Are Male Earrings Unprofessional? (Quick Guide in 2024)

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Are Male Earrings Unprofessional? Wearing jewelry to the office calls for some wit and wisdom. It’s important to consider the kind of day you have ahead and where it could possibly take you.

Regardless of your gender, if you love accessorizing, chances are that you will come across varied reactions to your bejeweled ears.


Should Men Wear Earrings?

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Yes.Absolutely! Men can wear earrings. Why?

There are certain types of rings considered unprofessional like big hoops and novelty pieces which seek to let your imagination run wild.

The number of piercings you have are also considered so keep them minimal or hidden.

Companies have kept up with the times and have created policies that are accommodating to earrings ad other forms of self-expression within the office.

These policies have their own measures of operation that must be adhered to. As much as ladies are allowed to, so should men get the go ahead to get their ears pierced.

Are male earrings unprofessional?

Yes, a man with ear piercings is deemed unprofessional.

Today, men are still facing stigmas when wearing earrings because the society claims they are feminine. In the workplace, men sporting earrings are considered lazy, immature, unreliable and lacing vision.

Since their youth, men have been encouraged to wear accessories such as cuff links and tie bars with the society pointing to them as being fashionable, masculine and acceptable in the workplace.

However, the number of guys getting their ears pierced is rising and so is the number of professional organizations that are making allowances for male employees to wear earrings.

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Are female earrings unprofessional?

Unless they are big obnoxious, moving in all directions and in a variety of color, these people stay charged.

Females are able to get away with more than guys can at the office because it is socially accepted that they are to wear earrings.

With small studs or tiny hoops, these earrings are versatile and good for all.

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Are double-pierced ears unprofessional?

They make no difference because without the piercing they are hardly visible.

Not wearing any studs to work will keep their eyes off of you and grant you the peace of mind to patiently wait for evening when you can put them on and take them for a spin.

Double piercings are good but also very prone to corrections.

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Is it okay for a guy to wear earring to a job interview?

No it is not. Interviews are extremely formal and crucial to sit there and get through it.

It is important you put all other things aside and focus for the next 10 to 20 minutes.

A guy who wears earrings to an interview discredits himself and shows a kind of hard exterior. It creates an immediate block between you and the creator.


8 Tips on wearing earrings professionally

 Novelty Men’s Earrings

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These are vast in availability of styles, designs and shapes that one can chose from.

They refer to the kind of ear adornments that have extra pieces on their studs or balls which a wearer can remove and replace to create different looks with the same piece.

Novelty rings mostly feature skulls, guns, animals, handcuffs, masculine shapes, and edgy patterns.

These are pieces to avoid in any formal setting but great conversation starters and they look cool for informal wears.


Plug Men’s Earrings

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These are definitely not corporate-friendly and you should definitely have a life-time plan that’s working before you go out to get these very bold earrings.

Plugs are fitted into your earlobe with the purpose of enlarging the earring hole to make a fashion statement. They are also sometimes called spacers or tunnels.

When they are fitted, they make this tunnel-shaped hole in your earlobe. Some people like this trend but majority are really put off.

Either way, the men who fancy this style periodically increase the diameter of the gauge to make the tunnel even bigger.

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Magnetic Men’s Earrings

From the extreme to the subtle choice of men’s earrings; the magnetic pieces. These pairs have been heaven-sent for most men who are either too concerned about opinions to get a piercing or they just think that earring wear is a good thing to try out temporarily but not seriously enough to want to get a piercing done.

These cool pieces take the shape of studs and could be hard to tell apart save for their different methods of application.

These are a safe bet if you’re testing the water in a professional space as they can be quickly taken out in case of an emergency.


Clip-On Earrings

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Featuring a clipping mechanism or having a hinged clip that holds on to the earlobe, clip-on earrings are a great alternative for those who want to rock earrings but are not willing to commit.

These design also frequently features dangling earrings.


Cross Men’s Earrings

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Whatever the style of earring that the man decides upon, the large majority have shown an affinity for cross designs on their ornaments.

They believe that it is a symbol of the relationship between self and God or for most, a profession of their Christian faith.


Music and Men’s Earring Styles

As previously pointed out, earring wear shot back onto the global scene in the 80s because of a Celebrity musician who went on stage to accept an award while donning his two diamond stud earrings.

For years on end, music has been the driving force behind our communities, a custodian of history and also a big trendsetter.

If your workplace supports men’s earrings, maybe you could pick out a ring inspired by these different genres to your end-of-year office party.


Cool Hip Hop Earrings

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 Earrings that feature crystals, gold, zirconia and diamonds have for long been sported by Hip Hop artists.

They always look so flashy and they give these artists mass appeal among their fans.

If you are a Hip-hop fan, you should not miss out on these studs.

They are great for cementing your status within the Hip-Hop community causing many heads to turn your way.

If they are small jewels or rocks, you could get away with wearing them to the office.

Are Male Earrings Unprofessional

Heavy Metal Earrings

These solid rock-hard metal fans have a great appreciation for silver, titanium and stainless steel in their choice of jewelry.

They are probably the most diverse group in terms of expressions and representations of their beliefs.

Spot these diehards in barbell styles and any other edgy designs that are as bold as they are.



Male earrings are a great way for men to express their individuality and style.

If you are curious and have a desire to try out an earring but you are concerned about your friends or family’s reaction, get a pair of magnetic earrings to experiment with.

Regularly putting them on and taking a minute to appreciate how they alter your appearance will help you get comfortable with them and will increase your confidence.

For offices, however, make sure you don’t wear any facial jewelry when you are going for any interview.

While there, make it a point to ask about things that pertain to your personal style such as the earrings and get to understand what is acceptable or not within that specific establishment.

If you have an informal or more flexible and outdoorsy kind of job, and an awesome boss to boost, you should love every single day of work in your favorite pair of earrings.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!