Are Pandora Charms On Etsy Real?-Detailed Answer

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No jewelry lover worth their salt is unaware of Pandora. In the industry, it is among the largest jewelry brands. You can find their pieces in the designated stores and even online on platforms like Etsy. Like Pandora, Etsy is also one of the largest online platforms in the world.

You can find almost anything you want on there. The platform is especially popular for jewelry. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find Pandora jewelry there too.

The only issue with this being true is the concern of whether or not the Pandora piece would be a genuine one or not. In the industry, we’re not unfamiliar with conmen who try to pass off cheap replicas for the original piece.

That might however not necessarily be the case for Pandora jewelry on Etsy. In this article, we will explore whether or not there are Pandora jewelry sold on Etsy, and if they are genuine or not. We will also share with you tips you can use to distinguish a real Pandora piece from a fake.


Does Etsy Sell Genuine Pandora Charms?

are pandora charms on etsy real

Let’s start with the question you’re wondering at the moment; can you find genuine Pandora charms on Etsy? To start with, Etsy is an online platform where different individuals sign in and create accounts to buy and sell items. With that said, Etsy is not directly responsible for selling the items.

Even so, if you were to search for Authentic Pandora Charms, Genuine Pandora Charms, or Real Pandora Charms, on the platform, a long list of search results will appear.

You’ll find many different buyers selling what appears to be, for some, authentic Pandora charms. Some even indicate on the product description that the charms are genuine.

While it may be true, there is also a possibility that the pieces may be fake and just a false advertising gimmick to get people to buy the product. The issue is, anyone can sign up on Etsy and sell a product.

There is no unifying policy on the standard of products sold there. That is why you need to be careful when buying your Pandora charm from Etsy.


Why Are Pandora Charms So Cheap On Etsy?

are pandora charms on etsy real

One of the main reasons that many people doubt the authenticity of Pandora charms sold on Etsy, is that they are significantly cheaper on the platform. Pandora is a popular luxury brand that prides itself on using high-quality material, which would not come cheap.

So, understandably, their charms and other pieces are considered pricey for most. When you consider this fact, you are bound to ask yourself, why then are the charms so cheap on Etsy?

If you check for the charms on Etsy, you will find a variety of offers. You’ll find some selling one charm for about $20 and another selling a set of two or ten for roughly the same price. Other sellers offer discounts too.

Assuming that the pieces are authentic, it’s hard to explain how they would be making a profit from the prices they are selling at. We have, however, come up with a few reasons that try to explain this.

One reason could be due to the competition. Etsy as you know is a large platform, and jewelry is its most popular category. It is therefore natural that there would be a lot of sellers under this category.

When you fighting for the attention of the same audience, you have to find ways to make yourself more visible. This could include using lower prices than competitors or offering discounts.

Another reason could be that the Pandora charms, while they may be authentic, could be second-hand. The seller may just be trying to pawn off the charms and because they’ve been used, they can’t sell them for the original price tag.

Although, there is the possibility that the charms are most likely fake replicas. Some sellers may try to pass them off as authentic Pandora pieces, to increase their sales or improve their searchability on Etsy.


Etsy Pandora Charms Review.

are pandora charms on etsy real

When it comes to the customer reviews concerning Pandora charms on Etsy, the results are divided. Some customers have left good reviews, stating that they loved the product.

Other customers would accuse the sellers of false advertising, stating that the charms are fake. Among those who claim the charms are fake, a few of them, admit to being aware that the charms are fake, starting from the price.

The problem could be that many people may not be aware of how to distinguish a fake charm from the real one.

Most of the customers who leave good reviews, seem to mostly be satisfied with the fast delivery and that the charm is exactly as it was displayed on Etsy.


How To Spot A Fake Pandora Charm On Etsy.

To avoid getting duped out of your money, it is important to be knowledgeable. That way you can easily distinguish the real Pandora charms from the fake and save yourself some money. The following are some things to look out for:

are pandora charms on etsy real

1. The ALE marking.

All Pandora pieces have this marking on them. It stands for Algot Enevoldsen. He was the father of Pandora’s founder, Per Enevoldsen.

If the charm is missing this mark from the pictures displayed then it is a likely chance the product is fake.


2. The crown over Pandora.

As part of the signature brand, there is always a crown placed at the top of ‘O’ in Pandora.

Forgetting this trivial fact is a common mistake when trying to pass replicas.

It is therefore important to always look for the crown. If it is lacking, that should be enough to alert you that the charms are not from Pandora.


3. The hallmarks.

For quality products, every metal contains a hallmark explaining its content. Since Pandora uses silver and gold, you will find hallmarks indicating S925, for silver and 585 for 14K gold. If the charm lacks this hallmark, it is a clear sign that the materials used are not authentic and therefore the product is a replica.


4. Check the catalog.

Pandora normally keeps a catalog of all of its items including its charms. It does, however, exclude the ones that have been discontinued. If you don’t find the charm in the catalog then it is an indication that the charm is fake.


5. The reviews on Etsy.

Before buying a Pandora charm from Etsy, take time to go through the customer reviews of the product. The more positive feedback the more likely you can trust the seller. Reviews also say a lot about the kind of service you can expect after purchasing the charms.


6. The images on display and product policies.

This is another easy way of spotting false sales on Etsy. Most people trying to pass off replicas, use stock images of the charms and not the original.

They are also very vague when it comes to product policies like replacements, repairs, warranty, and refund policies. This should be a red flag for you.


Where Can You Buy Authentic Pandora Charms?

are pandora charms on etsy real

Like we mentioned earlier, Pandora has designated stores. They recommend that if you have to make the purchase online, you should use their official website or the online stores on their list. The following is are the designated places you can visit for authentic Pandora charms:

Pandora United States Official Online Store

Pandora Mall of America

Pandora Las Vegas

Pandora St Louis

Albert’s Diamond Jewelers

Hannoush Jewelers

Ben Bridge


Miami Lakes

Smyth Jewelers

Rue La La


Reeds NE

Precious Accents

The Source

Reeds Jewelers

On Amazon, there are only two authorized resellers, they are Healthy Family Life and iServe.



To sum it up, Pandora charms are available on Etsy. We are, however, not in the position to verify if they are all genuine pieces or not.

As long as you can distinguish between the real ones and the fake ones, you can safely shop for the charms on Etsy.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!