Are Long Necklaces in Style in 2024 and Beyond?

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If you are into long necklaces, you may be wondering if the long necklaces are still stylish or not, especially in 2024. Well, in this article, we’ll guide you through the basics of long necklaces, how to wear the necklaces, and what makes the best of the long necklaces.

It’s important to note that thanks to the world pandemic, dressing only waist up for zoom meetings and conference calls for accessorizing in the best way possible. And if you are into jewelry, you want to make sure that you get your accessories right.

So, how do you choose the best long necklace to wear? What are long necklaces, and are they stylish?


Are long necklaces in style 2024?


Yes, the long necklaces are still stylish in 2024, and if you are thinking about stocking up on long necklaces, you will be happy to know that this jewelry style is a great fit for you and it’s the best option for you if you are looking for a bold accessory.

The best part is that there are numerous versions of long necklaces that you can choose from, meaning that there are endless options that you could choose from.


Some features of a long necklace

Are Long Necklaces in Style

A long necklace is, as the name suggests, a necklace whose length is 75cm or longer. This necklace often features a long chain which allows the necklace to fall between the belly button and your lower bust.

Most of the long necklaces are easily stackable, but they can jazz up any outfit when worn alone. And if you are looking for a more versatile neckpiece, you could opt for the longer lariat necklace with one long strand and no clasps, meaning that you can wear the necklace by draping it, looping, twisting, or knotting the end of the necklace.

The long necklaces include the opera and the rope necklaces whose lengths are between 30 and 36 inches and 36+inches and above. You could also opt for the matinee if you are interested in something shorter than 30 inches – the matinee is between 20 and 22 inches long, and for some people, this would be a long necklace.

Essentially, most of the standard necklaces are between 20 and 22 inches long, with the 18inch necklaces being the most common option because it sits on the collarbone perfectly. So, any necklace longer than this would be regarded as a long necklace. And


Are long necklaces in style in 2024?

Are Long Necklaces in Style

Yes, the long necklaces are still stylish in 2024, and the best part is that you could wear the long necklaces with ease thanks to the wide range of long necklaces on the market today and the fact that there is something unique for everyone.

Below are some of the best options of stylish long necklaces that you could wear today without worrying about looking old-fashioned.

Lariat necklaces – these are longer necklaces that can be longer than the opera necklaces, and they are also known as the Y or rope necklaces. As mentioned above, these necklaces don’t have clasps, and whether you opt for the chain or the bead lariat necklaces, this would be a great find for you. It sits just on your belly bottom, but you could even wear it as a choker necklace if you’d like to.

Beaded necklaces – there also are long beaded necklaces that could be made of glass beads, clay, crystal, crocheted seed beads, and coral beads.

Single pendant long necklaces – this is the option of long necklaces. They are made of single pendants made of either gold or silver chains or just one focal element. The best part is that the necklace is customizable, and you could personalize it too.

Lavalier Necklace – A design from early in the 20th century, this necklace features a slender chain with a pendant made of decorative elements/ stones hanging off them. This chain is petite, light, feminine, and has a nice Bohemian feel.

Festoon necklaces – this is the other long necklace design that you may be interested in if you are into ancient Greek fashion. The festoon necklace means and represents a garland of flowers, branches, and leaves, with a thread of metallic chains and other elements woven together to make a draping necklace.

Sautoir – this is another type of long necklace featuring an ornamental pendant or, in other cases, and suspended tassel that falls on your bust area. Most sautoir is between 30-36 inches long, and they are best paired with v-neck tops, scoop neck, or even off-shoulder options,


Pros and cons of wearing long necklaces


  • There is a wide variety of long necklaces that you could choose from
  • Long necklaces make excellent statement pieces
  • They are stylish, fashionable, and a great choice for most people
  • The necklace can be styled in different ways with ease.
  • Most clothes look better with bigger and longer necklaces


  • You cannot wear long necklaces all the time or with just about anything
  • There is the risk of tangling
  • Not everyone is comfortable in longer necklaces because the necklace could drag into or catch something.

Are Long Necklaces in Style

Tips for Wearing long necklace in 2024

  • Opera – when wearing the long opera necklace (this sits near your belly button or below your bust), you should bear in mind that this necklace tends to fall quite low, and it works for most necklines. You could layer it with the choker necklace along with a V-neckline for a better level of contrast.
  • Matinee – long is relative and even subjective, and the 22-inch matinee necklace that falls between the center of your bust and your collarbone could be long. If you are wearing a matinee, you could opt for a more layered look to take off some of the attention from your bust. You could wear a matinee with a turtleneck or a higher neckline top.
  • Lariat – This is one of the longest types of a long necklace. It’s also one of the most versatile versions of long necklaces that can be worn in different ways, including into a choker when it’s wrapped around the neck a number of times.
  • Sautoir – you could wear this neckpiece in many different ways, including as a headpiece wrapped around your arm as a bracelet, or you could even double into two necklaces.


Should you wear a long necklace in 2024?

Yes, whatever your style, and as long you know how to dress up this accessory, you really can’t go wrong with the long necklaces.

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There are different types of long necklaces, and this variety means that there is something for everyone. The best part is that the long necklaces are still stylish in 2024.

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