Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable? Is It Safe To Buy?

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Shopping online was, at one point, this big, scary thing that most people shunned, and this was understandable because of the many online scams and the fact that it was hard to trust someone you’d never seen.

Over time and with newer, more trustworthy sites coming up and, of course, a higher level of satisfaction, not to mention the exceptional level of convenience offered by these online sites, shopping online soon became mainstream.

And though online stores were beginning to record great numbers and greater sales when the pandemic hit, things changed completely, and we not only had to shop online as the world opened up a bit but also had to work online and even visit the doctors and go to school all from the comfort of our homes.

In one move, we were pretty much reliant on the internet at about 99%.

One of the industries that have since grown online is the online jewelry scene, and today, there are as many online jewelry stores as anyone can imagine.

The most recent statistics on online jewelry industries show that the online jewelry industry is expected to grow by at least 42%, a change expected to be seen by 2024.

The market is quite fragmented, and it is also spread across the world. But it still begs the question, how safe or reliable is the online jewelry space?

Should you blindly trust all the stores that sell jewelry today, or do you still need to do a lot of due diligence and expect some bad apples from your purchases?

This guide offers some insights on everything you should know about the safety of online jewelry stores.

So, let’s get into it.


Are online jewelry stores reliable? Is it safe?

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Essentially buying jewelry online is essentially one of the most wonderful things because of the wide selection of jewelry that you can find online.

The online options are more than you could ever access from any brick-and-mortar store. And also, you may end up saving a lot from making online purchases because the online stores charge a little less since they don’t have to cater to the overhead costs associated with running a brick-and-mortar store.

But before you hit the checkout button, you should go through the website to ensure they are legitimate. While several renowned brands like Amazon and Etsy, whose systems ensure more legitimate sales, several other brands may not be as trustworthy and be running phony businesses.

So, before you make your purchase, please take note of the website’s specific features and ask for more information about the stores and the quality of their jewelry.


7 Tips for Buying Jewelry Online Safely

1. Check the details and the legitimacy of the online jewelry website

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Often, the components and how the website is built will point you in the right direction, telling you if you should buy from the site or not.

Most of the time, reliable sites have no red flags, but if you are dealing with an untrustworthy site, there will be a number of tell-tale signs that you should watch out for. In most cases, you’ll need to bring our your sharpest wits.

Some of the areas of the website that you must pay attention to include the About Us Page, specifically, the details or the lack of details regarding the history of the business.

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Most phony sites don’t have anything worth reading or any interesting story behind their brand’s creation.

The other thing you should check out is the text used on the website. The site should have well-formatted text, and there should also be proper grammar. The website also needs to be designed professionally, and it should boast high-quality standards for photography.

You need to check out the company address, and for US sites, look for the 1-800 customer service phone number.

If the site passes the test and has all these features, then you can trust it.


2. Secure features of the website

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

The other feature of a website that is reliable and one that you can trust would be the fact that the site is secure.

Reputable online jewelry stores place the security and safety of their clients at the forefront because they know that you would be entrusting them with your personal information, including your home address and credit card details.

So, legitimate companies have secure websites that won’t leave you vulnerable to identity theft or phishing attempts. You can tell secure from insecure sites by looking for the security icon that is often located at the bottom of their web page.

Also, look at the URL, and only visit and shop from sites with the HTTPS just before the URL, not to mention a lock symbol.

You may also want to go through the site’s terms of use and privacy statement outlining details of the service and sharing of your information by the website.


3. Fair pricing

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

If the prices are too low or too good to be true, the deal probably is. But this doesn’t mean settling on the site offering much higher prices because some expensive jewelry pieces are not worth it.

So, take time to research and then do a cross-comparison for jewelry options by different websites.


4. Authorized retailers for designer jewelry

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Is the brand an authorized retailer for that designer brand? This is an important question because some jewelry sellers from designer brands might be selling fakes or may not be authorized, which could be a problem when you need to make returns or replacements.

First, confirm that the retailer is an authorized dealer to avoid counterfeits. You can find this information on the designer brand’s official website.

Also, you need to know that pre-owned and vintage designer pieces are mostly certified, and they come with guarantees, and you can only enjoy this when shopping from an authorized dealer.


5. Online reviews

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

What do other people think about their jewelry? How durable, safe, and good are their jewelry options?

Does the brand offer real items or as advertised pieces? You can learn a lot from other buyers.


6. Payment options

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Reliable jewelry brands offer multiple, safe, reliable payment options, including PayPal, credit cards associated with major banks and financial institutions, and even gift certificates.


7. Product guarantees

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

If you are looking for expensive jewelry, you’d want to make sure that the jewelry is worth the money.

So, will you be allowed to return the expensive jewelry if it isn’t what you expected or if the color is different/ off?

Reliable and respectable online jewelry brands offer a 100% guarantee as well as a risk-free returns policy.

So, which are some of the best, safe and reliable jewelry sites online?


What jewelry sites are legit?

So, which online jewelry sites are legit?

1. Amazon

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Amazon is the greatest uniter when it comes to online spaces, and this giant online store offers the largest possible collections of jewelry sold under its brand and thousands of other brands from all over the world.

So, if you are looking for affordable but good-quality jewelry online, you may want to start your search on Amazon.

And for pieces sold by little-known brands, you may want to look up the brand name and avoid jewelry sold by brands whose names are too hard to pronounce or the ones that have too many spelling and grammar mistakes in the descriptions.


2. Nordstrom

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Nordstrom is one of the most popular online jewelry and fashion brands boasting a spectacular array of jewelry from most of the brands you have been dreaming of, like Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Kendra Scott, David Yurman, and even Gucci.

