Are NVC Rings Expensive?(With Pros$Cons)

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Are NVC Rings expensive? There is curiosity online about a little-known brand called NVC.

If you’ve come across rings with the stamp inside, then it’s normal to be curious about what it stands for. Here, we are going to explore frequently asked questions about NVC.

They are ultimately letting you know if they are expensive and worth purchasing.


What does NVC stand for on a ring?

Before we go any further, it’s crucial to establish what the NVC brand stands for.

People have asked questions of the meaning across various platforms but never seem to get a straight answer. We’re here to give you one.

NVC are initials of the owner Nataliya V Collister. Nataliya is based in Kingston, Jamaica, and designs and makes all the pieces herself.

She makes handcrafted designer jewelry, ensuring the creation of beautiful one of a kind pieces intended to make any person stand out from the crowd.


What does NVC 6, 7, 8 mean on a ring?

The numbers on NVC rings, that is, 6,7 and 8, refer to the size of the ring. To figure out what size you are, you’ll have to measure the circumference of your finger.

You can do this at home using a ring that fits you well or a string and a ruler. Wrap the yarn around your finger, and use a pen to mark where the string overlaps. You do have to consider the size of your knuckles when taking the measurements.

From there, you can use a global size chart to determine what size you are. The good thing about these numbers is that, like clothes sizes around the world, for the most part, they remain the same from jeweler to jeweler.

A size 6 is about 16.6mm, 7 is 17.2mm, and 8 is 18.1mm. You can also always go a size up if you’re unsure or if your fingers change sizes. That way, you can still get the ring resized from a local jeweler.

There are other numbers that you will note that don’t have anything to do with sizing but could still be confusing for a newbie.

These numbers include 925, which speaks of the purity of the sterling silver at 92.5 percent. That is the global standard for silver used in jewelry making. For the sterling silver she uses, the remaining 7.5 percent is typically consisting of copper.


Are NVC Rings expensive?

The prices of NVC jewelry are not high compared to other brands. Even so, what you deem expensive very much has to do with your pocket.

There’s also the fact the owner, Nataliya, creates all jewelry from her home studio, and that could play into the cost.

The great thing, however, is that there’s jewelry catering to various demographics. For example, you’ll find a ring going for as little as $15 and another for $500.

Here, of course, the materials and stones used dictate the cost.


Why is NVC affordable?

The cost of each jewelry is due primarily to the handcrafting and also the use of top-quality products.

You’ll note the jewelry that it’s made using 14k gold-filled wire, sterling silver, and silver-plated findings. These materials by themselves are not expensive and thus makes the jewelry affordable.

The price will also vary based on other added materials, such as beads, freshwater pearls, faceted gemstones, semi-precious and precious gemstones, and even Venetian glass.

A ring made of a precious gem might be out of reach of some, and thus opt to go with something less expensive.

Pros and cons of NVC rings?

Let’s look at the good and the concerning parts of the NVC brand:


  • All their rings are handmade
  • Nataliya uses quality materials to make each piece
  • The designs are indeed unique, and you’re guaranteed to stand out
  • The rings are affordable


  • Compared to other brands, the selection of items is limited


Should you buy NVC rings?

The simple answer to this question is YES. NVC has such an exquisite collection of jewelry, from rings, necklaces, and earrings.

The designs available are unique and impressive at the same time, owing to Nataliya’s creative mind. You’re guaranteed to find something that will genuinely make you stand out.


Where to buy NVC rings?

If you’re interested in purchasing NVC rings and other jewelry, there are a couple of places you can get them.

The most common online stores are eBay and Etsy, but other brands such as Poshmark and other lesser-known brands.



We hope that you’ve sufficiently quenched your curiosity about the NVC rings.

It’s a brand worth trying out, primarily because of how the owner is creative with her designs.

You can find a piece of yourself or a loved one that will last with them for a lifetime, thanks to the sterling silver used.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!