Are Men’s Earrings Still in Style in 2024?

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Are Men’s Earrings still in style 2024? What kind of men’s earrings are popular now? Want to consider when you buy men’s earrings? You are in the right place if you want to know the answers.

Men’s fashion might not be as versatile, and women’s and their jewelry trends might not change too much over the years, but yes, men’s earrings are still in style in 2024.

In this article, we look at men’s fashion, specifically everything you need to know about trendy and stylish men’s earrings for 2024.


Are Men’s Earrings still in style in 2024? 

Fashion is one of the most fluid elements in our lives today, and something that’s considered stylish and fashionable today might be outdated in a few months.

But fashion is never lost. Some of the styles that might have taken a backseat for decades are back with a bang.

Are Men’s Earrings Still in Style

Men’s earrings represent such fashion trends, and if you are wondering if men’s earrings are still in style in 2024, you will be happy to know that they are.

While there are numerous reasons behind women finding men in earrings attractive, the primary reason why men in earrings are considered stylish and attractive is that the earrings make men appear more confident.

Men who wear earrings are confident in their masculinity and unfazed by what society might think about men wearing earrings.

With legends like Michael Jordan, hip hop artists, and moguls like Daymond John donning earrings in 2024, it’s undoubtedly true that men’s earrings remain stylish in 2024.


What kind of men’s earrings are popular now?

Having established that men’s earrings are stylish in 2024, let’s look at the main types of men’s earrings popular today.

1. Hoop Earrings

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Can we all agree that the hoop earrings are not going out of style anytime soon, at least not in this decade or the next?

Hoops are quite versatile and stylish, and every time you see men’s hoop earrings, you cannot help but think about the ‘00s, David Beckham.

Over the years, many male celebrities have been seen wearing hoops, and it’s gradually turned into one of the mainstream jewelry options for men.

While hoops aren’t as adventurous as the studs, they are comfortable, and they’re regarded as sleeper earrings as they’ve been designed to be worn at night comfortably.

Without the metallic post that would prick you while sleeping, and with the super-smooth surface of the small hoop earrings for men, you wouldn’t have to ever take out the earrings.


2. Stud Men’s Earrings

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Stud earrings are pretty much the gold standard for men’s earrings, and they are just as popular as the hoops.

The studs boast a remarkable level of versatility, and they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors, with stud earrings made of different materials, from gold and silver to surgical stainless steel and titanium, among other metals.

While you could buy different stud earrings to create your own signature look, stud earrings are the first earrings you will have on if you are getting your ears pierced.

These earrings will stay in for at least eight weeks as your earlobe heals because you risk closure of the piercing hole if you remove the stud any sooner. Regardless of the style of the earring, you settle on ultimately; your first look will feature the stud.

Besides the necessity of studs in ear piercings, the stud earring is very stylish, and an ideal look for anyone looking for a simple, subtle, and elegant look. The reason behind all that is that the stud earrings appear free-floating when worn, thanks to the use of a thin rod plus an adornment during crafting. Often, the thin rod used will be thin enough to fit any piercing or earlobe hole.

Then you have the adornment, which is what you see at the front side of the ear. It’s made of different kinds of materials, including metals like silver and gold, gemstones, or stainless steel.

When a metal is used, it can be in the form of a simple round, flat shape, spherical, or any other shape. The stud earrings are locked by the rod, either using a normal earring backing or by a screw.


3. Clip-On Earrings

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Thanks to clip-on earrings, you don’t need to get your ears pierced to wear earrings.

The clip-on earrings are an excellent alternative for you if you wish to rock earrings without having to commit to piercings and the healing process.

These earrings come with a clipping mechanism or even a hinged clop, and they bite on to your earlobe with ease, giving you an instant earring. Most clip-on earrings have a dangling design.


4. Cross Men’s Earrings

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The cross earring design is the most popular earring style for men today, and it features a cross earring design.

Whether you opt for a single earring or earrings on each ear, the cross earrings available as long-style or hoop earrings will have a cross sign on the hoop or dangling from the earring.

For some wearers, the cross shows their devotion to the Christian religion or God. But other wearers like the cross style earrings because they are stylish.