They also have much more affordable options from their Nordstrom line, so the site offers something for everyone.

Besides the great variety, Nordstrom is also known for their terrific sales events that are scheduled to run for most of the year. They boast a timeless assortment of very affordable jewelry.


3. Madewell

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Also on our list of recommendations is the Madewell jewelry store. This company has been running for several years now.

They are known for their elegantly designed minimalist jewelry pieces, which stand out and are relatively affordable – most of their jewelry pieces go for a maximum of $100.

Thanks to the minimalist design of their jewelry options, Madewell pieces go with pretty much all outfits. Their variety of jewelry includes earrings and necklaces.

The earrings are made of skin-safe sterling silver posts, and they also have chunky hoops and paperclip chain necklaces plated in gold with a brass base metal.


4. Etsy

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Etsy boasts one of the largest jewelry markets as it boasts a vast collection of the brand, non-brand, hand-crafted, and even antique and vintage jewelry options.

Etsy has every kind of jewelry you could imagine, from earrings and necklaces to rings, body jewelry, and everything else, and the prices are perfect.


5. Anthropologie

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

This is the other reputable jewelry brand that offers a variety of stunning boho-style whimsical jewelry options that match the vibe and style of their boho-chic clothing.

Anthropologie boasts a vast range of dainty, understated, bold, and even chunky jewelry pieces, meaning there is something for everyone. Their style options are also vast and admirable.

You may also like their section offering personalized and custom jewelry options, including necklaces and cuff earrings. They also offer bridal jewelry under their sister brand called BHLDN.


6. Kate Spade

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

While you can buy Kate Spade jewelry from Amazon and Nordstrom, you can also shop from Kate Spade’s official website.

Kate Spade boasts a variety of luxe charm bracelets, themed charms, personalized jewelry options, and even whimsical stone pieces.

Their options range from eclectic to elegant, and collaborations with Disney and other brands allow you to enjoy a large variety of great-quality jewelry.


7. Mejuri

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

If you are looking for jewelry from a Canadian brand, Toronto-based Mejuri would be an ideal store for you to shop from. Mejuri offers a variety of jewelry pieces in the semi-fine and fine jewelry categories.

Because they don’t add the typical markups to their prices, Mejuri’s jewelry is quite affordable, especially for the quality that you get.

In addition to their affordability, Mejuri’s jewelry is quite popular today because the pieces will not cause skin irritation or leave marks on your skin.

Also, there is a jewelry design and style for everyone, and all their pieces offer the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity.


8. Brilliant Earth

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

You could also shop from Brilliant Earth’s website, especially if you are shopping for fine jewelry and don’t want to break the bank with your purchase.

They offer a brilliant collection of engagement rings, men’s rings, wedding bands, ring stacks, and gemstone necklaces.

This brand prides itself in offering the best of ethically-sourced diamonds, and they create rings in all the best cuts you can imagine, including emerald, princess, and oval cuts.


9. Studs

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Studs is a jewelry brand known for offering the widest range of stud earrings, meaning that if you are looking for the best range of stud earrings, you should shop from Stud.

This brand is quite Instagram-famous, with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow wearing their jewelry. But this brand doesn’t deal in studs only; they also offer hoops, cuffs, Huggies, and dangles. They even offer earscape sets for individuals with multiple piercings.


10. Target

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Want to save more money on jewelry and everything else? Target is your answer. Target has a substantial selection of earrings, rings, necklaces, watches, bracelets, charms, and everything else.

Their jewelry is made of different materials, and you will find that their prices are much more affordable than what other boutique retailers offer.


11. Baublebar

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

For the best of colorful fashion jewelry, Baublebar is your go-to brand. They offer brightly colored options, limited-edition jewelry releases, and collaborations for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, charms, and anklets.

They are also known for their grown-up friendship bracelets and evil-eye pendant necklaces.


12. Maison Miru

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

If you are looking for a jewelry store that offers illusion hoops, shooting star open earrings, or anything unexpected, Maison Miru is the magical place for you to shop from.

They have several stylish options, and the best part is that they offer tips and guides for wearing their different jewelry pieces.

The brand also stands out because this small business, run by a woman, Maison Miru, works with local, small, and women-run suppliers.


13. Gorjana

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Gorjana is known for the best layering jewelry since they craft feminine and delicate bracelets, strand necklaces, and stacking rings, among others.

They also offer a wide range of mix-and-match jewelry, and you can get custom-engraved pieces.


14. Missoma

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

With a ‘more is more mindset, Missoma offers some of the boldest varieties of jewelry and accessories, including earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Their pieces are made to last, as they are made of either sterling silver or 18k solid gold, and they all have a sleek and minimalist vibe.


15. Sophie Buhai

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

If you like clean, contemporary, or conscious jewelry, you will enjoy shopping from Sophie Buhai, based in Los Angeles.

Their pieces are made of sterling silver, gold, pearls, and other gemstones, and they are not the cheapest, but they offer great value for money in the long run.


16. Swarovski

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Swarovski has been around for over a century, and this brand boasts the finest luxury crystals in different collections, each better than the last.

They have bold, elegant, and sophisticated options that stand out beautifully.


What to do if you are not happy with the jewelry items you get online?

Are Online Jewelry Stores Reliable

Now that you know what to look for when shopping from online brands to ensure legitimacy, you will be happy to know that these brands have significant policies for refunds and returns.

So, if you are not happy with the jewelry, contact the company and follow their steps for returns, refunds, or exchanges.



For the best value for money when buying jewelry online, shop from the brands above and follow the tips offered above for safety.

And remember that if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

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