Are Lokai Bracelets Still Popular in 2024?(Quick Answer)

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What is it about the Lokai bracelet that makes it the talk of the town, across generations, ages, and gender? Is it that powerful, influential, or inspirational, and should you join in on the Lokai bracelet craze? In other words, why Lokai Bracelets?

Here, we seek to find and offer answers to some of the most elusive questions about Lokai bracelets. So, if you find this bracelet intriguing, this article might be the best place for you to start your education.


Are Lokai bracelets still popular?

Yes, Lokai bracelets are still popular. A creation of Steven Izen, Lokai bracelets were designed to fill the gap created in the world of the inspirational rubber bracelets after the infamous Lance Armstrong. Steven’s work is impressive, and his bracelet designs are believed to be a great improvement from Armstrong’s work. And to him, the bracelets represent a lifestyle.

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 The Lokai bracelet is regarded as a tangible representation of the lifestyle that results from the use of clear and stretchable silicone beads. The silicone beads then separate the single white and the single black bead, each on the opposite end of the bracelet.

The black bead is said to be mud-harvested from the Dead Sea, while the white bead is sourced from the base camp at Mt. Everest – which means that the beads are obtained from the lowest and also the highest points on earth. The selection of these beads from specific geographical locations is metaphorical, and it represents the highs and lows of the life of the wearer.

Therefore, the bracelet is believed to be a reminder to the wearer, then all through their lives, they will find themselves in this circular journey where the path you create and follow is yours. As a result, you are reminded of the need for balance.

Besides the fact that we all need balance in our lives and are always in search of Balance, the popularity of the Lokai bracelet seems to stem from the fact of the world of professional athletes. A number of professional athletes wear the Lokai bracelet on and out of the field, and they do this because they believe that the bracelet not only gives them a sense of balance, it is also a powerful visual reminder for them to keep their minds (and thoughts) balanced. The message relayed by the bracelet is mostly relatable to the athletes, which is why it remains popular.

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 Also, the assurance that the beads are actually collected from Everest and the Dead Sea make the bracelets significantly more popular and in high demand.


How did Lokai become popular?

Even in the lowest moments and periods of your life, it’s important to remain hopeful; and at your highest, you should stay humble. These words are paraphrased, but they represent what the inventor of the Lokai bracelets had in mind when he was on his personal (development) journey, and the bracelet was a way for him to hopefully inspire others.

The inspiration behind Lokai, for Steven Izen, started when he was in college. One day, at the beach with his friends and family, he couldn’t stop thinking about just how lucky he was to be there. At the time, his grandfather had gotten an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Naturally, this was a tough time for him, especially because he was close to his grandpa. But on this day on the beach, the feelings of hopelessness were in stark contrast to the gratitude and happiness he felt enjoying the day at the beach.

At the moment, he realized just how much life is this cycle of highs and lows and that it was crucial for him to remain humble and grateful, despite and amid everything going on.

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 Then there is his preference to preserve memories and feelings through the use of physical objects. Through his travels, he collected a lot of memorabilia, and it was in one of these moments that he thought about the contrasting feelings he experienced that day at the beach and how incorporating elements from the lowest and the highest points on earth would help him execute his ideas best. With this idea in mind, he settled on a bracelet because one could have the bracelet with them wherever they went.


Why are Lokai bracelets so popular?

For the success of such a product, it goes without saying that great marketing is crucial, which is one of the primary reasons for the Lokai bracelets and the brand. The bracelet’s popularity is also associated with the fact that a number of athletes wear the bracelet on the field and out.

Also, the bracelet is beautiful and timeless, and it can be worn by individuals of different ages easily.

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 Then you have the geographical locations where the beads are obtained from. Most of the time, we have an inclination and liking for the rare and exotic pieces, which means that the bracelets’ black and white beads from the Dead Sea and Mt. Everest, respectively, naturally increase the allure of the Lokai bracelets.

The black bead is believed to symbolize remaining hopeful even in your lowest moments and believing that something great would happen even when you are struggling with unhappy and dull moments.

Then you have the white bead, which symbolizes staying humble (especially) when you are finally on top of the world. In other words, the Lokai bracelet encourages balance while reminding you to stay positive regardless of what’s happening around you.

Lokai bracelets are also popular because the message they communicate is all about balance. Lokai is a Hawaiian word for balance, and it is often used to remind people to stay humble.

Also, you could think of Lokai bracelets as the latest fad in fashion and the lifestyle world. The Lokai bracelet craze seems to be all surrounded by the symbolism of the bracelet, as well as the kind of lifestyle it encourages/ represents.


What’s so special about Lokai bracelets?

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 The use of beads made using components from the earth’s highest and lowest points is believed to be the thing that makes the Lokai bracelets that popular.

The white beads are believed to be made of components from the base camp at Mount Everest, while the black beads are from mud obtained from the Dead Sea.

These components represent the highs and lows of life, and they are also helpful in reminding you to be positive in moments of despair and humble when you are at your highest.


Are Lokai bracelets for guys?

While most of the Lokai bracelet wearers are females, a good number of male professional athletes, as well as actors, wear these bracelets too. So, if you are a guy who is considering wearing Lokai bracelets, go right for it!

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Lokai bracelets are high-grade silicone bracelets that are the fashion fad today. The bracelets are stylish, and if you want something to believe in and if you wish to have a reminder that the bad days will get better, having something like the Lokai bracelet might work well for you.

Just remember that your mind is a powerful organ, and you can retrain your entire belief system with something as simple as a bracelet.

That said, you need to keep in mind that the jury is still out regarding the sources of the black and the white beads, or even the colorless beads actually containing water.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!