Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate? – Detailed Answers & Tips

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Not sure how to accurately determine the size of your ring finger?

This guide is for you, especially if you are a jeweler, because a tool that allows you to choose the size of a ring or finger accurately will ensure that you sell your customers the right fitting rings with ease.

So, in an attempt to ensure flawless ring sizing, we’ll be talking about the ring sizers, specifically, the plastic ring sizer. Below is everything you need to know about the ring sizer.


What is a plastic ring sizer?

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

A plastic sizer is a small, cute jeweler tool designed to accurately determine the size of someone’s finger accurately, and they have been designed to work flawlessly and give accurate results every time.

The ring sizer is graduated, so the ring size will be represented by the matching size of the plastic sizer.


Are plastic ring sizers accurate?

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

The plastic ring sizers are, for the most part, quite accurate, although there are instances where the size of the ring might be a little off.

This is expected because the ring sizer, despite accurately measuring the size of the ring one day, your body – and by extension, the fingers, will change, and so, the ring may turn out to be too loose or too tight some days after getting the ring done.

That said, there are some things you need to think about before and even after using the plastic ring sizer.

These include the width of your ring, whether it fits comfortably, if the ring comes with a taper or not, if it’s hollowed out, and you should also consider its weight because if the top is heavy, it will affect the ring’s fit.

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

But that is not all. There are other important considerations to bear in mind like the knuckles of the customer, indentation of the finger that might result from a ring worn previously, and also if the fingers are bloated from salt or water retention.

All these factors are important to take note of because the body changes naturally all the time, meaning that a ring that fits well today might fit too loose or too snug within a week.

In such cases, while the ring sizer gave accurate results, your body changed. So, when using the ring sizer, it is important to provide an allowance for the ring or finger size for maximum comfort and the perfect fit, regardless of different preexisting factors.


How to use plastic ring sizers correctly

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

To use the plastic ring sizers that work best, the first thing you need to bear in mind is the fact that the sizers come in 2 main sizes – the thin and the wide ring sizers.

The thin plastic ring sizers are often about 2mm in width and are ideal for measuring the size of rings for people looking for thinner rings, such as the solitaire engagement rings.

Then you have the wider metal sizers that are about 4-5mm in width and are ideal for wider rings like the wedding bands and men’s rings that come with some added bulk or thickness.

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

Also, it would help if you found a ring sizer that is made of durable and sturdy plastic.

Additionally, you need an all-inclusive ring sizer that comes in both full and half sizes. If you are lucky, you could also find a ring sizer that comes in quarter sizes, a great option for most individuals whose finger sizes lie in between sizes. The best ring sizes also go from 1-15, although most of the ring sizers range in size from 4-12.

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

When to avoid ring sizers

The plastic ring sizers aren’t ideal for use with rings that feature open basket heads, hollowed-out insides, tapered shanks, and also for rings that are extra wide.

In many cases, getting the proper sizing for such rings is challenging. And for the rings designed with the long, flat channels on top, sizing is even more challenging because they are hard to measure without having to ruin their channels.


So, how do you use the ring sizer?

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

  • First, ask the person who needs their rings created to relax as they hold their hands and level it out. With the hands relaxed, it’s easier to take accurate ring measurements.
  • Next, the ring sizer is placed on the finger, one at a time, until you find the right size for the finger. Make sure that the size of the ring best matches the finger. You should also take measurements of the ring at least two times for accuracy. For flat rings, order a half-a-size up.
  • Make sure that the ring fits over the knuckle snugly but not too tight or in a way that causes any discomfort. You shouldn’t yank or tug the sizer and allow for some room by adding about a quarter size to the determined measurement.

Are Plastic Ring Sizers Accurate

If you do this, you will be happy to note that the ring sizing using the ring sizer is rather accurate, and you won’t have to worry about your customers coming back to complain about a wrong-fitting ring.



Plastic ring sizers are accurate, but only if you know how to use them because if you don’t, you may end up with the wrong ring size.

Also, you need to invest in the best quality and well-graduated ring sizer.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!