Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated?(Quick Answer)

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Watches are great accessories that fit any occasion and complement any outfit, be it formal or casual. They come in many designs and colors, to suit people’s varying tastes. Over time, many watch brands have come up from high-end to low-end brands. As a watch lover, among all of these brands, you’ve probably also heard about Michael Kors. It is a high-end brand that specializes in watches and other accessories like bags, as well as, ready to wear clothes for men and women.

The watches are popular, especially online, for their elegant finishes and appealing designs offered at fair prices. Still, some doubt the brand’s quality given its prices. Among most concerns, is the concern of whether or not, Michael Kors watches are real gold or gold plated.

In this post, we will be covering this concern by looking into what the watches are made of and whether or not they are worth their price.


Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated?

Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated

Quick answer: Yes. Michael Kors Watches are gold plated. Find the detailed answers below.

When it comes to fashion, the Michael Kors brand is at the top of the game. They are experts at making amazing designs that appeal to the masses. When looking at the watches in terms of style and appeal, then Michael Kors is a force to reckon with.

In as much as it is a luxury brand, however, the watches, like the jewelry are largely categorized as fashion pieces.

That means that most if not all their gold pieces are gold plated, or as they term it gold toned. You wouldn’t find a piece made with real solid gold.

The good thing about Michael Kors watches is that you wouldn’t buy a gold-plated watch from them expecting it to be real gold. The accurate information about each piece is normally provided, so you know what you’re getting.

Still, despite not being made of real gold, the watches have proven to stand the test of time. The gold plating used is resistant to corrosion and if properly taken care of can last year’s still looking brand new. Other than that, compared to other luxury brands, it is among the most affordable one.


What Are Michael Kors Watches Made Of?

Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated

There are many designs offered by Michael Kors under the watch categories for both men and women. The designs are always exquisite, with excellent finishing. Although they aren’t made of real gold, they are mainly made of stainless steel and sometimes sterling silver. Both of these metals are equally as durable as gold would be. They are also hypoallergenic, making the watches safe even for individuals with metal sensitivity or sensitive skin. Although steel and silver aren’t as valuable as gold, silver comes close, despite being the cheapest precious metal.

The body of the watches is often plated to give what the brand terms as gold or rose gold tones. Some pieces have been toned black as well. Other designs include two tones, for example, you could have part of the watch toned gold and the other parts are silver. The type of gold used for plating the watches is 14K gold and rose gold. 14k gold is highly durable and not easy to scratch or fade. Sometimes, the watches can also be plated with rhodium for extra durability and increased luster.

While some designs are entirely made of metal, some include quality leather straps. The leather can be in many different prints including snake and alligator. Altogether, the materials used to make most Michael Kors watches, give them a water resistance of about 5ATM. That means you don’t have to take off your MK watch each time you’re cleaning your hands at the very least.


Do Michael Kors Watches Have Real Diamonds?

Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated

Aside from silver, gold rose gold, and black-toned watches, Michael Kors also offers beautiful pave embellished pieces in various designs. These pieces range between $400-$450 and have great finishes.

From the Michael Kors website, it’s not specified whether or not the diamonds used on the pave settings are real or not. Authorized jewelers distributing these watches, however, describe the diamonds as Swarovski crystals. This is a more likely possibility given that Michael Kors watches and jewelry are largely fashion pieces or in other words designer costume pieces.

In as much as Swarovski crystals aren’t real diamonds, they are still high-quality crystals with amazing cuts and clarity. They offer a sparkling pave embellished look that both are affordable and elegant-looking pieces.


Are Gold Plated Michael Kors Watches Good?

Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated

Whether or not Michael Kors watches are worth it, depends on the individual. There are differing opinions as to whether the quality of the watches is worth the price. Still, Michael Kors has been a very successful brand with the general public given the over 14 million Instagram followers.

The majority of its consumers love the watches because of the modern designs and not the outdated classical looks. Aside from being fashionable and affordable pieces, most of the Michael Kors watches have smartphone compatibility with both Apple and Android phones. They also have fitness tracking capabilities and water resistance of 5ATM. You also have the option of changing the wristbands to customize the look of the watch to suit your taste.

Being a fashion brand, however, there are watch critics who insist that the brand’s biggest selling point is the name and look. They claim that when it comes to watches, the brands may be lacking in craftsmanship. Critics base this on the fact that Michael Kors does not have a long history of watchmaking. Being a fashion brand, they believe that their emphasis is on elegance and not being precise, therefore lack when it comes to engineering.

Others believe that given the watches are fashion pieces, and the materials aren’t made of real gold or diamonds they aren’t worth the price tag. They argue that the material used to make the watches are not as durable. As such they dismiss the brand as sub-standard. The Michael Kors watches are, however, said to be manufactured by Fossil, so you can expect the same quality as Fossil watches.

Are Michael Kors Watches Gold Plated

At the end of the day, whether or not you should buy a Michael Kors watch is a matter of priority. If you care more about the brand name, appearance and affordability then these pieces are a great option for you. If quality is more important than price to you, then you might want to opt for more high-end pieces like Rolexes. The beauty of Michael Kors watches, is that they offer you elegance and designer pieces at a more affordable price.



Michael Kors is a big brand and a success especially when it comes to its bags and watches. Today, it is globally popular with numerous authorized dealers.

Still, you can always buy the pieces directly from their official websites. Some people may be skeptical about its quality and durability.

In as much as they are fashion pieces, they are made using quality materials and finishing. They may not be made of real gold, but if you are trying to keep up with the fashion trends then Michael Kors can help with that.

With the many designs and collections, you can be sure there is a timepiece for you for any outfit or context.

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