Are The Fake Cartier Rings Real Gold?-Quick Answer

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From its inception, Cartier has stood out as an iconic brand whose designs have captivated jewelry lovers and designers in equal measure, a quality that is attributed to the masterful crafting of Cartier’s jewelry.

Unfortunately, the exceptional level of craftsmanship for Cartier’s pieces hasn’t been enough to knock off and get rid of counterfeiters. If anything, Cartier is one of the brands whose pieces are heavily counterfeited.

But can you tell the real Cartier pieces of jewelry from the counterfeited ones by the material the ring is made of? And is it true that all the fake Cartier rings are not made of real gold?

Keep reading as we find answers to these questions.


Are the fake Cartier rings real gold?

Are the fake Cartier rings real gold

Often, Cartier knock-offs look a lot like the real rings by Cartier, but the easiest way for you to tell the fake Cartier pieces from the real ones is by looking at the prices and the fact that the fake rings often cost a very small fraction of what the real rings costs.

And the reason for the huge price difference is the fact that the fake Cartier rings are made of cheap materials, and in most cases, the material used for the fake Cartier ring is a gold plated material.

Only the real Cartier rings are made of real or solid 18k gold, and in other cases, platinum. And depending on the metal that the real ring is made of, it will also feature a stamp matching the metal that the ring is made of.


What metals are Usually used in fake Cartier rings?

Are the fake Cartier rings real gold

Authentic Cartier rings are made of platinum and 18k gold, and they are all stamped with the 18k or platinum stamp, denoting the quality of the ring and the type of materials used to make the Cartier ring.

And though yellow gold is the most common version of gold used to make Cartier rings, they also create rings in pink gold, white gold, and, as mentioned above, platinum.

The fake Cartier rings, on the other hand, are made of gold-plated metals; often, gold is plated over brass, copper, stainless steel, sterling silver, etc.


How many grams of gold are in a Cartier love ring?

Are the fake Cartier rings real gold

The weight of the Cartier love ring is one of the things that you can use to determine the authenticity of the Cartier love ring. Essentially, the love ring made of yellow or white gold and encrusted with three round-cut brilliant diamonds would weigh about 9 grams.

On the other hand, a Cartier love ring made of 18k yellow gold, ring size 11, and with a band width of 4mm, without any diamonds added to it, would weigh 5.3grams. In most cases, therefore, the Cartier love ring will weigh less than 10grams. And if it weighs anything more than this, then it is likely made of other metals.


Does Fake Cartier love ring scratches easily?

Are the fake Cartier rings real gold

Not only do the fake Cartier love rings scratch easily, but also, the quality of the fake love ring doesn’t match that of the real thing.

The fakes look spotted somehow, the gold used doesn’t look or feel that solid, and after the chipping and discolorations, the fake rings will reveal a differently colored metal underneath, which instantly tells you that you are looking at a fake Cartier love ring.

Besides scratching easily, the fake Cartier love ring may also stain or discolor your skin and leave an annoying green or black discoloration.


How many screws are on Real Cartier’s love ring?

The real Cartier love ring is a symbol of love and the undying commitment you have for each other. The ring often features a classic screw motif with just one screw and not two screws.

Are the fake Cartier rings real gold

Tips for identifying fake Cartier rings

  1. Stamping – the fake Cartier rings often lack the Cartier stamp, and even when it’s incorporated, you will notice that the logo and the font for the stamp/ hallmark are not legible, and it is also uneven. The genuine Cartier rings are not only stamped with the accurate details of the ring, but the stamping is also evenly spaced and spelled correctly. The stamp on the real love rings is often in Cartier’s signature Script. This is not often the case with the fakes because these often have incorrect and even mixed fonts and/or misspellings which point to the rings being counterfeits.
  2. The fake rings that have stamps often feature no serial numbers or incorrect serial numbers that you cannot verify on Cartier’s official site. If you come across a Cartier love ring that not only looks too good to be true but also has a serial number and metal details specified on it, visit Cartier’s website for verification of the serial number. You could also reach out to Cartier’s customer service to determine if the ring in question is genuine or not.
  3. The price of the ring is the other thing that will help you to determine if it’s real or fake. Fake Cartier love rings are very cheap, and one look at the offerings by the brand point to the deal being too good to be true. If this is the case, you should know that your instinct is right, and you should pass on that low price. The authentic love rings often cost a minimum of $1,170, and the price goes up depending on the added elements like diamonds.
  4. Often, the fake Cartier love rings lack other important elements of the rings, especially the ones needed for the safe and easy identification of the ring. A genuine Cartier love ring is imprinted with a two-digit number that represents the ring size, the diamond carat weight, the metal type for the ring, the serial number, as well as Cartier’s logo. These are features that are often missing from the fake rings, or only one or two of these may be present.
  5. Fakes are not made of 18k gold or platinum, and most are plated, meaning you will notice discoloration and chipping, and also, the revealed metal beneath is often differently colored.



Not sure if the ring you are looking at is real or fake? Take note of the details above to easily identify the real or fake Cartier ring.

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