Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift?Bring Bad Luck?

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Some of the best gift ideas for women are jewelry, but just knowing that jewelry is an excellent gift idea is not enough. There are just way too many kinds of jewelry that you could get as gifts for that person you love, and pearls maybe somewhere on that list. But does are the pearl earrings a good gift idea?

Well, the pearl earrings are an excellent idea for you if you are looking for the perfect gift; pearls are timeless pieces of jewelry that ooze sophistication, class, and the highest level of elegance. And since the pearl earrings are often very subtle and elegant, they can be worn anytime, anywhere, and this is what makes them an excellent gift idea for pretty much any occasion.

The truth is that any girl or woman would be delighted to receive pearl earrings.  

So, what exactly do you need to know about pearl earrings as gifts?


What do pearls as a gift mean?

Before gifting someone, it is important that you think about the style and the taste of the gift recipient, as well as the usefulness of the jewelry. When it comes to pearls as gifts, it’s important to also take a beat and think about the meaning of the pearls and what they symbolize.

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift

Generally, pearls are considered the ultimate symbols of wisdom, and these gems are highly valued because of their intense calming effects. It’s said that the pearls symbolize serenity, and they are also believed to have the power to strengthen relationships while conveying a sense of safety. Others believe that pearls are a symbol of integrity, loyalty, and purity.

They are also believed to be of spiritual significance and that the pearls are representative of the wisdom that is gained through lived experiences. These gems of the sea are also said to have the power to protect the gemstone wearer, and also they will attract wealth and good luck because they speak of the integrity and the purity of the wearer.

Pearls are also considered lucky charms and are therefore offered as tokens of love and affection and also bring good luck.

With these in mind, the pearl earrings could be the perfect gift for your loved one.


Are pearl earrings a good gift?

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift

While pearls are considered the oldest gemstone ever discovered in the world and have been around for thousands of years, the pearls are also some of the most stylish accessories you could invest in, and you will be happy to know that they are revered and top-rated because of their unique beauty and their elegance.

And unless you don’t believe in the bad luck symbolism that the pearls are associated within some of the ancient cultures; that also believe that some pearls would bring pain and tears, we think that pearl earrings, given from a place of love, make excellent gifts.

You will be happy to know that the pearls and the pearl earrings make excellent gifts for any time of the year, and they can be used to celebrate birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even Christmas. And traditionally, fathers would give their daughters pearls which were the Coming of Age gifts for the girls.

On the other hand, mothers would gift their daughters’ pearls on their wedding day or birthday, as the pearl was considered the most significant gift on the day.


What then makes the pearls the perfect gift?

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift

Well, for starters, you have the fact that the pearls have been around for thousands of years, and they’ve always been popular.

The pearls were first popular in the 1st Century in Rome, but even at the time, they had been worn and loved widely in the East. Historical accounts show that Cleopatra loved pearls, and she is on the record for being the owner of the largest pearls that were known at the time.

That said, the pearls are classic gifts, and there is a perfect piece of pearl jewelry for just about any age or accession. There are also simpler and smaller pearl designs, meaning that there is a piece of pearl jewelry for everyone, regardless of your age or style.


Pros and cons of giving pearl earrings as a gift

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift


  • Pearls are meaningful gemstones
  • The pearl earrings are timeless and classics
  • Elegant jewelry
  • Suitable for persons of all ages
  • Since they are neutral colored, they suit all skin tones and complexions
  • Pearl earrings can be worn on or to any occasion, whether formal or casual
  • The pearl earrings will be worn and treasured for years
  • They make excellent heirlooms with the best of natural pearls passed down from one generation to the next
  • They are stylish and classic
  • A perfect birthstone for anyone born in the month of June
  • Some people believe that pearls symbolize strength and protection


  • Some people believe or associate pearls with bad luck, and they will not accept pearl jewelry because of the belief that the pearls will bring them bad luck.

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift

Giving pearls as a gift superstition

Although some people believe in the immense power and the beauty of pearls, there are other people who are highly superstitious around pearls and the idea of gifting loved ones’ pearls as gifts.

According to superstition, the pearls are not to be given as pearls because they would bring bad luck and great sadness to the wearer. And if you believe in this and you happen to receive pearls as a gift, you’d have to give the person gifting you the pearls a small amount of money or pennies so that it appears that you ‘purchased’ the pearls. This way, your life will not have bad luck or great sadness.


Is gifting pearls bad luck?

Not really; perhaps that’s the case only if the recipient of the gift is superstitious.

Are Pearl Earrings A Good Gift

Do pearls bring good luck?

Good or bad luck is a matter of personal beliefs. And for people who believe that the pearls bring good luck, which is a large percentage of the pearl lovers, these gemstone would actually bring the wearer good luck, pure love, and they’re also a symbol of affection.



In as much as the pearls are said to symbolize loyalty, wisdom, purity, or protection, you should only receive them as gifts if you are not superstitious.

Otherwise, you will suffer great sadness, and your marriage will be full of tears, thanks to the historical associations between tears and pearls.

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