Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style In 2024? – Quick Answer

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As you contemplate the best ways to celebrate your love for fashion and make sure that your picks are in line with what is considered hot and fashionable, you may want to look up this article/ guide as we talk about the different essential things that you need to learn about trendy jewelry options of 2024.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

And so, as stylists recommend silver staples, duet rings, floral jewelry patterns, twisted and floral hoops, cocktail rings, and one of the most colorful jewelry options on the market today, many people are still questioning the trendiness of the statement rings and if you should wear statement necklaces in 2024.

In this article, we endeavor to find the reasons for or against wearing statement necklaces and if they are still a stylish option in 2024.

So, let’s get right into it!

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Are statement necklaces out of style in 2024?

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

No, statement necklaces aren’t out of style, and they remain one of the most stylish accessories that is pretty much a go-to option for most people of all ages.

And so for this reason, statement necklaces have been listed as the top fashion and jewelry trends of 2024. This jewelry style is sexy and very fashionable and the best option for anyone looking for a stylish and trendy jewelry option or style in 2024.

It is also because of the trendiness of this fashion style that we see more the candy-colored necklaces and earrings, bold gold chains with gemstones or crystals,

 Crystals and chandelier-like necklace pieces, among others, are also quite stylish in 2024.


How to style a statement necklace in 2024

So, how do you style your statement necklaces in 2024?

Statement or chunky necklaces with t-shirts are the simplest way to accessorize with statement necklaces because the necklaces are designed to elevate the designs of the simplest outfit. These accessories will upscale your outfits and make them much more fashionable.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

Work-wear accessory – this goes well with blazers and other outfits that you will wear at work. They are simple and will elevate your outfit easily, whether sitting behind a desk or making a presentation.

Layer your statement necklace with one simpler piece – this look is easy to pull off, and you only need to find the ideal pieces that you can layer with each other. Just make sure that when you’re layering, you’d have make sure that both pieces are made of the same metallic material. But if you’re bold, you could also mix and match metals, say gold and sterling silver chunky pieces, that would create the perfect edgy look.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

Color Coordination: This is the other thing you could try as you accessorize with the best statement jewelry pieces. But you only need to make sure that the colors of the pieces you choose to match or blend because they must be of the same color palette. The best part about this is that adding a splash of color will make for a brighter, more cheerful look. Also, go for a monochromatic look that is easy to pull off.

Always wear statement jewelry loose – if you want to look stylish in 2024, you need to ensure that you wear the statement or chunky piece loose, preferably loose pieces that go with loose or flowing dresses or tops for that nicely balanced, harmonious feel.


What does a statement necklace look like?

Before we look at the statement necklaces and if they are still trendy or not, let’s take a look at the statement necklaces’ definition and what they look like.

Think of the statement necklace as the kind of necklace that lets you show off your style rather effortlessly. The statement necklaces are often made of gold, silver, or even tungsten materials.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

Still, in many instances, the statement necklace is often a stunning necklace that lives up to its name and makes a great statement whenever you have it on.

The statement necklace is often large-sized, and most people consider it an over-the-top piece that is meant to be worn with our simpler outfits.

You can think of the statement necklace as that bold necklace that everyone notices instantly. So, as you can imagine, there are many types and styles of statement necklaces that will allow you to pull off a stylish, elegant, and trendy look seamlessly. T

he most exciting bit about the statement necklaces is that they are considered the oldest style of necklaces and jewelry in general, having been worn by queens and ancient tribes centuries ago.

So, in the next section of this article, let’s take a brief look at the history of the statement necklaces.


Statement necklace history You might be interested in

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

Statement necklaces are considered the oldest invention when it comes to jewelry. The oldest or, instead, the earliest recorded statement necklace is believed to have originated from Ancient Egypt, in the same way as many other forms of jewelry are believed to have their roots in Egypt.

The jewelry varieties from ancient Egypt include the thick cylindrical rings, dangling earrings, and collar necklaces, among many others.

And as per the notes by an author called Mila Contini, many versions of modern jewelry are imitations of the antique trinkets that belonged to some of Egypt’s most distinguished queens and princesses.

And so, every time you treat yourself to the very best kinds of jewelry, often options that we believe to be the best on the market, the only thing that you will be doing is to celebrate and appreciate the best that was offered to the world by the ancient Egyptian tribes,

But it wasn’t just the ancient Egyptians that are considered the creators of statement jewelry; the Romans played a significant role in this. And this is why the Romans are also known for their deep love for jewels, especially the rings.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

The Romans wore the rings mostly made of heavy stones meant to be worn in winter, while the more delicate and light rings were worn in Summer.

And so, for most people, regardless of the composition of the materials used to create the rings, Roman jewelry is historically valued high;y for its history and beauty rather than their value.

And as is the case with jewelry from Ancient Rome, baubles from the older days are often priced highly, all thanks to the illustrious history behind the jewelry.

And as we take a trip down memory lane and how statement jewelry came to be, we also have to acknowledge the part that Coco Chanel played in creating some of the most elaborate designs of statement jewelry in the 1920s.

Coco Chanel is credited for his popularization of the whole costume jewelry concept – the brand specialized in creating some of the best seasonal items, a mix of imitation stones, natural stones, and pearls.

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style

This was followed by Vivienne Becker, the antique jewelry veteran from the 30s and 40s. She is the one who popularized the whole idea of cocktail jewelry, which she described as extravagant and bubbly, descriptions that she took from the alcoholic concoctions that were popular then. The jewelry was used to describe the assertiveness and level of bossy described through the jewelry.

The other big names that followed in the whole fashion and statement necklaces scenes include Paco Rabanne and Madeleine Abnrigt, which are names that would then give birth to the modern-day statement jewelry that has rocked the fashion scenes from the 60s.

And so, to date, we all still love the statement jewelry trend. So, are the statement jewelry pieces still stylish?


Pros and cons of wearing a statement necklace

Are Statement Necklaces Out Of Style


  • Statement necklaces are comfortable and easy to wear
  • Many style options for you to choose from
  • Timeless pieces that always stand out
  • These pieces allow easy accessorization, especially when you’re wearing simple outfits and need something to enhance your appearance or make your simple look pop.


  • Styling statement pieces is not easy for everyone
  • Most statement pieces are costume jewelry options that don’t last forever and aren’t always the most valuable ones.



If you are wondering if you can still wear statement necklaces, then the answer is yes.

And the tips above will ensure that you pull off the look with ease.

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