Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic?(Detailed Answer)

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Michael Kors is one of the top designer brands selling their products on Amazon, with Amazon recognized as one of their authorized sellers. With this in mind, it would mean that the Michael Kors watches sold on Amazon are authentic pieces and that you really shouldn’t even think twice about their legitimacy, right? Wrong!

Although Amazon is an authorized seller of Michael Kors products, this leading global eCommerce site has, in recent days, had an increase in the number of complaints around their products and the fact that there are way too many counterfeits sold on the site. So, with this in mind, you may want to rethink your decisions or perhaps take a little more time to research and learn about the details of the product in question before you complete the order.

Not sure where to start? Well, this article is exactly what you need. In this guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the Michael Kors brands, as well as what to do or look out for when shopping Michael Kors on Amazon.

So, let’s jump right into it!


Are Michael Kors watches on Amazon authentic? Why?

Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic

The good news is that according to Amazon, the online marketplace only sells 100% authentic Michael Kors products, among all other products sold. And with this in mind, Amazon notes that it stands behind all the Michael Kors Watches that they well, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

But that’s not all – and on top of this guarantee, Amazon notes that your newly purchased Michael Kors watch is well protected from the original purchase date thanks to their ZenBuy warranty that is a 2-year warranty.

This warranty applies to watches that are proven to have been made of defective materials, as well as the ones that are damaged or that break down during normal use.

The repairable components will also be covered under warranty within two years if the damage happens during its normal use.


Michael Kors is a third-party seller on Amazon

Amazon’s success can be attributed to its model of operation, which is based on and largely dependent on third-party seller systems like FBA, among other models. The model used in the case of Michael Kors is more or less the FBA system in which Amazon fulfills the product orders made by delivering from their end, and Michael Kors is really not involved in the order processing – they only make sure that Amazon has their authentic watches stocked.

Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic

This would mean that Michael Kors is one of Amazon’s third-party sellers. The good news is that unlike the rest of the third-party sellers on Amazon, Michael Kors is one of the few brands that you can trust.

A look at Michael Kors’ seller’s page on Amazon reveals everything that you need to know about the brand, including the available variety of watches by the brand, the price range of the watches they offer, not to mention listings of all the other Michael Kors products sold on Amazon.

So, to make sure that you are buying an actual Michael Kors watch from Amazon, we recommend buying a watch from their designated seller’s page on Amazon. You could also use this page to check for the actual price of the watch you are interested in and to learn about available offers if any. And with this kind of information, you will be able to easily recognize counterfeits. You should always remember that if the deal is too good to be true, then it probably is, which is why referring to MK’s official page allows you insights into the product and whether it is genuine or not.


Features of Michael Kors Watches (Sold on Amazon)

Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic

While there are many counterfeits on Amazon and other online platforms, knowing what to expect from a Michael Kors watch, for example, is important in preventing or lowering the risk of buying a counterfeited watch. To be safe, you need to know about the important features to expect from the Michael Kors watches.

  • MK Logo

The first thing you should know is that all the Michael Kors watches have the easily perceptible Michael Kors logo, often in the face of the watch and in perfect font/ design. The logo is uniform across all the watches by the brand, whether you are looking at their smartwatches or their classic watches. While most of these watches have the Michael Kors logo in full, others will just have the MK logo, but this initialized logo is quite big, covering most of the face of the watch, blending into the finish of the watch.  

  • Smart Watches

The smartwatches come in different designs, and they are made of different materials, although the face is mostly metallic. But the band could be metallic or made of leather. In the case of the leather-strapped smartwatches, you should look out for the MK and Michael Kors logo throughout the strap. And for the watches that show different fitness and lifestyle metrics, there is a Michael Kors Logo at the bottom of the face of the watch, where the 6-hour dial would be.

For the metallic band smartwatches, on the other hand, you will find the Michael Kors logo on the buckle/ clasp on the outside. These watches could be bedazzled or not.

There is also a clear distinction between the men’s and the women’s watches.

  • Prices

All the authentic Michael Kors watches have the prices specified under the description, and you can use these prices to compare genuine from fakes. If there is no price offer on their Amazon store, then you shouldn’t expect an offer price on the main Amazon page for the same watch.

  • Bestseller List

To save time shopping, Michael Kors official site on Amazon has a section for all the watches on their bestseller list, meaning you will always know what to expect, and you can select the watch you wish to buy right from this page.

  • Color options

MK watches come in all color varieties you could think of, from the plain silver/ stainless steel varieties to the yellow gold, rose, gold, and two-tone watches. These watches also fall into the more formal category of the sportier varieties.


Price Range for MK Watches on Amazon

Michael Kors watches are priced from the $50-$100 price range to over $200. The prices depend on the features of the watches, the materials used, the level of craftsmanship of the watches, and also the functionality of the pieces. Their smartwatches and most of their primarily metallic watches are the most expensive ones, with some priced at as high as $449. Most of the watches are, however, between the $100 and $250 price range.

Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic

How do you check if Michael Kors watch is original on Amazon?

To identify real MK watches, you’d want to look for the watch’s model number. In most cases, a real MK watch features the model number on its case.

The format of the model number looks something like MK####. Once you have the model number, go to MK’s official website and see if you can find the same watch/ model number. The model number is at the back of the case.


Is Michael Kors a good watch brand on Amazon?

Even with several other brands of watches on Amazon, Michael Kors remains one of the good watch brands whose products are sold on Amazon.

If you are looking for affordable watches from a luxury brand, from Amazon, Michael Kors would be a great brand for you.

Are Michael Kors Watches On Amazon Authentic

Should you buy an MK watch on Amazon?

If you are thinking of buying a Michael Kors watch and you’d like to do it from a more familiar site or page like Amazon, you should. As mentioned above, Amazon is one of the sites that you can buy authentic Michael Kors products. And the best part is that if you are not sure about the MK watch on Amazon’s homepage, you could check out Michael Kors’ official page on Amazon. Here, you will access listings of all the watches by the Michael Kors brand, and the best part is that you could buy all other MK accessories from this page.

The MK watches bought from Amazon are also under warranty, which means that the watch would be replaced in case it breaks down or repaired, as long as the 2 years that the product is under warranty haven’t lapsed.

If you still have doubts about buying the MK watch from Amazon, we recommend cross-checking the model number from Amazon against the model number specified on Amazon’s official site.



Thinking of buying a Michael Kors watch from Amazon? Read this article for important insights into the features of the watches. That said, you should know that as an authorized seller of Michael Kors watches, the watches by this luxury brand sold on Amazon are authentic and under warranty.

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