Are Pandora Rings Good Quality?( Answered by Pandora Fans)

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Pandora is such a huge jewelry brand that continues to offer a wide variety of trendy and elegant jewelry styles that are always a hit.

They have been at it since 1982. Now, although Pandora is mostly known for its charm bracelets, they offer a wide variety of rings too.

And in this article, we’ll look at the quality of the rings, where we’ll tell you if the quality of their rings matches the brand presence they’ve amassed in their almost 40 years of existence.

Keep reading to learn more about the quality of Pandora rings.


Are Pandora rings sterling silver?

Are Pandora rings good quality

Pandora is known for offering a wide range of modern and hand-finished jewelry, which the company claims is jewelry made from genuine and high-quality materials, including solid 925 sterling silver.

In fact, silver is regarded as Pandora’s signature metal. Silver is, however, too soft, and it’s not the ideal option for jewelry making, which is why most jewelers make use of the silver alloy, sterling silver which contains 7.5% pure copper and 92.5% pure silver.

And going by our observations, most of the rings sold under the Pandora Jewelry brand are actually made of solid sterling silver – this is especially true for the rings that feature sterling silver in the description. A big chunk of the sterling silver rings is, however, made of sterling silver and most often plated with gold.

Are Pandora Rings Good Quality

So, you will find a Pandora ring made of 14k or 18k Pandora Rose plating over solid sterling silver. This is important to note because most of the rings and jewelry by Pandora are made of sterling silver and not solid gold. Often, the gold present is only what’s plated on the sterling silver.

Pandora rings crafted out of this lustrous precious metal make some of the best sentimental jewelry options and even engagement rings. These rings are available in different styles and designs, and they may or may not have gemstones.


What other metals or materials are used in Pandora rings?

Are Pandora rings good quality

Besides solid 925 sterling silver, Pandora rings are also made of 14k and 18k gold, and they’re also are many Pandora rings that are made of gold-plated sterling silver.

Solid gold is used in some of their rings, and 18k yellow gold is the preferable alloy of gold that is used, especially for rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Pandora Rose (gold) is also a common choice of gold metal used in jewelry making, and the most common gold alloy used is the 14k gold.

Gold is often used because it boasts a natural luster and brilliance and also because of its unique density, tarnish resistance, and superior level of malleability that means that gold alloys can be used to make some of the best designs of the rings.

Away from the metals used, the rings are also made using different gemstones like diamonds, topaz, or quartz, and even organic gems like amber and pearls, or man-made stones like crystal and cubic zirconia.

The other materials used to make the rings would include wood and Murano glass.


Are Pandora rings good quality?

Are Pandora rings good quality

Pandora rings are some of the best quality and affordable rings you can find on the market from a luxury or popular brand. However, this also means that there are many fakes on the market.

Just because it has the name Pandora attached to it doesn’t mean that it’s a genuine piece. This also means that the poor-quality ring that you bought and started tarnishing after a few weeks could easily be a counterfeited piece. That said, genuine Pandora rings are good quality rings.

Note that as a mid-quality jewelry line, most of their rings and the rest of their jewelry options are made of sterling silver. And even some of the sterling silver rings are plated with either 14k or 18k gold.

They also have just a few diamond sterling silver, gold, or gold-plated rings. Most of the time, the jewelry options with gemstones are the ones made of CZ.

Are Pandora rings good quality

Back to the quality of the rings – you’ll be happy to know that as long as the ring is a genuine piece, the quality is good. That said, you are buying from a popular, luxury line, which translates to overpriced pieces.

The brand name notwithstanding, their jewelry is made of standard 925 sterling silver, which means that if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on the jewelry or if the brand value is not something you care for, then you could still find and buy a non-branded piece of sterling silver jewelry that will look just as good – for less.

Essentially, Pandora rings are crafted out of the very best quality materials, and they boast some of the best finishes that not only leave you with high-quality-looking rings, but the finishes also limit the rate of tarnishing from rings.

Are Pandora Rings Good Quality

Bear in mind that most of the rings sold by Pandora are made of sterling silver, which is, unfortunately, susceptible to tarnishing.

These rings will not tarnish in the same way that iron does but only leave a black tarnish that will, unfortunately, make the rings lose their original glamor and shine.

So, what are the pros and cons of buying Pandora rings?


Pros and cons of Pandora rings

Are Pandora Rings Good Quality


  • High-quality crafting and finishes for the rings
  • Mid-tier brand offering relatively affordable ring options
  • A great variety of high-quality rings offered,
  • Unique ring and jewelry designs that you will not find anywhere else.
  • Good quality designs and finishes
  • Pandora rose rings are just stunning


  • Although Pandora makes use of high-quality materials in their jewelry crafting, and some of their rings are plated to limit oxidation, the rings from Pandora and all other sterling silver jewelry from the brand will still tarnish.
  • The rings will start to turn black as they get tarnished
  • Since you’re buying from a designer/ luxury brand, their jewelry options are mostly overpriced


Why is Pandora rings so cheap?

Are Pandora rings good quality

The reason why Pandora rings are inexpensive has to do with the materials used in their construction.

And though they have some listings for gold jewelry, the truth is that most of their rings are made of sterling silver or gold-plated sterling silver rings.

Now, although silver and its alloy sterling silver fall in the category of precious metals, silver is largely inexpensive.

So, jewelry created from the material is going to be inexpensive too.

The gold-plated rings could be a tad more expensive, but they are still cheaper than options offered by other luxury brands or rings crafted out of solid gold.


Are Pandora rings worth the money?

We’ll say that it depends. Pandora is, after all, known as the best brand offering charm bracelets. The rings variety is also impressive – the rings are made of sterling silver mostly, and you will come across cool ring designs that you may not find anywhere else.

Are Pandora rings good quality

So, in this regard, buying rings from Pandora could be very well worth your money, especially if you consider the fact that you’re paying more because of the brand name.

That said, it’s worth noting that the rings are not indestructible. They are made of sterling silver which tarnishes.

So, if you consider this fact, and the high price tag, then compare the pricing with rings from non-branded sellers, you may argue that the rings are not worth the money.


Should you buy Pandora rings?

Are Pandora Rings Good Quality

You should buy the Pandora ring if you don’t mind the price tag and also if you’re not worried about the high maintenance that the ring calls for.

But you could also choose to buy the Pandora ring if you want a ring with the brand name. Otherwise, you could buy a ring from anywhere else.



Pandora is known for their wide range of jewelry, but mostly, they offer the very best of charm bracelets and unique ring designs, all made of sterling silver.

Sterling silver tarnishes, and even their gold-plated options will tarnish or show signs of wear after some time, and this is an issue for most people.

It’s also why most people have a love-hate relationship towards sterling silver jewelry and Pandora rings in general. This notwithstanding, there is no doubt that Pandora boasts the very best quality and also the highest level of craftsmanship.

So, if you don’t mind the price, don’t mind the challenges that come with some jewelry, and love Pandora jewelry options, you can buy rings from the brand.

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