Are Tennis Bracelets In Style in 2024 and Beyond?

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Are Tennis Bracelets In Style 2024? Tennis bracelets are regarded as the most nostalgic pieces of fine jewelry, and if you are looking to try out something different in 2024, you will be happy to know that tennis bracelets are still in style, and you won’t look out of place rocking these super cute and elegant bracelets.

For many years, the tennis bracelets were a sentimental piece of jewelry worn for special occasions only, for example, holidays and anniversaries.

After some time, tennis bracelets were out of style, and they weren’t the go-to bracelet option for most people, but things have changed, and now, fashionistas and jewelry designers are bringing back beautifully reimagined tennis bracelets.

Today, tennis bracelets are the go-to fashion item for persons going for that laid back, but luxe minimalist look. Though simple, the tennis bracelets are also ideal for bold dressers, and you really can’t go wrong with a tennis bracelet.


What are tennis bracelets?

A tennis bracelet, also known as a line bracelet, refers to a high-quality piece of jewelry that features a series of diamonds or gemstones that are held in place and in sequence by a metallic chain made of gold, platinum, or sterling silver.

While these line bracelets feature other kinds of gemstones, the diamonds are the most popular stones used in tennis bracelets.

Stylish, sophisticated, simple. These are the words used to describe tennis bracelets. They are versatile and comfortable and go with pretty much all outfits and occasions, whether out on the tennis court or on the red carpet.

Tennis bracelets are timeless classics, and they are made of high-quality materials, which is why most tennis bracelets end up as family heirlooms.

But what exactly is a tennis bracelet, and where did they get their names from?

Most of the jewelry on the market come with unusual names making it a little difficult to tell where the names came from, but this is not the case with tennis bracelets,

For starters, a tennis bracelet refers to a beautifully designed delicate diamond bracelet with an overall this profile and diamond embellishments throughout the length of the bracelet.

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But why call it a tennis bracelet, not a diamond bracelet?

Well, tennis bracelets got their name from the American tennis player Chris Evert who wore the diamond line bracelet during the 1978 US Open. During this match, her beautiful George Bedewi diamond bracelet fell off on the court, and she shouted that ‘I’ve dropped my tennis bracelet.’

This led to the quick pausing of the match until the bracelet was recovered. Soon after this event, jewelers started receiving an overwhelming number of requests for tennis bracelets, and the line diamond bracelets have since been referred to as tennis bracelets.

It should also be noted that since the events of that tennis match, the fastenings of the bracelets were strengthened significantly, and today, the fastenings for tennis bracelets feature a very secure clasp, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your tennis bracelet.


Are tennis bracelets in style in 2024?


One of the main reasons why the tennis bracelets remain stylish even in 2024 is that the tennis bracelets are very nostalgic, and this is that one thing that makes them trendy, while also creating that cyclical nature of trends.

Most people who worn tennis bracelets in the 80s and 90s are going back to tennis bracelets today because of the nostalgia, the emotional connection one has to their past, especially when you rediscover timeless jewelry styles and designs like that of the classic tennis bracelet.

With tennis bracelets as an important part of the 80s and the 90s, they bring forth a strong nostalgic wave.

Notably, the popularity of the tennis bracelet in the 80s wasn’t a mere show of love from the events on the Tennis Open in 1978; there is also the fact that this bracelet became a popular form of a status symbol in the society.

For some people, the tennis bracelet was such a huge deal, and though the size of the diamonds for the bracelets varied depending on personal preferences, a tennis bracelet is still a tennis bracelet, and it’s as beautiful and timeless as ever.

Note that all tennis bracelets feature round-cut diamonds (some of the most expensive diamonds) that are set in the same 4-prong setting. The prong setting for the diamonds is the same on all tennis bracelets, which is why these bracelets always speak of a specific era.

Today, the delicate tennis bracelets feature smaller, 4-prong-set diamonds with the freshest look, especially when you wear a tennis bracelet along with other bracelets for that elevated, relaxed, and elegant style.

So, in as much as the tennis bracelet is no longer that flashy big piece of jewelry, it is classy everyday bling with a nice modern feel.

The interesting bit is that you wouldn’t have to ever worry about the tennis bracelet going out of style.


Why tennis bracelets still popular?

There are many reasons why the tennis bracelets remain stylish, even today, but the primary reason for the popularity of the tennis bracelets today has everything to do with the timelessness of the designs of the bracelets.

They are timeless and effortlessly stylish. The other reasons for their popularity include:

  • Every day wear

In as much as most women like to own multiple pairs of jewelry, we often go for one or two pieces of jewelry and wear them repeatedly.

The tennis bracelet is one such kind of jewelry, and you can wear that one tennis bracelet every day, effortlessly.


  • Modern Tennis Bracelet Designs

Besides the nostalgia around the tennis bracelets, tennis bracelets are also in style today because these bracelets now come in a number of modern designs that make the tennis bracelets a staple in the 2024 fashion scene.

Some of the modern designs of the tennis bracelets include the subtle changes that feature swapping out of the types of setting with different stone cuts, and also, the diamonds used in the tennis bracelets made today come in different sizes. There also are several changes made in the colors of the diamond used.

While most of the classic tennis bracelet designs for the yesteryears features more of the solid-colored stones, there is more color variety today, and the stones used are not limited to solid-color diamonds. There also are tennis bracelets with birthstones, sapphires, etc.

There’s also been a transition from the thread-like slim, and impossibly delicate stackable tennis bracelets to chunkier pieces that will leave you in awe with the unexpected color variety, as well as the use of blackened metal.

Other jewelry designers also note that they are inverting the diamonds while trying different things with the bracelet to toughen up the bracelet.


  • Mastered Casual-Luxe Designs

The other reason for the popularity of tennis bracelets today is that the tennis bracelets also feature modern designs with a modernized casual-luxe feel.

And regardless of the carat stone weight, the metal used, or the colors of the stones, the modern tennis bracelets on the market today have been masterfully created in a way that they still look classy, but with a luxe casual feel to them, allowing you to wear the bracelet with leisure-wear, jeans and t-shirts, formalwear, and the new tennis bracelet designs allow for easy mixing of the bracelet with other kinds of jewelry, with ease.

You can stack the bracelet with your gold bracelet or favorite wristwatch without having to worry about any of the pieces worn looking out of place.


  • Long-Lasting

The best of tennis bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry made with the best quality materials, and they last really long.

Most tennis bracelets are characterized as fine jewelry, and they often turn into family heirlooms because they are long-lasting.


Pros and cons of tennis bracelets


  • Stylish and timeless
  • Elegant
  • Durable and pass for heirlooms
  • Valuable
  • A large variety of designs


  • Expensive

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Tips for wearing your tennis bracelets

First, it is important to note that you need to be able to choose one of the best tennis bracelets on the market.

Some of the important considerations you need to bear in mind when choosing the tennis bracelets include the metal used, the size of the bracelet, the gemstones used, and the price.

When it comes to wearing your tennis bracelets right, here is what you need to know about wearing tennis bracelets:

  • Pair your bracelet with a watch, but make sure that your watch is nice and metallic
  • You could wear it on its own as well, as it is flattering to your hand, as well as your wrist.
  • Stack the tennis bracelet with another bracelet, but don’t do this every day
  • Ensure that the bracelet fits right; this means that you need to keep it loose and flirty – not too tight but also not too loose that it falls out.



Tennis bracelets are classy, timeless, and elegant, and you just can’t go wrong with a tennis bracelet.

To choose the best tennis bracelet, make sure that it comes with a secure latch or clasp that snaps in place easily; it should have a sturdy link, and the best tennis bracelet is flexible on your wrist.

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