentic bracelets’ stamps are never out of alignment.


  1. Packaging

Authentic Tiffany & Co. pieces of jewelry are packaged in the little signature Tiffany turquoise Blue box.

The box features a velvet pouch also in Tiffany Blue, with a drawstring design. The box also features a white satin ribbon to complete the look.

Note that this is the only kind of packaging used by Tiffany & Co., and any irregularities in design or the use of poor quality materials will tell you that the jewelry is a counterfeited piece.

Are Tiffany Bracelets Solid Silver

  1. High-precision engraving

The other thing that you should be looking out for in authentic Tiffany & Co jewelry is the level of precision applied to the bracelets.

Essentially, Tiffany & Co.’s bracelets are stamped with high-precision stamps or hallmarks that are not only clear and sharp but also uniform and clear – not blurred or hard-to-read.

The font used by the brand is precise and thin and not sloppy or wide – the latter is only seen in fakes.

Also, check out the spelling for Please Return To – the spacing must be correct, and not as is the case with fakes that have no spacing for these three words, leaving with just one word – PleaseReturnTo.


  1. Weight

If the Tiffany bracelet has an official tag on it that shows it’s made of .926 sterling silver, the bracelet will feel heavy.


  1. Quality of the bracelet

Tiffany makes use of the finest quality ingredients for its bracelets. If the bracelet is made of any kind of inferior metals or plated, then it’s not an authentic piece.


  1. Production and Price

Regarding production, authentic jewelry by Tiffany & Co is made in the USA and in Hong Kong. And in terms of price, Tiffany doesn’t offer sales or discounts for their jewelry, especially not on their official website.



If you are looking for Tiffany’s bracelets and not sure if it’s real or not, we hope that this article gives you the necessary information needed. Read more fashion brands here or here!

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