5. Barbell Men’s Earrings

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A barbell earring looks exactly like a barbell, except for the small size and that fact that it would fit your earlobe’s pierced hole.

The barbell earrings being rocked today are either straight barbells, horseshoe, or curved barbell shapes.

Besides the use of barbells for earrings, they are also used by body piercing enthusiasts on body piercings.

And if you have a cartilage piercing, you’d want to use a straight barbell earring with a smaller gauge.

Long straight barbells work best for tragus piercings. Barbell earrings have a screw-end design that keeps them in place.

The curved barbells have a slight curve at the middle and two adornments on each end, hence ideal for mouth and hip piercings.

You also have horseshoe barbell earrings that look like cuff bracelets and work best for cartilage and septum piercings.


6. Novelty Men’s Earrings

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These are stylish and uniquely designed earrings that come in different attachment designs, including guns, cartoon characters, skulls, or guns.

There also are edge patterns, handcuff designs, and animal designs, among others.


7. Plug Men’s Earrings

Next on our list of stylish earrings are the plug earring for men. These earrings feature very bold design, and they are also called spacers.

You either love or hate them, but they are considered stylish by some piercing enthusiasts.

These plugs/ spacers create a tunnel-like hole on your earlobe because the plugs stretch the size of the piercing hole dramatically (over time). The plugs also go by the name bullet hole.


8. Magnetic Men’s Earrings

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Last on our list of stylish types of men’s earrings are the magnetic earrings.

They are ideal non-piercing earrings. They look like stud earrings, but without the need for a pierced hole.

The earrings are pretty much part magnets that look like earrings.

And the smaller metal piece behind the earlobe keeps the earrings in place throughout.


What is the best material for men’s earrings?

As a general rule, the best of men’s earrings are made of silver or gold, besides other precious metals.

But before you settle on a specific material, you must remember that the warm skin tones go well with gold earrings, while cooler skin tones are complemented by silver earrings.

In addition to your skin tone, you also need to look at the veins inside your elbow or the wrist’s underside – blue veins mean cooler earring colors while veins with a green shade mean wearing earrings in warmer tones.

Are Men’s Earrings Still in Style


  • Gold Earrings– Gold earrings are quite regal, and they give off a vintage, romantic look. A gold hoop, for example, looks great with your sportswear.
  • Silver Earrings– Silver, white gold, and platinum are metals that work with all types of earrings above, as they give off a sleek, a little punky, and a hippie aesthetic.
  • Diamond Earrings– If you’d like to accessorize when wearing a suit or when booted up, go for the diamond earrings.


Regardless of the material you settle for, always spend good money on high-quality earrings, and choose hypoallergenic earrings.


What to consider when you buy men’s earrings?

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1. Type of Piercing

The earrings you choose will depend on your piercings. The earrings for earlobe piercings differ from the one for the cartilage piercings – think of the use of a piercing gun for earlobe piercings and a piercing needle for a cartilage piercing.

That said, it’s important to visit a reputable and trusted piercer for the right kind of piercing, and consequently, the right earrings.

Are Men’s Earrings Still in Style

2. Age

Age might be nothing but a number, but when it comes to piercings and earrings, some styles tend to be preserved to certain ages.

For example, you cannot wear anything other than the simple stud past a specific age – well, unless you have enough swagger and confidence, then you can pull anything off.

This decision and the earrings you eventually wear at your age will depend on your personality and overall style.


3. Personal Style

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Your personal style is, as mentioned above, an important consideration when it comes to your choice of men’s earrings.

You might be up for the dramatic flair with the spacer or Goth earrings, or up for something subtle.

Speaking of styles, we have to mention music and your earrings styles.

There are earring styles preserved for the cool hip hop enthusiasts, country, and heavy metal music enthusiasts.

Remember that the earrings you choose will describe your personality, and it’s best to choose earrings that represent who you really are.



Men’s earrings remain stylish in 2024, and the styles/ earrings types above are among the best options on the market today.

And since there are as many types of earrings as there are personalities, there is pretty much an earring for every man who wears earrings.

Thanks for reading. See you guys in the next post! Read more fashion jewelry tips here or here.

Hey! I finally find the Answer!