Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys?(Detailed Answers in 2024)

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Form-fitting pants, whether made of denim or any other fabric, make any guy look stylish, elegant, and cool. Clothes that fit well and comfortably, like stretchy, slim, and straight-cut jeans, are the reason for the popularity of skinny jeans and why most of the men all around us wear skinny jeans.

One look around you when you leave the house will show you that men have embraced the idea of skinny jeans. And we cannot blame them; nine out of ten times, guys in skinny jeans look great.

So, with the fashion scene putting out more images of male models in skinny jeans and clothing stores offering styling options that almost always feature guys and mannequins in skinny jeans, it is understandable that skinny jeans are popular.

Popular as they are, are skinny jeans safe for guys? Do guys need to avoid the (super) skinny jeans?

Here are some of our thoughts on the safety of skinny jeans.


Are skinny jeans bad for guys?

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

If the skinny jeans you’re wearing or the ones you intend to wear don’t go up quickly and you have to lie down or wiggle your way into the pants, those pants may not suit you.

Essentially, skinny jeans or any others pants that you wear, for that matter, should not leave you in pain or cause a great deal of discomfort.

So, if the fabric used for the pants is too tight and wearing them makes you look like you are wearing pantyhose, the pants are definitely not good for you – think of the effects of the excess pressure of the pants on your important parts and the rest of your lower body since you may not be able to sit or walk comfortably.

On the other hand, if you feel comfortable in your skinny jeans, feel your very best in them and appreciate how the skinny pants make you feel, then skinny jeans are great for you.

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

Skinny jeans remain one of the most oversized fashionable clothing for men around the world, and for men whose, frame and form require form-fitting clothing, skinny jeans are often the preferred item of clothing for them.

So, as long as the pants don’t compromise your comfort and stylishness, the skinny jeans are not bad for you. But be careful when it comes to the extra-skinny or the super-skinny jeans because these are uncomfortable and unflattering.


Skinny Jeans Cause Health Problems For Men

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

If you are not sure why some people think of skinny jeans as bad or unsafe, here are some of the documented health problems that may arise from wearing super skinny jeans that constrict your movement and your man parts.

In one study done on British men, it was discovered that wearing skinny jeans may cause different health problems such as twisted testicles, infections of the urinary tract, bladder weakness, and in other cases, these jeans may result in long-term health problems.

These problems have been reported in men who wear ill-fitting or tight trousers and restrictive underwear around the groin area, especially if the clothing is worn over long periods.

One of the common problems that manifest first is the occurrence and recurrence of urinary tract infections that then cause overactivity of your bladder and, consequently, bladder weakness, fungal infections, and a low sperm count. There have also been several twisted testicles reported from wearing very tight jeans.

So, it is advisable to avoid wearing uncomfortable skinny jeans, especially if the pants cause discomfort in your groin area. You shouldn’t trade comfort for style, which means that you should avoid wearing that pair of skinny jeans that causes pain and discomfort to your stomach.

If you have stomach problems, say you suffer from EDS such as GERD or IBS, you may have noticed that you feel more pain when you wear skinny jeans. This is expected because the pants put too much pressure on your stomach, hence the pain.


Why are skinny jeans bad for guys?

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

In addition to the significant risk of medical problems listed above, there are more reasons why you may want to avoid wearing skinny jeans. These reasons include:

  • Skinny jeans are often uncomfortable

While skinny jeans look great on most skinny guys, it doesn’t look as good or even comfortable on guys with built frames or just guys who are muscular or chubby.

And forcing your body into the skinny jeans might not be the safest thing for you to do, and if you do, it may only suffocate your lower body.

If you want to try out skinny jeans but are struggling to get them on and you cannot seem to walk, sit, or drive comfortably in these pants, you should avoid them.

Some skinny jeans called the super skinny jeans will fit very tightly from the waist to the ankles, and with the lowering of the crotch area, which is a design feature of skinny jeans, these pants tend to make your legs look shorter they actually are.

Unfortunately, this makes you look shorter than you really are. The downsizing effect on your lower body will limit your mobility and make you look less masculine.

Considering these things and noting that your comfort is important, regardless of how trendy an item of clothing is, skinny jeans may not be the best option for you.

Also, discomfort is that you won’t be able to put on or take off your skinny jeans easily because you’d have to wiggle into and out of the pants, which takes time.

With skinny jeans, you are technically forcing your body to conform to the shape of your body, and most regular-sized and bulky guys don’t just have the right body type for skinny jeans.

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

  • Skinny jeans are not very functional.

Although they are designed to offer the most stylish look, many of the pockets on skinny jeans are just for show, and you cannot really use the pockets for your phone, keys, or wallet as you would straight-cut and the slim-cut pants.

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

  • Skinny jeans don’t look good on everyone.

If you are muscular, have a large frame, or maybe a beer belly, you will not look good in skinny jeans.

With skinny jeans, your chest cannot bulge out – this is the case with your thighs, glutes, etc. Any skinny jeans will make the bulges look bigger than they are, and you really won’t look any good.

You don’t want to look like Johnny Bravo, and if you are not skinny, wearing skinny jeans will force your body features to lean towards your lanky side with your bigger parts looking bigger. This just looks and feels terrible.

You generally want pants that display a V-shaped silhouette, but this doesn’t happen with skinny jeans because they give off a Y-silhouette instead, which is not a good look for you. This is also why we recommend skinny jeans for skinny guys.

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

  • Skinny jeans may cause health problems.

As mentioned above, some health problems can arise from wearing skinny jeans.

These problems include bladder issues, fungal infections, testicular torsion, low sperm count, and urinary tract infections, among other problems.


Tips for wearing skinny jeans without causing health problems

Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Guys

  • Avoid super skinny jeans – the super skinny jeans don’t look good on anyone, even if you are skinny. They are too tight and uncomfortable and restrict movement and blood circulation.
  • Opt for slim-cut jeans instead of skinny pants for comfort. You could also wear the regular-cut or the relaxed jeans for a more comfortable fit, especially if you are not skinny.
  • Only wear pants that you feel comfortable in and those that bring out your inner stylishness.



Skinny jeans look good on some men, and these men may find these pants to be comfortable.

But if this is not you, we recommend wearing different types of pants that fit more comfortably.

Also, please think of the potential health risks of wearing skinny jeans before forcing them up to your body.

If you must wear form-fitting pants, slim-fitting pants are ideal.

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