Are Silicone Rings Safe to Wear?(Should I Buy One?)

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Are you one amongst those who love to go the unconventional way? Do you not like the idea of wearing those chunky wedding bands made out of metal? Then this article is sure to interest you.

If you ever thought that Silicone rings were only for the tough guys dealing with risky jobs? Or for those athletes who do a lot of heavy work out routines? Then think again, the fashion world is witnessing a gradual change with more people opting to go for these alternative bands.

This change is not just for the sake of convenience; rather, it has more to do with people making their style statements with their unusual choice. Are you thinking of trying some of these, but have your doubts about silicone rings? No worries we are here to help you clear your mind, questions you might have about these unusual rings.

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Let’s get started by understanding what these are made up so that it answers your questions on safety and usability.


What are silicone rings made of?

Silicone rings are excellent alternatives to traditional metal rings and are made from non-conductive, non-porous, and non-toxic medical grade silicone. They are ideal for everyday use as it is tough enough to withstand rough usage. These rings also break when under extreme pressure so that your fingers do not get jammed between the ring if something unimaginable happens.


Are Silicone Rings Safe to Wear?

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These rings are way safer than metal alternatives. While metal rings can easily snag on clothing or to the machinery while at work. However, silicone rings do not snag to machinery or any other items as they stay tight to your fingers.

  •    They do not slide easily or hurt your fingers.
  •    Silicone rings are flexible and do not cause swelling or clots, even if you are wearing them for a long time.
  •    You can safely wear it while you are doing some manual chores, cleaning, or even during your work out sessions.
  •    Say no to removing your rings when at work, gym, or outdoors once you own these not so standard rings.

Silicone rings are sure designed to withstand any environment. However, they can break when exposed to extreme pressure, thus saving your fingers. You can always replace your ring, but your fingers will not get an ideal replacement.


Are silicone wedding rings safe?

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What began as functional necessity is becoming the hottest trend today. More people are opting for this sturdy yet an intricate piece of jewelry to show off that they are taken due to various benefits. Let’s take a look at how these silicone rings are an excellent alternative to the traditional wedding bands

  1. Safe for jobs that involve your hands .

With Silicone bands, you need not worry about the ring losing its natural shine or texture. They do not tend to lose their natural touch even in the harshest environment.

For jobs where you deal with machinery or people involved in enforcing law and order, Army personal, people working as rescue personnel, nurses, mechanics, etc. will find these rings to be a more wearable option than metal rings. You can rest assured that it will not come in the way of discharging your duties.

Silicone rings are so light and breathable that you will not even feel its presence. This is the reason why these cheap yet elegant looking silicone rings are a hit among the military personnel.

Imagine losing your finger if your metal ring gets caught to a piece of machinery. It is safer to use silicone rings as they will give away and not bind your finger onto the machinery.

  1.  High quality durable medical-grade silicone.
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Silicone rings can be worn by all health professionals who use gloves like doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists. Also, people who experience swelling due to their medical conditions, such as diabetes, will find it challenging to wear metal wedding bands. Silicone wedding rings will be a more comfortable option for such people.

  1.  Ideal for people with an active lifestyle .

Easier to maintain and safe silicone wedding rings are just the thing for die-hard fitness enthusiasts. You can wear it while you are doing your weights or at the Yoga studio, it will not hinder your workout routine.


Are silicone rings safe for mechanics or electricians?

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Electricians usually prefer not wearing their wedding rings simply because the traditional wedding metal rings pose a risk while dealing with electricity. However, today with non-conductive silicone rings available in the market, the electricians can also safely sport their wedding bands, albeit in the nontraditional form.

Mechanics also can safely wear these rings without the fear of it getting snagged to the machinery while on duty.


Tips on how to wear silicone rings safely.

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Care for your silicone rings the same way you would care for your metal rings, be it gold, silver, or platinum. Here are some tips to help you use these rings safely.

  •    Check for any allergies you have to silicone – It is sporadic but not non-existent. There are reports showing people are allergic to silicone, which might be mainly due to the irritation caused by sweating. So, if you happen to be in this rare group, then it is advisable to seek a medical opinion before you wear it.
  •    Wash your ring periodically– Avoid the risk of developing a ring rash by making sure your ring is clean. You can boil your ring in water and scrub it with a toothbrush.
  •    Avoid wearing the ring while showering and sleeping– While showering bacteria and soap might build up in your ring again, allowing rashes to form. Sleeping time, you need some relaxation and also some good blood circulation, so keep it away to give your body all the relaxation and comfort.



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 So, what are you waiting for? Have we given you enough reasons to grab this unusual ring? Make heads turn in surprise when you sport these not so standard wedding bands that are sure to cause a fashion stir.

Take care of your commitments and yourself in style while also giving prime importance to the safety of your precious fingers.

Do share your reasons to choose the unconventional wedding bands in the comments section.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!