Are Snake Chains Strong?How Strong it is?

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When it comes to necklaces chains have to be the easiest variety to work with. You can wear them as stand-alone, layered, or spice them up with a variety of charms and pendants.

The chains come in many designs lengths and thicknesses. You have options from the classic cable chain to the sophisticated omega chain.

Snake chains are especially among the most coveted designs. It has a notable difference from other types of chains. The chain is, without a doubt, an exquisite and fashionable chain.

Most people are, however, concerned about how durable the chain is, given its delicate appearance. If you’re out in the market for one, then you must share a similar concern. Not to worry though, because you have come to the right place for answers.

In this article, we will cover everything there is to know about snake chains. We will discuss, what they are, how they work, and how strong they are.


What Is Snake Chain?

Sometimes referred to as a Brazilian chain, this piece features rings tightly fit to form a tubular chain that resembles the body and flexibility of a snake. That is where it got its name from.

Are Snake Chains Strong

The snake chain can be said to be a timeless piece that never goes out of style. People appreciate it for its delicate nature given how smooth and fluid it is. Thanks to this nature, the chain molds perfectly with every dip and curve on your neck, in a flattering appearance.

The chain is available in many varieties. It can be made using various metals from Platinum to iron. The most common metals used, however, are silver and gold. Even the gold snake chains come with several options.

You can get it in yellow, white or rose gold. Aside from the material used, the chain also comes in different lengths as per the standard in the industry.

The options can vary from 14”-36”. What’s more, you can also choose from different thicknesses. With the snake chain’s delicate design, it may be difficult to find a width of 6mm or more, but not impossible.


Are Snake Chain Round Or Flat?

Are Snake Chains Strong

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to this particular question. That is because the snake chain has a similar design to the omega and herringbone chains. Due to their similarities, some jewelers refer to them as flat snake chains.

There are many differences between the chains. The Herringbone, for example, resembles more of a fishbone than a snake, and the plates on the omega chain are flat as opposed to the wavey plates.

The most significant difference, however, is that the snake chain is round while the omega and herringbone chains are flat. That is because the snake chain is made up of successive metal rings joined together to form a tubular chain.

So, the next time you see a flat snake chain, it’s probably been confused with one of the flat woven chains.


How Does A Snake Chain Work?

Are Snake Chains Strong

The snake chain is among the different types of woven chains. This particular weaving design is made up of curved plates/rings/bands, that have been joined and tightly woven together to form a smooth continuous chain with a great texture. The links are so tightly fit that they are only noticeable up close.

This style is popular among both men and women. Like we said they come in different materials and lengths. You can also get them in different textures, such as diamond-cut or satin finish.

This makes them suitable for layering. They also contain different closings. Some chains feature the classic spring or lobster clasps, sometimes with extensions chains. Others feature the magnetic, or toggle clasp or sliders among many others. The choice will depend on the jeweler.

You can also use the chain as a necklace, but they are also great as bracelets. Their delicate and simple appearance makes the chain suitable for any setting.

Whether you wear it with formal attire or something casual and laid back, you can be sure the outfit will be complemented perfectly. The chain won’t steal the entire attention but it will be eye-catching.


Are Snake Chains Strong? Do Snake Chains Break Easily?

Are Snake Chains Strong

Now for the main concern when it comes to this chain. The truth with most if not all woven chains is that they are delicate.

This is not just in appearance but also in structure. In the case of the snake chain, it is fragile due to the nature of its design. It is usually made quite narrow.

That means that the chain can easily be stretched, bent, dented, or eventually broken. What’s more, the links in the chain are joined together, there is no underlying wire core or mesh support.

So, while the chain can be sleek, elegant, and appealing, opting for it would mean that you would have to take extra precautions while handling it. Fixing a damaged snake chain is quite intricate work.

It would take a lot of patience and time. Even then, a professional jeweler may not be able to fully restore the necklace. There will be a notable mark left behind. That is because of the woven design. Of course, the material used to make the snake chain also makes a slight difference although not significant.


Are Snake Chains Good For Pendants?

Considering how delicate the snake chain is, it is an automatic assumption that the chain may not be able to support pendants. Quite the contrary, among the woven types of chains, the snake chain is slightly more durable. A snake chain and a pendant would make for a striking necklace.


Are Snake Chains Strong For Big Pendants?

Are Snake Chains Strong

Even with that said, the snake chains are still fragile pieces. While they can accommodate light pendants, they may not handle the weight of heavier larger pendants. The chain may kink, snug, or even snap when a heavy pendant is introduced to it, and that damage may be irreversible.

The chain may also be more suitable for light beaded charms and pendants that you thread or slide through, as opposed to the dangling ones. The reason is, the dangling pendants are easier to pull at, especially if you’re someone who is around toddlers.

The weight of a dangling pendant may also be concentrated at one point which is not good for the chain. Alternatively, you can opt-out of wearing the chain with a pendant. It still makes for a striking look when worn alone.


Do Snake Chains Pull Hair?

Are Snake Chains Strong

Unfortunately, snake chains are among the notorious chains known to pull at your hair. Although the gaps in between the links of the chain are designed to be minimal, they can still catch finer hairs.

The result of that is just as painful if not more. This should, however, not discourage you from buying the chain. If you opt for it, a good recommendation would be the newer style of snake chains. They have significantly lower friction and are less likely to pull at your hair.



So, there you have it, every important thing you need to know about the snake chain. The chain may be too fragile, but what it lacks in strength it more than makes up for in its sleek and elegant appeal.

What’s more, you can never go wrong with a snake chain, because they are always in style. All you have to do is be careful how you handle it, that way you can enjoy the necklace for longer.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!