Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys? – Do Girls Like It?

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As the world continues to evolve, especially the Western world, several trends have emerged in which individuals have been seen embracing their bodies differently and enhancing them through the addition of piercing on their bodies.

Piercing of the body, especially the nose, was a rarity in the past, specifically in men, as they had rigid standards to abide by when it came to external appearance.

However, this is starting to change slowly, as society’s beauty ideals are evolving, giving men a chance to do this.

The question, however, is if nose piercing is attractive to guys. This article will answer that question, so make sure to read on.


Are nose piercings attractive On guys?

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

Yes and No. In ancient days, guys from different parts of the world would pierce their noses, but not for physical looks. Men pierced their noses for religious, tribal, and cultural reasons.

This did not put into consideration whether a guy looked more attractive or not. However, in the current times, we have seen the majority of them start to embrace this idea of piercing their noses for outward appearance, and by the look of things, this trend is here to stay.

Just like any other piercing, the choice of the nose ring will be among the factors that determine whether a guy putting on a nose ring is attractive or not. If a guy’s style matches his nose ring, he will most likely pass as an attractive one.

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

A man can, however, come off as unattractive if his nose ring is the opposite of his style. People have had different opinions on whether they find guys with nose piercing attractive, based on their personal preferences.

According to the men’s health survey, a larger percentage of them did not find guys with piercing attractive, stating that this man comes off a little as attention-seeking. In their opinion, the majority wondered why a guy would pierce their nose, yet they still look good without it.


Do girls like guys with nose piercings?

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

Most girls said they like guys with nose piercings, while many opposed the idea. Body modification is common now, and most guys are embracing the idea of having a nose piercing.

A guy’s decision to have this piercing solely varies from one man to another, as they got them for different reasons. Most girls stated that they did not see men with nose piercings any different, as they still maintained their masculinity power.

Additionally, these girls thought guys with this kind of piercing looked cool, as it accentuated their facial features. On the other hand, other girls referred to this act as disgusting and weird and could not stand a man with a nose piercing.


What do people think about men with nose piercings?

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

After this trend started, many did not think that guys should pierce their noses for different reasons. However, a majority of people are now accepting that men can also do what they want with their bodies, and it does not necessarily mean they belong to a certain community.

A few of those who were against the idea of guys piercing their noses revealed that they had nothing on the men who do it, but it was their personal preferences and decisions. Those who supported men who pierced their noses argued that nose piercing made guys look more attractive and stylish.


Pros and cons of nose piercing for guys

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

Whether guys should pierce their noses or not is still on the radar. However, there are visible pros and cons that come when a man decides to get their nose done. Among the many pros of nose piercing for guys is that:

1. It is stylish. A man with a nose piercing looks way more stylish, as this type of piercing is among the most stylish of body jewelry. When matched with the right outfit, a guy with a nose piercing will effortlessly stand out from the rest due to the elegance presented.

2. Nose piercing helps one express themselves and their identity. Not every man that pierces their nose is a gay man, and not every man that hasn’t done their nose is a straight guy. People express themselves differently, and a nose piercing is a unique way for a guy to do it beautifully.

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

3. Nose piercing tends to make a guy look even more attractive. Different pieces of jewellery look great on different parts of our bodies and make us look beautiful, and this one isn’t an exception. A large number of the population have admitted to a guy being more attractive with his nose pierced, making it an advantage in terms of looks over the other guys.

Although nose piercing on guys has its pros, several cons come along with the decision, one of which is discussed below.

4. They are being misjudged. Guys who put on nose rings are often misjudged and, in most cases, are not given a platform to tell a story on why they decided to pierce their nose. This may be a con to a man who already has a pierce or who is planning to get one.

Tips for guys who want to get their nose pierced

Are Nose Piercings Attractive On Guys

If you are a guy who is contemplating whether to get your nose pierced, you are at the right place as we will give you a few tips you need to know.

The first thing is that you need to select the appropriate nostril jewelry that fits you, to avoid looking weird. Another thing you should consider before piercing your nose is finding the best person for the job, as noses take too much time to heal when pierced wrongly.



We are living in a modern world, and every individual has a right to modify their bodies however they want.

Nose piercing is among the top stylish body jewelry and, therefore, most embraced by both women and men.

A guy with a nose piercing should not be looked down on because of it, as they solely made that decision, and everyone should be okay with it.

To make sure you look more elegant with a nose piercing as a man, you should choose a perfect nostril piercing jewel that goes with your daily style.

This will make you look even more appealing on the outward, giving you the satisfaction that you need.

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