Are Skinny Jeans Attractive on Guys?-Do Women Like it?

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The fashion scene is ever-changing and evolving, and these changes have been significant in male and female fashion.

We live at a time when men and women can wear pretty much anything that feels nice and comfortable or makes them feel their best, which is why society is also encouraged to be less judgmental when it comes to what men and women can wear.

However, in this article, we’ll focus on male fashion, more specifically, skinny jeans. Are they stylish, and do men look more attractive when wearing skinny jeans?

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Do women like men in skinny jeans?

Generally,  skinny jeans look great on many guys, and for the longest time, skinny jeans have been the most predominant type of denim. While skinny jeans need to be comfortable rather than constricting, they look great on guys, and many women agree with this sentiment.

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

The reason why men generally look great in skinny jeans has to do with the fact that the fit for skinny jeans always follows the lines of the wearer’s body, even though these jeans aren’t tailored.

These pants are also smarter, and they are not as wide, hence a fit that adds or enhances the body’s shape. Therefore, these jeans are preferred over the wide-fit pants that only leave the wearers drowning in all the extra fabric.

Also, skinny jeans are the ideal or, instead, the perfect pants style for men, and it goes well with slim-fitting shirts or t-shirts, creating an overall outfit balance.

So, even though you could still choose to wear the baggier-fitting shirts with skinny jeans for a rather interesting silhouette, choosing the right kind of skinny jeans and shirts or t-shirts would ensure the most styling look. Just throw on a nice pair of boots or sneakers, and you’re good to go – yes, skinny jeans are the perfect type of pants for men looking to show off their shoes.

That said, more women like guys in skinny jeans than they dislike these pants, but the chances of women liking the pants are all a matter of preference.

Also, this is not that much of a big deal for most women. If a man has excellent style and knows how to style their pants perfectly, then he will look great, and women will appreciate their style then.

And to reiterate, women or rather, no one likes looking at a man wearing the skinniest skinny jeans that bring out the bulges – not even their fellow men.

Does this mean that skinny jeans are still in style in 2022? Well, yes. Skinny jeans are still stylish today, and though other types of skinny denim jeans are slowly gaining popularity, they remain the pants of choice for most men today.


How do women feel about skinny jeans on men?

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

When men started wearing skinny jeans, many men and even women thought and worried that the skinny jeans made them look rather feminine because, at the time, females were the ones known to wear skinny jeans.

And so, men choosing the same style as women created some disruption in fashion. But we now know that skinny jeans for men are not the same as those for women, and the right-fitting skinny jeans will have no bulge.

Compared to women’s skinny pants, skinny jeans tend to be loose around the crotch, the bum, and the hips.  And a man who knows how best to dress in the best skinny jeans looks perfect, trendy, and stylish.


So, how do women feel about the skinny jeans worn by men?

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

As mentioned above, most women have no qualms when it comes to men wearing skinny jeans, as long as there is no visible bulge and the pants fit correctly.

But with the risk of the jeans being too tight, you may want to consider the pants whose fit is an intermediate between the skinny and the more baggy pants; opt for the straight boot jeans if you are worried about the extreme tightness of the skinny pants.

It’s also worth noting that a man’s body shape is an essential factor that determines how the skinny pants fit. Some men cannot pull off the skinny pants look.

So, yes, most women like men wearing skinny jeans, and others don’t really mind if women wear skinny jeans or not, and they also like men who are more adventurous and willing to try out different styles.

And I think we can all agree that overall, a man who has a great overall sense of style is more than anything. And such can pull off any look that he desires as long as it suits his body.

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

How do men feel about skinny jeans on men?

As long as the skinny jeans have a comfortable fit and there is no bulge for you to worry about, men agree that men can wear skinny jeans. So, it’s all about getting the right-fitting skinny jeans.

Remember that the rest of the outfits have to complement your appearance. And so, men need to know how to pick the right shoes, tees, and shirts, not to mention the right-fitting pants, for the most stylish look.


Tips for wearing skinny jeans that make you more attractive

If you are a man who is on the fence about skinny jeans, but you don’t want to look off or uncomfortable in the pants, then these tips would ensure that you always look stylish in skinny jeans:


Determine the best types of skinny jeans for you

If you are a man searching for your very best skinny jeans options, you will have to choose one of the two main types of jeans: the spayed or the standard skinny jeans.

The spayed skinny jeans are essentially the traditional skinny jeans style spayed on the legs.

These skinny jeans are made of a blend of stretch elastane and cotton, and they are also quite tight from the thighs down to the ankles. So, most men think of these pants as an added layer or a second skin that is tighter and would feel much less comfortable with time.

Then you have the standard skinny jeans, which aren’t as tight as the spayed jeans, and they are the type of skinny jeans that dominate the world of men’s skinny jeans today.

They hug the tights but also have a slight tapering towards the lower sections of your legs, hence a more fitted, comfortable, and less wrapped fit.

The ankles on these pants tend to be looser at the hem and ankles, which is why they look their very best when worn with Chelsea boots, loafers, and white sneakers.

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

So, how do you style your skinny jeans?

  • Skinny jeans + T-shirt

This is the easiest and the most stylish way of wearing your skinny jeans. It is effortless affordable, and it works every time. The best part is that there is no rule for the colors, and you can either go for a bold-colored or a neutral black, white, or gray t-shirt.

  • Skinny jeans + Collared Shirts

This is the other look that you will pull off easily. You can wear skinny jeans with a collared shirt in any color of your choice, and for shoes, anything goes, from the leather lace-ups and leather boots, and even to sneakers. And if you prefer to wear pants and a collared shirt in the same color, make sure that they have different textures and tones.

  • Skinny Jeans + Sweater

Try out the sweater and skinny jeans to look for chillier days or evenings. It is pretty versatile, and you can also pull off the look with sneakers or boots. You will have control over the color combinations too, and the look always gives off a very relaxed overall look.

  • You could also go for the skinny jeans and jacket look or the skinny jeans and blazer.

Choose skinny jeans that are more standard for a more versatile look

When shopping for skinny jeans, choose jeans that come in more of a standard design for versatility. Often, these jenas are made of 100% cotton, and they are tapered around the leg/ ankle. And they often look like the standard or typical blue jeans. And you can wear these pants with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Are skinny jeans attractive on guys

Opt for dark-colored jeans

For jeans that have more of a rocker, versatile feel, go for the jeans that come in a darker color. These come in the super-skinny and also standard cuts, and you get to pick the style that looks and works best for you, regardless of the look you wish to pull off.

The dark-colored jeans are also an ideal option because they have a slimming effect compared to the light-colored skinny jeans, and they work well as they can be worn as day or nightwear.

If, on the other hand, you need skinny pants for casual wear, we recommend the light-colored skinny jeans, paired with a plain, casual or fitted shirt.



Skinny jeans look great on men, as long as they fit right -read, no bulge, and if you know how to style the skinny jeans well.

And if you’re still on the fence, we hope that the tips above are helpful.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!