Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky in 2024?

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What do you know about the gemstone morganite? Is it a gemstone that would be an option for your engagement ring, or is it tacky?

We endeavor to answer these questions in this article to guide you on the choice of your ideal engagement ring.

So, keep reading to learn more about morganite rings and engagement rings on the market today and what they say about you.


What is the Morganite ring?

Morganite gemstones have been associated with millennial pink for a while now, and if you look around the stores known for the best engagement ring designs, you will notice that some of the stunning double halo rings are actually made of morganite and not diamonds.

So, what exactly is this gemstone that is rocking the engagement ring scene and diamonds?

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky

Well, the morganite can be defined as a unique but stunning gemstone that comes in light pink, although the color of the morganite could be anywhere between pink to coral. It is a variety of beryl which is a type of clear mineral that’s known for its hexagonal design (the crystals that make up the mineral are hexagonal).

However, there are other varieties of the beryl, and they include the emerald, also called green beryl or the light blue beryl or aquamarine.

Morganite was discovered back in 1920 in Madagascar by Tiffany & Co.’s chief gemologist George F. Kunz. He made this discovery alongside J.P. Morgan’s (the banker) personal gemologist. Unknown to many, Morgan was a rather avid gem collector, and after the discovery of the pink gemstone, Kunz named it after him.

Today, top sellers of the Morganite include Zales and Kay, although there are many other sellers of morganite on Etsy.

According to the Knot, in a 2017 survey, morganite was ranked the second most popular gemstone (non-diamond) after sapphires.


Are morganite rings tacky?

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky

No, morganite rings (engagement) are, in no way, tacky. Like the moissanite, emeralds, and sapphire, morganite rings are elegant and inexpensive gemstone options whose demand is on the rise.

And today, most brides and individuals shopping for wedding and engagement rings will settle for morganite and moissanite rings because they are less expensive.

These alternatives are also becoming more popular because they do not have the same stigma that diamonds have – think blood diamonds.


Can Morganite be an Engagement Ring?

Morganite is one of the most gorgeous gemstones on the jewelry scene today, and it’s not only considered a good alternative to diamonds because of the difference in price tags but also a great gemstone that can be used for engagement rings.

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky

That said, we’ve got to mention that although most of the colored diamonds on the market tend to be rather pricey, the morganite is one of the more affordable options that you could choose from. Beyond the attractive price tag, it has a nice warm, feminine, and distinctive feel to it, with morganite tones perfectly complementing most skin tones. The tones of morganite stones also pair well with several metals.

As seen above, morganite can be a gemstone for your engagement ring. But should you get a morganite gemstone engagement ring? Are there things that you’d want to consider first?

  • Budget– if you don’t want to go into debt getting a diamond engagement ring, but you cannot afford the other colored gemstones, morganite would be a great option – it’s as eye-catchy, but you won’t break the bank to afford it.
  • Uniqueness– the color of morganite stone is unique, and it’s what makes most people drawn to it. Your only job would be to find the tone of the stone that would match your tone, style, and color preferences. The shade of the morganite stone you choose will also guide the metal that goes with it for your engagement ring.
  • Durability– though affordable and comes in just the perfect color hues, morganite is a soft stone that wears off easily after some time. But if you are certain that you want a morganite engagement ring, we’d recommend taking great care of the ring after, and perhaps you should wear it occasionally. As long as you are willing to take extra care of the ring, then you can go ahead and place your order for the morganite engagement ring. The softness of the morganite stone also means that you should not be too attached to the ring because it will wear out and even break as you keep wearing it. It also scratches and cracks easily.


Pros and cons of morganite ring

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky


  • It’s reasonably priced, and it’s the most affordable alternative to other colored gemstones or diamonds. It’s less expensive, and diamonds of the same carat weight are up to 10x the cost of the morganite.
  • It’s considered a tougher gemstone than diamond because it is not as brittle as diamonds.
  • A good quality gemstone with a hardness level of between 7.5 and 8 as measured on the Mohs scale of hardness
  • It complements rose gold metal quite beautifully but also looks great against any neutral-colored metal like white gold, platinum, or silver.
  • Morganite rings are unique.
  • The stone compliments various skin tones
  • It’s a rare gemstone
  • Nice sparkle and shine, but not overpowering, meaning you can comfortably wear the ring to a conservative office
  • The colors of this gemstone are stunning


  • It’s a soft gemstone that breaks, and it is easily scratched
  • It’s delicate, and it lasts long only if well-cared for
  • It’s not a good fit for yellow gold
  • The gemstone has to be cleaned regularly to maintain its sparkle because the morganite stone gets dirty too easily.
  • The setting used must be extra sturdy, otherwise the gemstone will just fall out
  • Most of the morganite engagement rings, even the ones purchased from top jewelers like Zales or Kay, will have no GIA certification. This means that the quality is not comparable to that of diamonds or even sapphires, and this is something you should know before you spend money on this ring. Generally, the morganite has many inclusions, which often mean flaws.


How to wear morganite rings without being tacky

Are Morganite Engagement Rings Tacky

  • Choice of metals to pair it with

The morganite ring is one that can be worn easily, and it will not look tacky, but only if you pair the stone with matching metal hues. Generally, rose gold is the most metal pick that most people opt for – it’s almost automatic or natural to pair morganite with rose gold. But rose gold is not the only metal that could pair well with morganite – silver, platinum, and white gold are the other options that you could try. But, you should not pair the morganite engagement ring with yellow gold metals or any other metals with yellow hues.

  • Stone cut

The cut or the design/ shape of the gemstone should match the shape of your finger and your style preferences.

  • Bigger stones

For an elegant feel or look to the ring, you need to make sure that the setting for the engagement ring is at least a 6-prong setting, especially if the stone is more than 2 carats. This not only makes the ring look great but also protects the gemstone preventing chipping or breaking while keeping it from falling out.



Morganite gemstones are not tacky, as long as the metal and gemstone colors blend and also as long as it’s prong-set professionally.

To avoid poor-quality morganite engagement rings, buy the ring from a reputable seller.

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