Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck? – Detailed Answer & Tips

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If you take lava rocks from Hawaii without permission and then incorporate the rocks into a bracelet, you may suffer a great deal of bad luck because of the Hawaii lava rock curse.

However, if the lava rock bead bracelets are obtained legally, you will be happy to know that you will not suffer the bad luck curse.


Lava rock bracelets meaning

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

If you believe in the healing effects of lava rock stones and think a bracelet made of this rock will enhance the quality of your life, the first thing you should know is that this stone may bring you all your heart desires.

Lava rock is regarded as this powerful stone that grounds the wearer. When you wear it, these stone pieces will help you to thrive, especially in challenging conditions.

It will also instill a great sense of calm when you are in a stressful situation. So, this bracelet represents a stress-relieving, grounding, and emotional support stone.


What does lava rock mean spiritually?

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

If you believe in the spiritual benefits of crystals wearable as jewelry, you will be happy with lava rock, thanks to its spiritual benefits. It carries several spiritual benefits, including cleansing negative thoughts and your emotional state. It is also believed to stimulate your creativity.

On top of that, wearing a lava rock bracelet will also enhance feelings of relaxation, calm, and emotional quality. Generally, wearing a lava stone bracelet allows you to experience the healing powers of the gemstones by allowing for the best absorption level.

As a result, you will have easier access to the energy flow throughout your body.

If you have been struggling with negative emotions, consider wearing the lava rock bracelet on your wrist and much close to your pulse.

Keep in mind that as a grounding stone, lava rock beads will strengthen your connection with Mother Earth, and when this happens, you feel stronger and much more courageous, especially in stressful situations.


Are lava rock bracelets bad luck? Why?

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

As you may already know, lava rock beads are crafted from lava that flows from volcanic eruptions, and after the molten lava cools. As a result, the lava rock beads have ‘tiny’ craters and crevices visible to the naked eye.

This also allows you to identify the fake from the genuine lava rock beads quickly. While most of the lava rock stones are obtained from Colorado, Spain, and South America, many travelers who have been to Hawaii will agree with us that their lava bead bracelets from the island are some of their very best stones.

But there’s a catch – you’d only experience the benefits and the full positive effects of the lava stone beads if the rock pieces weren’t stolen.

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

This is because of something called Pele’s curse. Pele is an important spiritual being, the goddess of fire and volcanoes; according to legend, the goddess Pele resided in Hawaii’s Kilauea crater, or the Hawaii Volcano National Park, as it is known today.

It is believed that the volcano resulted from Pele’s anger or wrath. Given her visible power, Hawaiian citizens and other individuals from the Polynesian communities respect and also worship the god.

To please Pele, the residents often leave fruits and gifts to show that they respect the goddess. So, if you take some of the lava rock from the island, the stolen rocks will bring you bad luck.

The curse comes to you if you steal the sand or rocks from the volcano. Several people afflicted by the curse tell stories of the numerous calamities that have befallen them after taking the rocks home.

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

Some of the problems suffered include pets dying or worse, losing loved ones, or even relationships dying off.

If you believe that the curse is real, you should avoid getting stolen lava rock stones. And if you believe that the lava beads for your bracelets are stolen, you may want to return the stone to the island.

It’s been reported that more than 3.500 rocks made of rocks, coral, and sand have been returned to the island after some months because of the curse that the stones carry.

To avoid bad luck, avoid the stolen pieces, and buy genuine, safe, and good stones that will not hurt you afterward.

The good news is that the lava rock beads from other parts of the world don’t carry bad luck or a curse.


Tips for wearing lava rock bracelets for good luck

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

1. First, don’t take lava rock beads from the Hawaii islands without permission, and avoid the lava rock pieces that may be stolen.

2. This ancient stone demands incorporating essential oils to enjoy its aromatherapy benefits. The rock is porous, and the tiny holes on the surface will absorb the essential oils, making the beads very versatile. Some of the best oils added are alcohol-based, and these last longer on the lava rocks and keep you smelling great all day. At the same time, the stones dipped in essential oils will also allow you to enjoy the benefits of the stone and the oils. They work well as natural diffusers that will energize you and offer anxiety/ stress relieving benefits.

3. Cleanse the lava rock chakra bracelet to activate it and for you to enjoy its benefits. Cleansing the lava rock beads is as simple as identifying and setting your intentions, starting meditation, focusing all your positive energy on the bracelet, and then wearing the bracelet.

Are Lava Rock Bracelets Bad Luck

4. Keep the bracelet on for as long as you can and every day to keep its vibrations positive and be attuned to all that positive personal energy.

5. Repeat your mantras and affirmations before bed and every morning



The lava bead bracelet will help heal your emotional and physical wounds when activated. Maximum healing benefits from the stone are experienced when the power of the chakra aligns with your positive (personal) energy.

Unfortunately, this only happens when the crystals are obtained legally. If you steal the lava stone from Hawaii, for example, it will bring you bad luck.

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Hey! I finally find the Answer!