Are Omega Necklaces Outdated in 2024 or 2025?

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For some individuals, the omega necklaces represent their best possible kind of jewelry.

But then, the omega necklaces have been around for a tad too long, and some people may think that the necklaces are maybe outdated.

But are the omega necklaces really outdated, or can you still wear the omega necklaces and remain stylish?


Omega necklaces introduction

Are Omega Necklaces Outdated

Omega necklaces are the type of necklace that has a beautiful and timelessly designed circular shape.

The omega necklace tends to be very flattering for most body shapes, which is why they are quite popular among most people.

That said, these necklaces were more popular in the 80s, and pretty much everyone wore these necklaces then. But are these necklaces still stylish in 2024?

Well, the truth is that this necklace trend works best for persons who like the layered look for the necklaces because it allows you to play with necklaces of different lengths with ease.

The omega necklaces are also the ideal option for layering because it works best as the shortest piece of necklace that would work great with the rest of the longer necklace chains.


Features of omega necklaces

Are Omega Necklaces Outdated

The omega necklaces were the biggest rage in the 1980s, and some think that the necklaces are a fad that has since faded away, but others still find them stylish today. So, which are the features that make the omega necklaces stand out?

The omega chains or omega necklaces have a flat necklace style that features metallic segments joined together. It is usually short and has more of a choker feel, and they fall between 16 inches and 20 inches.

In most cases, the omega chains have pendants incorporated in them.

These pendants are known as the slides or the sliders, and thanks to the specificity of the necklace designs, the pendants will move easily and freely all around the chain.

Unfortunately, the chains are not the strongest, and they easily bend or get kinked, and with the vulnerability of the necklaces, you wouldn’t want to twist the necklace because the necklace would easily get damaged.

And the most unfortunate bit is that it would be impossible to repair the necklace once it’s damaged.


Pros and Cons of Omega Chain Necklaces

Are Omega Necklaces Outdated


  • The omega chain necklaces are stylish
  • They are elegant
  • These necklaces make great options for a choker necklace
  • The length of the chains is comfortable
  • A versatile necklace that matches the different personality


  • Omega chains are a tad more vulnerable and delicate, and they break apart easily.
  • They bend easily, and they are almost impossible to fix or repair


Are omega necklaces outdated?

Are Omega Necklaces Outdated

So, are the omega necklaces still stylish, or are they now outdated?

Well, the flattering lengths and styles of the omega necklaces and the fact that the necklace is flattering for all body shapes mean that the necklace is perfectly designed today, and you could pull off the omega necklace look with ease even today. These necklaces have a lot going on for them, and they are quite beautiful.

It is, therefore, safe to say that the omega necklaces are rather timeless and versatile thanks to the length and strength of the necklace, and also the fact that the design and style of the necklace also support enhancers or sliders as pendants in different shapes and sizes.

The necklace pairs well with classic pendant pieces, and this level of versatility allows you to enjoy wearing the necklace on different occasions, whether you intend to dress up or want to go for a simple, laid-back, classic look.

So, if you are going for a necklace that is trendy and would look good on your and bring out your best features, then the omega necklace would be an ideal option for you.

The best part is that you get to embellish it with different kinds of embellishments that would bring out your best features and sell your personality. Essentially, you could add a coin as a pendant, a medallion, or even a stylized shell for a unique feel to the necklace.

Taking all these aspects of the omega necklace into consideration, it’s obvious that the omega necklace is not an outdated necklace style but more of a classic, timeless design that will always look stylish. It will look great as part of your wardrobe, and you would be able to wear it every year if you choose to.


Are omega necklaces still popular in 2024 and beyond?

Omega chains might not be on top of the list of the most popular chain necklaces – herringbone chains are more popular than then omega necklaces.

That said, the omega necklaces are still stylish and elegantly designed, and they remain popular and quite desirable to date.

Also, the omega necklaces will still be popular and stylish in many years to come, especially for the individuals who are into contemporary styles and don’t mind pieces with a unique and unexpected overall feel.

Are Omega Necklaces Outdated

Should you buy omega necklaces?

If you like choker-like necklaces with a cool, contemporary feel and can be worn as is, or with unique medallion, shell, or coin pendants, you will like the omega necklace, and you should easily buy the necklace if it represents your style.

So, if you are interested in the 16inch-20inch chains, then the omega chains would be the ideal option for you.

That said, you need to remember that these necklaces are a bit too delicate and might not be the ideal option for you, especially if you tend to break or bend your necklaces too soon. The necklaces are almost irreparable too, which is something you should be aware of when buying the necklace.



Omega necklaces are simple and sophisticated with a classy flair, and though they were most popular in the 80s, they are still a stylish option today, especially for individuals who love chokers.

It’s also a great option for you if you want simple chokers to be worn as solo pieces with or without the pendants.

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