Are Mood Rings Dangerous? Is It Safe to Wear?

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To own a piece of jewellery is exciting, but to own one that is fun yet so special is more interesting.

Like any other normal ring, mood rings will make you look more stylish and elegant. However, these types of rings are unique and should be considered ‘must have’, as they predict one’s mood change by changing their colours.

The big question, however, is if these rings truly indicate one’s genuine mood change or are also affected by external temperatures.

This article will provide you with interesting facts about the rings, if they provide any harm to the wearer, and how to safely wear them. Read on.


About mood rings

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

Mood rings have become more popular because of the ‘magic’ they carry.

The first mood ring was produced in 1975 by two inventors who argued that by using physical instruments to understand your body better, you could actually control your body’s internal systems.

The rings were made such that they changed their colours whenever there was a change in body temperature.

It is believed that when one is happy, blood tends to flow on the outward of their skin, therefore making one’s skin warmer.

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

This would immediately change the mood ring’s colour to a specific colour indicating that the wearer is happy.

When one is sad, their blood is said to flow towards their internal body system, making their skin colder, resulting in another colour change due to changes in body temperatures.

Different mood rings will change to other colours indicating a mood change, depending on how they were made.


What are mood rings made of?

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

Mood rings are made up of layers of special kinds of liquid crystals. These multiple crystals are held inside a glass that prevents moisture from penetrating through them.

The crystals in the mood rings contain thermochromic liquid, which reacts to changes in temperatures by changing their colours. These crystals, however, come in different kinds, varying in their colour shade.

You may ask how this tiny crystal manages to change from one colour to another. As the temperatures in your body change for various reasons, the crystals in the mood ring twist, allowing light to pass through them. This refraction of light results in a colour change.


Are mood rings dangerous?

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

No, mood rings are not dangerous. Mood rings are made such that the layer that touches your finger is silver.

The thermochromic liquid crystal is then glued to the ring and covered with a protective casing that usually comes in the form of glass or plastic.

Although mood rings can constitute a little metal in them, they have not been reported to be radioactive or toxic, making them perfect for anyone to wear.


Can mood rings kill you?

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

No. Mood rings cannot kill you. Since its first invention in 1975, no death case has been reported as a result of owning or wearing mood rings.

This is because these rings do not contain any kind of severe poison that can affect your skin, or any powers that can be produced from them to kill someone.

These pieces of jewellery can be fascinating to others by their ability to change colours, raising danger questions. These rings are purely safe since their components are not harmful at all.


Can children wear mood rings?

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

Yes, children can wear mood rings so long as they are under the watch of their parents or someone older than them. This is because children tend to be cheeky and can end up putting the rings in their mouths or breaking them to see their content.

If mood rings are broken into pieces and ingested by children, they can have negative health effects, as the metals used in making the rings contain a percentage of lead, which can harm the human body.

Children are also not advised to put on mood rings that have stayed for so long, as they have been exposed to different external temperatures which can interfere with their delicate and sensitive skin.


The darker sides of mood rings

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

Although they are the most famous magical rings on the market today, mood rings have been claimed to have their own darker sides.

Some of these creepy facts are.


Mood rings can be used for spirit communication

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

Different colours on the mood rings represent different answers because these rings technically change according to the wearers’ energy, and spirits are commonly associated with controlling different energies in a room.

Claims have aroused to people summoning spirits using their mood rings. One can actually tell if they are in a room with a spirit by ordering it to change their ring’s colour. If the colour changes after the chanting, then one would know there is a spirit hovering around.


Mood rings can be used for paranormal reasons by psychics or mediums

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

This is another darker side of these mood rings, after it was revealed that psychics or mediums used these rings for their paranormal activities.

They would tie the ring to a string and use it as a pendulum to get answers from the spirits. They claimed that this was an effective method, as they could get the answers they had and also know the spirits’ emotions.


Mood rings and necklaces were once recalled for containing high levels of lead

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

In 2010, about 19,000 mood rings and 4,000 necklaces labelled as “Love Tester” were recalled after they were found to contain high levels of lead.

Although no incidents and injuries were reported, the Product Safety Commission saw it fit to recall the rings to prevent any harm.


How to wear mood rings safely

Are Mood Rings Dangerous

For any jewellery to last long, one is supposed to take good care of them. Below are more tips for wearing your mood rings safely;

  • Make sure your ring is dry before putting it on. The quality of mood rings can be affected if they come in contact with any wet surface and can eventually stop working.
  • Replace mood rings after you have worn them for some time. It is advisable to change your mood rings often to avoid any harm that can come with an old mood ring. This will not only give you a new piece of jewellery but will protect your fingers from any chemical reactions.


Since their invention, mood rings have attracted positive reviews and negative reviews.

As some have praised the rings for predicting their moods and helping them meditate through them, some have been linked to paranormal activities, scaring the buyers away.

If you wish to own a piece of a mood ring, you should absolutely go for it, as it has its own admirable features.

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