Are Mood Rings Legit? Is It Safe To Wear? Accurate?

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Though mood rings have existed for decades, some people wonder if they can accurately reveal the emotions of a wearer.

We researched mood rings and came up with this post to inform you of everything you should know about them.

By the end of it, you will also learn whether they are legit and safe to wear. Read on!


Is there such a thing as a real mood ring?

Are Mood Rings Legit

No. Though mood rings are believed to reflect a wearer’s mood, real mood rings do not exist since the science behind them does not work as advertised.

According to the people that invented these rings, they are designed to read the body temperature of a wearer. However, real mood rings do not exist since this jewelry reacts to external heat sources.

Mood rings were first introduced in the 1970s. Mood rings were originally created to aid in meditation.

When they first came up, they became quite popular until people realized that they were not very accurate.

Are Mood Rings Legit

This led to the disappearance of these rings until the early 90s, when they began enjoying a brief resurgence.

Though mood rings are fun, one should not take them too seriously since real mood rings do not exist. Rather than wearing mood rings to read your mood, you can wear them as a fashion accessory.

Many people wear them since their color-changing ability makes them unique.


Are mood rings legit?

Are Mood Rings Legit

Not all mood rings are legit since they are mostly made using fake gemstones. These gemstones are made of quartz or glass. Quartz stones are hollow shells that are filled with liquid crystals.

Shopping around can help you come across different mood rings that you can wear on fancy occasions.

Many people, especially young ladies, wear mood rings since they are fascinated with how they change color. The market has vintage-looking mood rings that can help you make a style statement.

Buying such mood rings can make you look like you have a new jewelry piece every time it changes its color.  Few people pay much attention to the legitimacy of mood rings.


Are mood rings safe to wear?

Are Mood Rings Legit

Research shows that many people have different views concerning the safety of mood rings. According to most scientists, mood rings are safe to wear since they are not made from potentially dangerous materials.

They are designed with a plastic ring and some metal and do not contain any toxic components.

Despite this, every wearer needs to wear them safely. Some people question the safety of the liquid crystal included in mood rings.

To be on the safe side, you should avoid wearing any damaged mood rings. Also, keep them away from children.


What technology is used in mood rings?

Are Mood Rings Legit

Mood rings are a type of liquid crystal thermometer that contains a thermochromic element that changes color based on temperature.

The ring’s stone contains a thin capsule of crystals that is sealed. These crystals change color every time there is a change in temperature. A crystal gem or glass covers the crystals.

Every time the liquid senses a change in atmosphere, the crystals’ molecular shape changes, altering the wavelengths of absorbed light. This leads to a change in the color of the crystal. The color of mood rings changes based on the temperature of your finger.

Are Mood Rings Legit

Since there are different types of mood swings, the exact composition of these rings varies based on the manufacturer. The liquid crystals in most mood rings are made from organic polymers.

In original mood rings, the color blue indicated happiness in a wearer, while black or brown indicated anxiety. On the other hand, green indicated a sense of calmness.

Since modern mood rings have been modified and utilize different chemicals, the colors can be different. However, the accuracy of mood rings in reflecting people’s emotions has been questioned for a long time.


Are mood-changing rings accurate?

Are Mood Rings Legit

When mood rings were introduced, they were marketed as bio-feedback aids. However, many wearers over the years have discovered that these rings are not accurate.

According to the inventors of mood rings, they are designed to detect the increase or decrease in body temperature and then reflect this in color.

However, mood rings are not accurate since they react to not only body temperature but also environmental changes.

Are Mood Rings Legit

For instance, you could be stressed, but when you come close to a kitchen stove wearing a mood ring, it may reflect that you’re happy.

Though mood rings cannot indicate emotions accurately, they can reflect changes in temperature caused by the body’s reaction to different internal sentiments.

For instance, whenever you are calm, more blood tends to flow through your fingers, making them warmer. A mood ring can also provide results based on factors like your health or weather.


How to wear a mood ring safely

Are Mood Rings Legit

If you enjoy wearing a mood ring, ensure that you always keep it dry. Do not bathe, swim or wash utensils wearing this ring since the water can affect its color-changing ability or even turn some parts black.

If the mood ring is exposed to a light splash of water, wipe it immediately with a soft cloth. You should also keep it away from substances like lotions or perfumes.

Avoid engaging in intense activities such as sports when wearing a mood ring since it can easily break if it lands on a hard surface.

When you store a shiny mood ring, you can wrap it with cotton wool to help preserve its shine. If you have been wearing a mood ring for a long time and notice signs of damage on it, consider discarding it.



Mood rings are unique due to their ability to change color. These are safe to wear but are often made with fake gemstones.

Though they are designed to reflect people’s emotions, they do not always work accurately.

Despite this, mood rings are still bought and worn, especially on special occasions.

Feel free to get yourself this fun ring and test it on yourself.

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