Are Lokai Bracelets Waterproof? (With Care Tips)

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If you are looking for inspiration in jewelry, Lokai bracelets may be the best option for you. These bracelets are designed to help you stay positive when you are hopeless, and they are also meant to encourage you to stay humble when you are at the top of your game.

But the Lokai bracelets are more than inspirational pieces to keep you going on your worst days. There is also a wide array of Lokai bracelets that have been designed to support different causes, and this is the reason why getting yourself a Lokai bracelet might be a good investment.

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 Wearing the Lokai bracelet is an important reminder and also recognition of life along with life’s highs and lows. The bracelet symbolizes and reminds you to live a balanced life, with the highest moments of your life associated with happiness, gratitude, and joy represented by water that’s said to be collected from the highest points on earth, specifically, Mt. Everest.

For balance, the bracelet also features a black bead that represents the lowest moments in life and the lowest point on the earth, the Dead Sea; so, by having elements that represent the highest and the lowest points on earth, the bracelet offers the best way for you to lead a balanced life.

To answer all your questions about the Lokai bracelets and how they behave, and what to expect, let’s first look at how these bracelets are made.

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Lokai Bracelets’ Manufacturing Process

Lokai bracelets are said to be made from natural elements, water, and mud, which are inserted into the beads. According to the quality and manufacturing process report, Lokai bracelets are actually made of beads with mud and water inserted and sealed in them.

And regarding quality control, it’s been confirmed that during the manufacturing processes, the black and the white beads for the bracelets are sturdily built, and they hardly burst apart unless subjected to undue pressure.

But are Lokai bracelets waterproof? Can you shower and swim with your Lokai bracelets on?


Can I wear my Lokai bracelet in the shower?

Yes, you can wear your Lokai bracelet in the shower easily. The bracelet is made of rubber, which means that it will hold up quite well against and in water. Also, it will not be damaged by exposure to water.


Can you wear Lokai bracelets in the pool?

Yes. Lokai bracelets are safe in the pool because they are 100% waterproof, and you can also wear your Lokai bracelet in the toughest mudders.

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Do Lokai bracelets break easily?

Not really, but the Lokai bracelets only break apart easily if they are too big for you. The bracelet would also break easily if you keep it on when taking part in strenuous activities.


Do the Lokai bracelets have water in them?

The most intriguing question about Lokai bracelets is the belief that these bracelets’ beads actually have water in them. But how true is this?

Well, Lokai bracelets don’t really have water in them. So, when the beads for the Lokai bracelet are cut open, there will be no water. What exactly is inside the beads? But as people pontificate on this matter, the creators of this bracelet note that the Lokai bracelet with white, black, and clear beads will have water from Mt. Everest in the white bead and mud from the Dead Sea in the black beads.

According to information shared on the Lokai website, the bracelets with water are no longer available. The black bead contains mud, though.

While the company claims that the reason why the beads don’t really have water is that the water evaporates, their claims raise more questions than answers, especially because the rubber beads meant to hold the water are 100% airtight, and they are said to be designed such that nothing gets in or out. Some people also question whether the water in the white bead is really from Mt. Everest or not.

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Is there actually stuff in Lokai bracelets?

These beads come with a comprehensive, informative background about the reason why the beads are actually special and also why they cost as much as they do.

When the beads are cut open, however, you won’t find any water.

There is mud in the black beads, though. Of course, this begs the question as to whether the mud is really from The Black Sea or not.


How to clean your foggy Lokai bracelet?

The Lokai bracelets turn foggy and tallow after some time, and when that happens, you should clean the bracelet. Now, to make sure that you don’t damage the bracelet in the process, you should clean it using warm water and soap for some time, then rinse it off well after.

You could also clean it using a soft, damp cloth; and make sure that the bracelet is dry before you wear it.

Avoid using jewelry cleaners, harsh chemicals, or tough jewelry polishing clothes because these would affect the finish of the jewelry. You should also follow the cleaning instructions provided by the company.

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How to wear a lokai bracelet

First, it’s important to keep in mind that anyone can wear the Lokai bracelet. You can wear the bracelet as a reminder of the highs and lows of life and how things don’t always work to your advantage, but you cannot lose hope, and when things work for you, the bracelet would be there to remind you to remain humble.

Besides the inherent meaning of the bracelet, you could also wear the bracelets made in different colors to show support for different causes.

Thanks to the use of flexible and skin-safe rubber, Lokai bracelets are safe on the skin and comfortable, which is why they are worn comfortably by male and female professional athletes.

Given the attractive colors and the designs of the Lokai bracelets, you may opt to buy the bracelets in different colors, supporting different causes while matching your outfit easily.

In addition to the causes supported by Lokai through the color-coded bracelets, there are Lokai bracelets with Disney characters, Star Wars characters, zodiac signs, Marvel and Gameday themes, among others. And in the Lokai lab, you are allowed to choose the color and the design features of your bracelet.

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Lokai bracelets have special meanings, which according to the founder, Steven Iven, were inspired by the cycle in a life riddled with highs and lows, yet we are forced to find a balance despite it all. Steven came to this realization after his grandfather, his favorite person in the world, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

While enjoying time with his family at the beach, it dawned on him that despite the sadness and the hopelessness that stemmed from his grandfather’s diagnosis, he was also filled with gratitude and joy to have his family around. This inspired the idea of balance, and along with it, the knowledge of being in a beautiful journey called life where highs and lows are normal and expected; and that the only way for anyone to get through the challenges and curveballs of life is through trying to find balance.

The beads that make up the bracelet are made of rubber, but what makes them special is that unlike other kinds of beaded bracelets, Lokai bracelets feature the brand’s signature white and black beads. For the classic bracelet, the rest of the beads are colorless, but for other core, cause, or theme bracelets, the rest of the beads between the white and the black one are made in different colors in support of different causes, lifestyles, and preferences. Notably, the classic Lokai bracelet comes in blue, too, besides the clear beads’ option.

Now, not everyone agrees with the make up of the beads, but if you are interested in supporting a cause close to your heart while looking great, the Lokai bracelets might be a good option for you.

But, yes, Lokai bracelets are waterproof.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!