Are Lokai Bracelets Real or Fake, Legit?(Detailed Answer From Manufacturer)

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Fashion trends come and go, and this is the most fundamental state of fashion. And though some fashion trends fluctuate, with others evolving faster than others, understanding that some fashionable bits are more meaningful and fashionable than others might be that one thing that guides your decisions.

Lokai bracelets are one such fashion trends, but is a Lokai bracelet real or is it fake? Are Lokai bracelets legit? And as the latest fashion fad, an understanding of what the bracelet is all about is important.

Now, before we look at the design of the bracelet, what it stands for, and whether these bracelets are fake or real, let’s look at the basics first.


Brief introduction of Lokai bracelets

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 Lokai bracelets were designed as an important reminder for you to find your balance. They represent the latest fad, with the bracelet’s fad and the craze surrounding it being the symbolism that surrounds the bracelet, as well as the lifestyle it represents.

The bracelet is made of silicone along with the brand-specific white and black beads, placed directly opposite each other.

It is believed that the white bead on the bracelet is made of water collected from Mt. Everest, while the black bead contains mud supposedly collected from the Dead Sea. Notably, the water from Mt. Everest, which is the highest point on earth, is believed to represent the highs in life; while the mud collected from the earth’s lowest point at the Dead Sea is said to represent the lows in life and the need to remain hopeful even in the sadness and the most hopeless moments. The white bead is said to remind you to remain humble when you are at your highest point.

The clear beads, in between the white and the black beads represent the in-betweens in life. Also, the message by the Lokai is all about balance. Lokai represents balance, and the word Lokai is derived from the Hawaiian word for balance, and it not only encourages balance but also reminds its wearers to be humble.

With these meanings attached to the Lokai bracelets and the inherent search for balance, it makes sense that the Lokai bracelet is quite popular today. Pop stars, celebrities, and professional athletes wear the Lokai bracelets too, which is why this is the most popular piece of jewelry today.

In addition to the fact that the bracelet encourages balance, humility, and hopefulness, Lokai bracelets have also been created and sold in support of different causes.


Are Lokai bracelets real?

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 Lokai bracelets are actual bracelets that are made of beads that come in different colors. According to the Lokai website, these bracelets contain water from Mt. Everest in the white bead and mud from the Dead Sea in the black bead. In between, there are clear beads that also contain water and represent balance.

But whether the Lokai bracelet is real or not is all a matter of your beliefs and the reason for buying the bracelet.

Some people have raised concerns over the fact that the bracelet may not have any water after all, which means that whether the bracelet actually has water or not, the intended meaning of the bracelet would still be the same if that is what you choose to believe in.


Lokai bracelet real vs. fake

How can you tell the real Lokai bracelets from the fake bracelets?

What makes the Lokai bracelets unique is the fact that they hold a deeper meaning, and also, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the bracelets go to different charities and causes supported by Lokai.

Unfortunately, not all Lokai bracelet sold on the market are actually authentic, and though some of the sellers of the Lokai bracelet claim that their bracelets are authentic, there have been cases where the Lokai bracelets aren’t authentic.

So, how do you tell authentic and fake Lokai bracelets apart from each other? What’s the difference between the authentic and the fake Lokai bracelets?

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You may not want to hear this, but when it comes down to determining the authenticity of the Lokai bracelets, you will have to disregard the use of the tags as a way of identifying authentic or fakes.

The reason for this is that it is very easy for anyone to replicate the bracelets’ tags since it is easy to copy designs and fonts. It, therefore, means that the only way for you to determine the authenticity of the Lokai bracelet would be by checking the actual design and features of the bracelet itself.


Here are the features you’d have to look out for:

  1. The white and black beads. These are the two special beads that make up the Lokai bracelet. The beads contain water and mud, for the white and black beads, respectively. This means that you wouldn’t have a clear bead in place of the white one.


  1. Sizeof the black and the white beads. This is the other feature you need to look for. Essentially, the size of these two beads is exactly the same, and they are also the same size as the rest of the beads. On the contrary, most of the fake bracelets will have white and black beads of different sizes, and they are often oversized and significantly bigger than the clear beads.


  1. Mesh and beads Overlap Design – the other difference between the authentic and the fake Lokai bracelets is in how the beads overlap and mesh together. Often, the fakes will feature the white and black beads looking like they were glued together recklessly and almost as an afterthought as they are not quite well connected to the other surrounding beads. But for the real Lokai bracelets, the whit and the back beads are designed carefully, and they look like they’ve been melted together with the bead that lies next to them, in a perfect mesh.


  1. Squashing – you will notice that the fake bracelets have their beads sitting in a way that lacks perfect finishes, and the beads often look like they were squashed to each other rather uncomfortably. The real Lokai bracelets, on the other hand, are masterfully crafted, and the beads are put together carefully and in a well-ordered fashion so that there is the same amount of space reserved between the beads, and they don’t look like they were squashed together.


  1. Symbols – the other thing you need to look out for is the Lokai symbols. For the authentic Lokai bracelets, the symbols placed on the white and the black Lokai beads come in a fixed size; and they are not too small or too big as the symbols are sized to fit the beads perfectly while leaving you with just a little empty space around the beads – you can see the space when you look at the bracelets straight from above. And at the bottom of the black and the white beads, you will notice a small circle on the authentic bracelets – this circle is rather small, and it’s designed to go inwards, slightly. On the other hand, the fake bracelets may have small circles on the bottom, but the circle is often too large, and it sticks out, making the bead appear fully circular from all angles.
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  1. Raw Edges – in most of the Lokai bracelets that are fakes, you will notice that the beads making up the bracelet have raw edges, looking like an excess application of silicone. The real Lokai bracelets will not have these silicone raw edges because the manufacturers take the time to make sure that there are no excesses of silicone or any unsightliness on the edges.


  1. Glossiness and Matteness – some of the Lokai bracelets are glossy, and others have a matte finish, but there is matte/ glossy confusion between the fakes and the real bracelets. For the real Lokai bracelets, you will find that the glossy bracelets are only the Original ones, World Water Day (blue), the Susan G. Komen’s (pink), Alzheimer’s (purple), and Save the Children (red). The matte ones include the Shark Week (white/blue/gray), Make-A-Wish (rainbow), and the camo (World Wildlife Fund) bracelets.
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  1. The other differences to look at include non-existent design (for instance, the fake swirly pinks), packaging (fake Lokai bracelets come in plastic packaging), and the sellers’ packages (only fakes are sold as bundled deals in plastic bags). You can also tell that the bracelet is fake if the multicolored bracelet design has a messy look or with weird patterns that are all over the place. Also, most multicolored fakes are glossy rather than matte.


Where is the Lokai company located?

The company is based in New York.


Where are Lokai bracelets manufactured?

The bracelets are made in China.

Lokai Bracelet Available on Amazon-Please Click Picture to Check the Price 

Are Lokai bracelets made in China?

Yes, they are.


Where can I buy a lokai bracelet?

You can buy the Lokai bracelet from the Lokai website,, or you could also order your preferred Lokai bracelet from Amazon.



If you are looking for Lokai bracelets and you aren’t sure if the seller’s pieces are fake or real, the tips above should guide you in making the best choice.

You should also know that the authentic Lokai bracelets will come with diametrically-opposed white and black beads that are marked with Lokai’s teardrop logo.

Thanks for reading. Please read more fashion brands here or read our latest posts here!

Hey! I finally find the Answer!